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“Underwear shopping Together”


When Sukyung asked in shock, Sungwoo replied nonchalantly, 


“Look what you bought when you went alone.

You need a proper bra, and you obviously need help in getting it.

Just get dressed already.”


At his commanding tone, Sukyung quickly began putting back on the green dress.

Sungwoo placed his sketchbook on the table and walked out.

It felt odd to be going bra shopping with a man.

Thankfully, Sungwoo didn’t take her to a crowded department store but to a private lingerie boutique.

It was especially reassuring when the lady who worked in the shop seemed to be familiar with Sungwoo. 


But even so, Sukyung couldn’t help feeling awkward. 


After looking around the shop briefly, Sungwoo asked,


“Take this in the B cup.

Also take the matching panties too.”


Because it was a large store, there was a separate changing room inside.

Sukyung, blushing profusely, took the underwear set and walked towards it while Sungwoo followed leisurely.

To her relief, there weren’t any other customers, and it seemed the clerk didn’t really care that Sungwoo followed her into the changing room.


When she walked into the changing stall, Sungwoo grabbed the door and ordered, 


“When you put them on, make sure you open the door and let me check, got it”

“B…but this is a public place…”

“What the heck are you talking about A public place This is a private store.

And I obviously need to have a look to make sure it fits.

So open the door after you put them on, okay”


Sukyung, her face red, walked into the stall and locked the door behind her.

The changing stall was surprisingly spacious.

It was double the size of those tiny rooms in the department stores.

After taking off her dress, Sukyung took off her underwear and tried on the new set.

It was odd that she was allowed to try on the panties as well.

Did Sungwoo already purchase these Or does this store have a policy to allow its customers to try on the panties too Either way, Sukyung felt awkward about it, but this wasn’t the time for her to ask Sungwoo these questions. 


It wasn’t a surprise that the bra and panties Sungwoo picked out for her fit her well.

They were very comfortable, and when she checked herself out in the mirror, she looked a little different.

This was Sungwoo’s magic.

Somehow, he always seemed to know how to reveal the side of her she never knew she had. 


Sukyung wondered if Jaewon had the same talent.

Of course, she knew Jaewon would never be harsh and mean like Sungwoo.

Although Jaewon had treated her coldly of late, Sukyung knew him to be a kind and considerate man. 


“Hey, have you put them on yet” Sungwoo knocked on the door insistently.

After looking at herself again in the mirror, Sukyung hesitantly unlocked the door.

She opened it a tiny bit to peek out at Sungwoo, who looked up and down at her.

He asked,


“Do they fit”

“Umm, yes.

I think they’re fine,” Sukyung replied as her shoulders flinched.

It felt so uncomfortable to be standing here with Sungwoo.

She was okay to change in front of him now, but standing in her underwear while talking to him… This was completely different.

It was even worse because they were in a stranger’s shop. 


Sungwoo glanced at the main part of the store quickly before storming into the changing stall.

When Sukyung gasped, he locked the door behind him and shushed her.

Without even breathing, she stared at him as she heard other customers talking outside.


“These are so pretty.

So we can really try them on” a customer asked.


You can try them on and you can even wear them out if you like them.

But of course, you can’t try the panties.

So you want to try these items, Miss”


Sukyung heard the next stall being locked.

It seemed that another customer went inside to try on some bras.

When she heard the clerk walk away, Sukyung put her hand on her chest, trying to calm down her breathing. 


But… it was an impossible task with Sungwoo inside the same stall with her.

Her heart was pounding loudly as she realized she was with this large man inside a lingerie shop changing stall.

Something like this has never happened to her before. 


Of course, Sukyung supposed this was a daily event for someone like Sungwoo.

He probably wasn’t interested in her in that way at all, but she still couldn’t help feeling a little scared.

Perhaps it was because she has never stood so close to a man like this before.  


When Sukyung was young, she was so busy working that she never got the chance to date.

Now, she had the time, but Sukying felt a little nervous about meeting anyone.

Besides, she was only interested in Jaewon anyway. 


Looking at Sungwoo’s broad back, Sukyung couldn’t help her anxiety increasing.

When he turned around to face her, her face became even redder.

She murmured, 


“U…umm, when the next door customer leaves…”

“Just turn around.”


Sungwoo twirled his finger again, which seemed to be his favorite gesture.

With a frown, Sukyung slowly began to turn.

She was about to face him again when he suddenly grabbed her waist to stop her.

With a loud gasp, she turned her face towards him and stammered,



“Just stay still and be quiet.

People are going to think I’m a pervert if they hear us, right So just be still.”




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