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“Pick an outfit you think will suit you.

Imagine what you would like to wear to go see your beloved brother,” said Sungwoo.


This wasn’t the first time he tested Sukyung.

By now, she was getting a general idea of what looked good on her.

She walked to the clothing rack confidently and picked out a green dress.

It had a very well defined waist and it reached just below her knees.

Sukyung then picked out a pair of sandals with long ankle straps. 


After glancing at Sungwoo briefly, she quickly changed in front of him.

By now, she felt rather comfortable undressing in front of Sungwoo because he never watched her anyway.

As usual, he was drawing something in his sketchbook.

Sukyung felt a little curious about what he drew all the time, but he has never shown his sketches to her so far.


“I’m done,” Sukyung announced quietly.

Sungwoo stopped drawing and looked up as she stood with her shoulders straight.

Since he first slapped her butt for slouching, Sukyung had been “punished” four times more.

At first, she wondered if Sungwoo enjoyed spanking her.

But when she saw the obvious annoyance in his face, Sukyung knew he was truly frustrated with her. 


Despite the embarrassing punishments and his harsh words, Sukyung had to admit that he was good at his job.

Even though she had absolutely no fashion sense, she could still tell that every outfit he picked out for her looked gorgeous on her.

Whenever Sukyung wore something Sungwoo chose for her, she looked at least 10 cm taller and much slimmer.

Unfortunately, her face and her hair still didn’t match the improvement her body shape enjoyed, but Sukyung was still satisfied with the changes. 


Sungwoo twirled his finger and ordered, “Turn around.”


Sukyung obeyed and turned 360 degrees for him.

The flowy skirt danced around her knee, making her feel pretty.

To her surprise, Sungwoo announced, 



It looks fine.

You can take that.”



This was the first time Sukyung passed his test.

This was their fifth lesson, but because they had been seeing each other three times a week, this was only their second week.

Although it hadn’t been very long since she began learning from him, it felt like a lot of time had passed since Sukyung fainted in front of Sungwoo.


Sungwoo replied, “Yeah, I mean it.

Take it.”


Sukyung smiled widely.

She looked down at her dress and held the skirt with both of her hands to hide her trembling fingers.

Just then, Sungwoo asked bluntly, 


“What are you wearing underneath today”



Sukyung looked at him nervously.

Was he going to lift her skirt again to have a look She could never get used to this behavior.

Because Sungwoo checked her underwear every time she got a new outfit, Sukyung even got new bras and panties.

But it seemed that even the new sets couldn’t satisfy Sungwoo. 


Today, she got a very expensive set of underwear.

Will these pass Sungwoo’s test finally Sukyung replied, 


“Umm, I bought TomTom.”1

“I didn’t ask you about the brand name.

Just take your dress off so I can check,” Sungwoo ordered menacingly. 


Sukyung flinched, but when she saw Sungwoo narrow his eyes, she straightened her shoulders immediately.

She really didn’t want to be spanked again today.

Sungwoo’s teaching method was humiliating.

Last time, he actually got her on his knees to spank her three times.

It wasn’t that he caused her pain, but the strange sensation of his thighs against her sensitive part… She felt so embarrassed that she couldn’t help blushing. 


Sukyung couldn’t understand why his “punishment” made her feel this way.

It wasn’t that she liked being spanked, but still…


Sukyung insisted weakly, “But I really wore a good set today, so you don’t have to check.”

“Just hurry up and take off your dress already.” Ignoring her protest, Sungwoo insisted in annoyance.

With a deep sigh, she reached back to unzip her dress.

But before she could reach it, Sungwoo walked up to her quickly to unzip it for her.

The green dress fell to the ground silently.


“Turn around.”


Sukyung hesitantly obeyed.

The ivory bra was covered in lace and had very thin straps.

There were flowers embroidered in the middle as well.

Her matching panties had the same patterned embroidery.


Sungwoo suddenly raised his finger and flicked the bra cup.

Sukyung, her heart thudding wildly, covered her breasts with her hands and looked up at him.

Her eyes widened in shock.

Sungwoo criticized her with a sigh,


“You’re wearing the wrong bra size.”


“That’s the wrong cup size for you.

Don’t you even know your own size”


Sukyung’s weight hasn’t changed much since she was 18 years old, so she had been wearing the same sized bra since high school.

Because her mother passed away when she was young, and even her step mother died not long after she married her father, there had been no one to teach Sukyung about these things. 


It was the same when Sukyung had her first period.

After panicking when it first started, Sukyung ended up going to her school teacher to ask about what to do. 


When she continued to cover her breasts and bite her lower lip, Sungwoo sighed in surrender and announced, 


“Put on your clothes now.

We’re going underwear shopping.”





Guess this is an underwear brand name Never heard of it. 


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