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Sukyung protested,


“Oh, but…”


Sungwoo’s large hand began traveling down from her waist and moved behind her.

The feeling of a man’s hand through the fabric made her breathless as she stared at him.

A strange smile slowly appeared on Sungwoo’s face. 


“Remember this.

If you ever slouch again, I’ll do it again.”


When his large hand slapped her buttocks, Sukyung screamed.

He still held her chin as he used the other hand to caress the area he had just slapped.

Sukyung’s heart pounded wildly, and her forehead was covered in sweat by now.

Sungwoo warned her,


“Don’t do it again, okay”


Sukyung nodded hurriedly.

When he let her chin go with a satisfied smile, she took three steps back and covered her behind with her hands.

Sukyung stammered,


“Y…you… can’t do something like that! You’re a pervert! S…slapping someone’s… T…that’s harassment!”


With a shrug, Sungwoo smiled and replied, 


“This way, you will never forget.

Now, take that bikini off and wear the skirt I picked out for you earlier.

That outfit you’re wearing right now will need to be adjusted, so you can pick them up later.”


Sukyung’s eyes widened as she asked,


“I…I can keep these clothes”

“Did you think 10,000 dollars didn’t come with some outfits Everything’s included, so they are yours.”


She was about to thank him, but she stopped herself.

She was paying for everything, so why should she thank him It was her right to take them confidently, right 


“Umm, by the way, when do I pay…”


When Sukyung asked awkwardly, Sungwoo shrugged. 


“Just pay after we’re all done.

I’ll have to create a proper bill for everything, so we need to do it when we’re all done.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Hurry up and go change.”


Sukyung hurriedly grabbed the first outfit she placed on the floor and ran to the room.

After hanging the bikini where it came from, she put on her own underwear and the new skirt.

Sukyung couldn’t help smiling as if she was a child on Christmas morning.

Sungwoo told her not to even go near Jaewon’s workplace, but she still felt happy. 


Sukyung felt a little closer to Jaewon.

She wondered if she should try calling him.

Maybe just to say hello… 



She shook her head.

The best thing she could do was to meet him after she was completely transformed.

Sukyung wanted to surprise him.

She wanted him to know once and for all that she wasn’t some ugly country bumpkin. 


After she changed, Sukyung folded the second outfit neatly and walked out.

Sungwoo was waiting for her with a large paper bag with the logo of Sohyang Palace.

She was busy putting her new outfit inside it when suddenly, she felt Sungwoo’s hand on her shoulder.

When she jumped and turned around, Sukyung found him glaring at her in annoyance. 


“What is this”



His long finger snuck inside her jacket and grabbed her bra strap.

When he stretched it out to look, Sukyung pushed him away with both of her hands.


“W…what are you doing…”

“What do you think Oh my god, what era is this bra from I can’t believe this.

Raise your skirt.”



Sukyung stared at him in shock, but Sungwoo ignored her and lifted her skirt himself.

She was so surprised that she froze.

When he looked at her panties, Sungwoo sighed. 


“We have a long way to go.

A very long way.”


Listening to the man who criticized her after lifting her skirt, Sukyung didn’t know how to react. 




“Try to wear heels as often as possible.

You can wear the platforms from time to time, but not often.

Only wear them for casual occasions.

They will make you look heavy.

The sandals with ankle straps will look good on you, so wear them often.

They’re also in fashion right now.

Make sure the straps are thin.

For the heels, wear the rounded ones and not the pointy ones.”


“Once in a while, you can wear a large or overbearing accessory, but when you do, you need to keep your clothes very simple.

But don’t wear those large plastic necklaces the girls seem to like so much nowadays.

It’s going to make you look like you’re being buried in it.

An antique style necklace would work better on you.”


“What would look better on you, this or that I knew it.

You haven’t learned a single thing so far, have you How many times did I tell you this won’t work on your body type I told you to memorize what I said and study them at home.”


“You can’t wear a boatneck top.

It obviously makes your shoulders look weak.

Give it to me.

I’ll fix it.”


“I know I’m piling a lot of information on you, but I still can’t believe you don’t get this.

Do you really think this color goes well with that color I’ll give you a color scheme chart, so go home and study it.

I’m going to test you next time, so you better be ready for it!”


Every time they had a session, Sungwoo drilled her over and over again.

At first, Sukyung didn’t know how to respond because she felt intimated, but over time, she slowly began to get used to Sungwoo’s way. 




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