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Sukyung heard some scritching sound.

It sounded like someone crumpling papers or scraping their shoes on the floor.

But the sound was a little quieter than the shoes.


Oh! She got it.

It was the sound of the pencils on papers.

Wait… Was Sungwoo drawing her right now Sukyung gaped in shock.

He had to be kidding.

He blindfolded her and tied her up, and now, he was drawing her like this This couldn’t be! This was so wrong! How could he be this callous




This time, Sukyung spoke a little louder, but all she received was another sharp order. 


“I told you to be still.

Don’t move until I say you can.”


“Who’s the teacher here Is it you or me You said you wanted to be pretty, didn’t you Then just shut up and stay still.”

“What does this have to do with becoming pretty!”


Sukyung finally yelled at him.

If he wanted to do something, shouldn’t he at least explain to her what he was doing After all, she was his customer, and wasn’t the customer always right Shouldn’t he treat his client with respect But right now, he was treating her like she was an unwanted stray dog.1


“Gosh, you’re so loud.”


She suddenly heard his footsteps before the fabrics around her neck, chest, and waist disappeared.

The feeling of the fabrics gently grazing her skin stung and tickled at the same time.

Feeling her nipples harden again, Sukyung cringed her shoulders to hide them.

But Sungwoo immediately grabbed her shoulders and straightened them.

He commanded,


“From now on, every time you slouch, you’re going to be punished.”



Punished What did he mean Hit her Hit her where Her hand With a ruler Did he think they were in an elementary school2 This was becoming more and more ridiculous.

He had to be lying, right


But then… Sukyung could see Sungwoo doing something like that, and this thought made her quiver.

Suddenly, she felt the area between her legs throb.

Sukyung blushed in shock and shame.

OMG, this couldn’t be happening! Has she lost her mind


To her surprise, Sukyung felt her arms being finally freed.

Her blindfold was also removed.

Her eyes felt blinded by the light, but slowly, they adjusted.

The first thing Sukyung did when she could finally see was turn around to face him.


Sungwoo was nonchalantly putting away the black blindfold in his pocket.

Sukyung asked in frustration.


“W…what did you do just now…”

“Most people’s inner instinct kicks in when they are blindfolded.

Usually, they can pick out the right colors that suit them, but it looks like your sense of style has been permanently ruined.

We’re going to have to start from scratch to change you completely.”


His harsh words made her flinch.

Around her, there were many different types of fabrics on the floor.

Were they all used to cover her body when she was blindfolded She saw silky black, bright blue, and light yellow fabrics, and some other green and navy clothes as well.  


Sungwoo pulled out a tape measure from his pocket and began to measure her body.

He began with her neck and shoulders before moving down to her chest.

When she raised her arms, her breasts moved up a little as well.

Sungwoo wrapped the tape around her, and when his finger grazed her lightly, Sukyung flinched as if she was electrocuted.

As usual, she was about to slouch, but she saw Sungwoo glaring at her.

Biting her lower lip, she tried her best to keep her back straight.  


After measuring her waist, he reached her buttocks.

Sukyung was only wearing bikinis, so having a strange man measuring her hips was embarrassing and strange.

Feeling the throb between her legs again, she kept her thighs tight and glanced down at him secretly.


After he was done with her hips, he measured her thighs and ankles as well.

Then he grabbed one of her ankles and pulled her legs apart.

Sukyung flinched, but ignoring her discomfort, Sungwoo continued.

He even measured the length of her knees, calves, and even her feet.

It seemed that the only part of her body he didn’t measure were her fingers. 


After he was done, Sungwoo studied his notes.

Trying to calm down the throbbing between her  legs, Sukying squeezed her thighs together tightly and crossed her arms as she stared at him. 


Without even glancing at her, Sungwoo walked to the clothes and rummaged through it.

He finally re-emerged with three pieces of clothes and threw them at her. 


A flowy skirt, a lacy top, and a bolero jacket. 


Sungwoo ordered,


“Try them on.”


Here Like this Without wearing her underwear When Sukyung looked around in confusion, he frowned. 


“Just wear them on top of your bikini.

I just need to see the general shape.”


Feeling a little relieved, Sukyung quickly put on the skirt.

Awkwardly, she wore the top and put the jacket over it.

When her body was finally covered, she felt a sudden relief. 


“Come stand over here.”


Sungwoo flicked his finger as he stood in front of a body-sized mirror.

She felt a little insulted, but she did as he asked.

When she stood in front of her, Sukyung couldn’t hide her gasp.




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