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Chapter 9: Chapter 9: Martial techniques

With most of the students evicted, there were enough rooms in the dormitory, so new IDs were issued to the admitted students, leaving Alex overjoyed. He didnt have to share a room with anyone but his mood was instantly shattered when he realized Franciss room was just next to his!

“What god did I offend Why is this fat kid everywhere” Alex muttered when he was about to open the door with his new ID with room number 27 only to see Francis at the door of the next room.

“He...” Francis was about to greet but Alex quickly opened the door and walked in without glancing at him.

He finally unpacked and after taking a shower he decided to plan his next few steps forward in the academy before heading to the cafeteria. By getting admitted, the academy will most likely have them master martial techniques! These are priceless fighting techniques designed to bring out the bodys hidden potential.

After the blue meteorites fell, all humans had their genes mutated. The only difference is that while a few developed abilities, the rest remained powerless and almost normal.


Martial art back in the days was held by top-secret organizations and it is said that the Briggs Martial arts secret technique could be considered as a gold tier martial art technique and this is why their family grew in strength and made a name for themselves even before the mutation.


With the upgraded genes of humans, martial arts has become more practical and the so called impossible and fairy tales have become reality. The only down side to it is that mastering such techniques is time consuming. Also, martial arts techniques are extremely rare! Even the government could only get their hand on a small number of them.

“Martial art secret techniques are divided into three tiers... The bronze tier, silver tier, and the gold tier... Only the Briggs is in possession of a gold tier martial technique in the united states and thats why it became one of the superpowers in the country... What I need now is a marital technique that improves the mind and body... Since I already have the demon-kin technique I need no offensive martial technique... I dont mind If what I find is a bronze tier one... If I can improve my focus and confidence, my completion rate with higher-level beast gears should remain at the top...” Alex muttered with a frown.

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Since he had no deviant powers he can only reply on beast gears to close the gap between him and the deviants. If he can weird very powerful beast gears, not only will his worth in the eyes of the government increase but it will also improve his strength tremendously!

Alex was feeling extremely excited and left for dinner.


In a dark room, Instructor Lara stood by the open door and watched the man in military attire study the document given to him with a frown on his face. The frown intensified up to a point where he could barely hold it in anymore.

“This is impossible... A hundred percent compatibility rate should be impossible” The man said in a cruel tone.

“I am sure of it! There was no malfunction...” instructor Lara said calmly but the man remained silent and didnt speak for a while.

Even in the darkness, his eyes were bright yellow, giving him a terrifying look. He leaned on the chair and exhaled heavily before speaking.

“If what you say is true then he is the perfect candidate to test it on! I will alert the higher-ups immediately and let them know we have found someone capable” The man said excitedly.

“What about Kung Jun He has a seventy-four percent comparability rate... I believe we should add him to the list of candidates” Instructor Lara said but the man shook his head in disapproval.

He leaned forward and rested his elbows on the desk before speaking.

“He is Asian, with no strong background or noteworthy information... If he is an Asian spy we cant afford to let him take part in the experiment! This is our national asset! If project power goes as planned, the united states will once again become the worlds superpower and with the current chaotic era, I believe this is an opportunity for us to unite the world under one banner!” The man said with blazing yellow eyes.


The next morning Alex prepared for his first class and just as expected Francis was waiting at his door.

“We are not roommates anymore” Alex said calmly as he shut the door behind him.

“That doesnt mean we cant be friends” Francis said with a frown on his face.

Seeing this, Alex sighed. Should he reject the offer, he will be dragged into a long argument with this kid and he really didnt have the strength or time for that. At this point in his life, he has a goal and wasnt the type to get distracted easily. He wished to get to the martial technique class and search for a suitable secret technique that will allow him to grow by leaps and bounds.

He and Francis quickly left for the class under the gaze of many! They all failed to understand why the kid who got a hundred percent comparability rate would even bother spending time with a kid who barely managed to hit fifty percent! They watched in envy and silence and some even concluded that Alex is a fool but none of that mattered. If he had time for everyone who has him a weird look, he will never make it to class early



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