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Chapter 8: Chapter 8: 100% Comparability rate!

Thinking about the instructions given by Instructor Lara, Alex knew she was putting him in a situation where she can disarm him if his comparability rate is too low and he is about to go lost. Separating the host from the Beast gear is a good way of preventing someone from going lost, but it can only be used during the early phases! Any normal person would be terrified but Alex wasnt.

People go lost because they possess weak minds and weak bodies unable to withstand the strength of the Beast gears thereby allowing the consciousness within the beast gear to take over and control the host. The Demon-kin secret technique grants the user total control over the body and mind. It is said that the body is only able to showcase its full capabilities in crucial moments when adrenaline kicks in but the demon-kin martial art technique allow a person to harness his full potential without the use of adrenaline.

He took a deep breath and placed his hand on the hilt of the dagger and surprisingly his hand felt warm! The warm energy in his hands quickly spread across his body, so fast even Alex could barely react before he blacked out!


Alex found himself in a dark room and could barely see a thing. Suddenly something appeared at a distance and Alex quickly recognized the dagger. It began trembling and the entire darkroom trembled with it! A normal person would start feeling anxiety and doubt in their ability, giving the beast gear the edge it needs over them but Alex remained unfazed and even wore a mocking grin on his face.

“A mere tool dares try to take this body Cocky Brat, know your place...” Alex said calmly.

He wasnt the type to scream as a means of intimidation, he simply made his point in an extremely calm manner, and immediately the dark world crumbled and Alex slowly opened his eyes.


He saw many astonished looks pinned on him. Instructor Lara gazed at him as if she was looking at a monster and he didnt know why until he shot a glance at the stopwatch only to see a hundred percent comparability rate.

At first, Alex was shocked but after considering a few factors Alex found it reasonable. What these people check is a persons comparability with beast gears. This means that beast gear and the human had to accept each other and coexist to form a greater power but this method can never get a person a hundred percent comparability rate since no relationship built outrightly is perfect. What Alex did there was intimidate the beast gear into submission, forming a master and servant relationship and that was the only reason he reached a hundred percent comparability rate.

Although this is inhuman and will grant him more attention, Alex knew this path he decided to follow is short-lived. The Beast gear he touched was more likely from a low-level lineage and thats why he could easily intimidate it. When he comes across far stronger beast gears it will be difficult for him to use that method.

“How did you do it” Instructor Lara asked with an astonished expression on her face and Alex couldnt but wonder what sort of reply to give her.

Should he tell her he scared the beast gear into submission

Who would believe that

“It just happened... I dont really know” Alex replied and Lara frowned but she didnt ask further.

At this point, even Alex had noticed that Lara was acting strange towards him and wondered if she is aware of his true identity. Why would she let him get away like that after giving her such an answer Either way, her eyes revealed her uncertainty so Alex chose not to think too much about it.

Recruits capable of reaching the fifty percent threshold were admitted into the academy while the rest were sent back. Just as Alex predicted, slightly over a hundred people were admitted out of over a hundred thousand candidates. What was more surprising was that Francis was admitted. He narrowly reached the fifty percent threshold and was admitted after some reluctance. While others celebrated Alex sat at a corner with a frown on his face. In this world mutated beasts are identified by their threat level, they are;

Wolf: Any potential threat that poses a danger to an unknown degree.

Tiger: Any threat to a large number of people.

Demon: Any threat to a city and its people.

Dragon: Any threat to multiple cities.

God: A threat endangering the survival of humanity in general.

The higher the mutated beast threat level of the mutated beast, the greater the threat level, the more powerful the beast gear is, and in turn, the harder it is for a person to control a beast gear. Those with a fifty percent comparability rate will at most be able to wield a wolf-level beast gear but anything beyond that will be too much to handle.

Although they may end up improving their comparability rate by improving themselves it is very difficult to achieve.

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“Back then when I was with the Briggs, I didnt have to worry about anything... I just focused on my training so as to be useful to the family but now I am no longer with them, I cant help but see myself wanting more... The system is messed up and those who allowed such a disgusting system to prevail are evil as well... But that means crossing paths with the Briggs... This is going to be tough but exciting” Alex said with a slight smile on his face as he watched the lucky hundred students party.

Many girls have tried to approach him but they were all rejected. Apart from him, there was also an Asian kid who got his attention. Apparently, this kid is the only one in the class with a D grade from the fitness test and over seventy percent comparability rate. Even though the kid is inferior Alex was stunned that a commoner from a poor district could have so much talent.

Just like him, the blue-haired asian kid was seated not too far from him in silence, rejecting all those who tried to get him to join the party.

“Interesting” Alex said with a cunning smile on his face.



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