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Chapter 7: Chapter 7: Shadow of the Briggs

Now, the real question running through Alexs mind is why the government has refused to reveal this secret to the people

Wouldnt this make people less reluctant to use beast gears

Were they trying not to scare people away or is there a deeper meaning to all of this

Alex was just a member of the Briggs family and obviously not one of too much importance since he is still young. The secret pieces of information he knew about the government could be considered garbage to the Briggs and thats why he could easily come across them. But the main knowledge he seeks is reserved for only a few members of the Briggs.

“I hate it when I dont know things” Alex commented with a slight frown on his face.

Time and Time again, people who have goneLost have rampaged in cities, bringing about the death of many innocent civilians. The government never hesitated to send Deviants against them to take them down but they never considered telling the people why they are dying.

If such a secret is revealed to the public, powerless humans will be less willing to join the military and risk their lives with devilish weapons, making them lose potential valuable people.


“Even though the chance of someone with the aptitude to wield a beast gear is one in a hundred, the government is willing to kill off all ninety-nine of them just to get that one person... Sad” Alex said with a slight frown on his face.

He could just speak up now and reveal this secret, and when the military tries to harm him he will also reveal his identity as a member of the Briggs, saving him from that situation but the problem still lies with the Briggs. As a member, he knows how terrifying they are and at this point, Alex would rather take on the government that goes against his family.

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“Hmph! I hate it when I lack options... That family... They are holding me down” Alex said with a serious frown now.

“Which family is holding you down”

Francis voice dragged him back to reality, leaving him a bit uncomfortable but not completely embarrassed. He was so indulged in his thoughts that he failed to realize that he has been speaking to himself and attracting quite some attention.

“Is there something you want to share with us” Instructor Lara said while gazing at Alex coldly.

Not only did this kid interrupt her rudely before but now he keeps saying strange things and keeps distracting the others. She just couldnt let him go free like this!

Seeing he could not make an excuse for his strange behavior, Alex got off his chair and began walking down the stadium towards the podium where the instructor stood.

“The test... Let me take it now and get it over with...” Alex said coldly causing instructor Lara to frown.

Normally she would have rebuked Alex but there was something about this kid she just cant understand. He came from one of the poorest districts in the country but he didnt act like one. His skin and hair were too good for someone from such a place to start with. The way he speaks, the way he walks, and those eyes of his! She has seen those eyes before.

Those are not eyes just anyone from a wealthy family can have. Those are the eyes of someone who does not wield wealth but power! The eyes of someone who has a hundred percent trust in his backer!

“Very well then...” Instructor Lara ignored Alexs disrespectful tone and responded politely, leaving many powerless humans stunned.

At this point, they were all expecting Alex to be beaten up by the Instructor but that didnt happen! She was even acting respectfully towards him! Making them wonder who the hell Alex is! What these people didnt know was that Lara just wasnt too sure about Alexs identity and rather than risk getting on the bad side of a powerful family, she would just let this slide and try as much as possible to maintain a good relationship with Alex.

She signaled some soldiers behind her and they soon brought with them a table covered with gray clothing. By that time Alex was already standing on the podium while waiting in silence. Now he was standing close enough, she recognized him as the Kid who took the fitness test and didnt get tired or look strained. He looked perfectly normal and for some reason, she believed he held back during the test to give himself the E grade.

“This is a beast gear made from the remnants of MB-0035... Dont worry you will get to know more about it when you get admitted” Instructor Lara said as she pulled the sheet off, revealing a sheathed black dagger.

“When I get admitted You sure have a lot of faith in me” Alex said with a raised eyebrow.

“You believe in yourself... Thats why you are in a hurry to take the test, it is only normal as your instructor to believe in you as well and give you the chance to prove yourself!” Instructor Lara said calmly but Alex didnt reply any further.

On the table was the black dagger stabbed into some sort of mini pyramid machine with only its hilt exposed. Beside the pyramid-shaped machine what looked like a stopwatch connected to it. While Alex wasnt really into science he knew this machine was used to check a persons comparability with Beast gears. The higher the comparability rate, the greater the persons value.

A person with a very high comparability rate can even be considered as valuable as a Deviant! Right now to break out of the shadow of the Briggs and have the power to achieve his goal without them interfering he needs to prove his worth to the government! He has no reason to hold back or hide his strength just like he did during the fitness test!

“Grab the hilt but do not pull the blade... When I ask you to let go you must do as I say! Do you understand” Instructor Lara said with a serious look on her face.

The two made eye contact and she noticed a burning flare in Alexs eye! It was like someone who has been given an opportunity to prove himself!



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