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Chapter 6: Chapter 6: Lost

Around 8 am the next day Alex woke up and shot a glance to the other side of the room where Francis was sleeping. Surprisingly the Fat kid was already awake and almost done preparing for class.

“F#&@k my life” Alex cursed as he quickly ran into the bathroom to freshen up

Upon coming out he realized the fat kid was just sitting there with his phone.

“You are not leaving yet” Alex asked as he searched for something to wear in the wardrobe.

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“We are roommates after all so I think we should move together and form a good relationship” Francis said calmly.

Alex stopped what he was doing and shot the fat kid a glance. He may not have met so many people but he knew what is to be expected from people like Francis. People with this kind of body size usually lack confidence, they are timid and most times clumsy but Francis could be considered different. Even on the first day when he was getting bullied, he had a look of defiance in his eyes at all and showed no fear.

“What if I dont want to form a good relationship” Alex asked calmly as he pulled out a black long sleeve with gray military camouflage trousers with black boots.


“The moment you stepped into this room, it is not your choice anymore... As long as we are still roommates I will keep trying” Francis said with determined eyes.


Alex snorted rudely at his reply while he put on his clothes. In his attire, he looked, even more, intimidating especially with the black gloves added. Alex combed his black hair back and tied it into a ponytail. His eyes revealed strange lights as he gripped the ID hung around his neck.

“Are you okay You seem excited” Francis said while studying Alexs face.

“You can tell” Alex asked with a raised eyebrow and Francis nodded in response.

“Do you care to tell me why” Francis asked as they both left the room.

“The question you asked yesterday... My reason for coming here... My goal... Back then I didnt have one but now I do so Im looking forward to getting stronger here” Alex answered honestly while they walked to class.

“Wow! So can you tell me what your goal is” Francis asked with a raised eyebrow.

“No!” Alex responded quickly and decisively!

The duo spoke while they walked to class with Francis doing most of the talking while Alex only responded when he felt the need to. Their relationship may not be perfect but they got along well so Alex didnt see the need to send Francis away. By the way, listening to the kid talk from his point of view and talking about his dreams and goals were things Alex found entertaining.


“Welcome to the academy, I am Instructor Lara, your homeroom teacher and it is my duty to give you the general information you need to know as a soldier!” Instructor Lara said.

She had a slim but busty figure, with perfect curves, a big chest, and a large behind which could not be hidden by her clothes. This class was the size of a stadium holding over a hundred thousand students. All the guys gazed at her with lustful eyes but Alex was more concerned with something else.

Gathering over a hundred thousand people to join the military wasnt really a problem since the military could be considered as one of the best occupations at a time like this when the world needs more fighters. It is not a surprise that almost all the youths in the US will try to be a part of it but he felt something was wrong.

As a member of the Briggs family, he knew that the normal range of powerless humans who graduate from the academy are barely up to a thousand or slightly over a thousand at best. Gazing at the faces of those at the stadium it was obvious many of them are far older than the rest so this should mean that this may not be the first time for these people... There are too many unknowns! Things that Alex would love to know but he could only wait and let everything play out!

“You may have been told that the fitness test was the only test needed but I must say you are wrong! Do you think the academy has enough resources for all of you powerless humans You wish! The truth remains that we powerless humans are inferior to Deviants and because of that, we have to rely on Beast gears to be able to be useful to this country... But not just anyone is capable of using a beast gear and thats why the human race is yet to win against the mutated beasts...”

“So those who are unable to use beast gears are sent packing... They are garbage and are of no use to the government” Alexs voice rang across the stadium, interrupting Instructor Lara.

While some people were shocked by his words and understood that most of them wont be here by the end of today, Lara was more stunned as to how someone would possess a voice that loud without the use of a microphone.

“Its good you that understand” Lara responded while gazing at the youth seated very far in the crowd.

“Oooh You found me I guess you are not bad yourself” Alex muttered with a calm expression on his face but he was slightly shocked by the fact that Lara could see him from such a distance and in such a large crowd like this.

“As I was saying before a got rudely interrupted...” Lara shot Alex a warning glance before she continued.

“Not everyone has the aptitude needed to use a beast gear... Those who fail to reach at least fifty percent comparability rate with a beast gear will be sent back immediately” Instructor Lara said and shot Alex another glance.

Fortunately, Alex was not paying attention to her, instead, he was focused on some questions that popped up in his head. The beast gears are created from dead mutated beasts and the stunning part is that these beast gears usually retain the powers of the mutated beast which should be impossible if the beast is dead. Somehow humans have managed to retain the power and consciousness of defeated magic beasts.

Those with low aptitude who wear a beast gear end up losing themselves to the gears! Those people are called Lost



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