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Chapter 5: Chapter 5: An important question

“I was kinda forced to come here... Its not like I really wanted to” Alex shrugged his shoulders as he threw another piece of steak in his mouth and chewed gently.

His presence with that of the fat kid was already gaining the attention of many but Alex carried this vibe around him which makes people try to avoid him unconsciously. They could sense the dangerous aura surging within him but they could not feel it!

It felt like its there but not actually there!

“Forced Hmmm... I guess thats messed up...” The fat kid said with reddened cheeks.

For a minute or so there was silence and at that point, that fat kid got to understand how Alex works. He wasnt so rude that he can ignore a person speaking to him, but he isnt polite enough to initiate a conversation or keep the conversation going! The fat kid quickly deduced Alexs character and understood the kind of person he is.

He is not a good person!

But he is not a bad person either!


He is just indifferent, in between.

The perfect example of a neutral person!

“I am Francis Cray by the way... I joined the military because I wanna make a difference... I want people to remember me when Im gone! I wanna be part of history” Francis said with determined eyes.

Alex listened to the kid in silence while gazing into his small eyes. His fat cheeks reddened as Alex kept starring at him in silence. For a whole minute, Alex didnt say or do anything. He just kept gazing at the boy with a frown on his face and only after a while did he look away.

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“Ninety-nine percent of the worlds population is dumb, clueless and what less... They get moved by motivational speeches, they want to do something great and aspire to be the best but only a few are actually willing to work... You have no problems stating your ambitions but when the time reaches to put that determination into work you back away... Do you think you will be able to go far with this body of yours” Alex said with a slight frown on his face.

“With this body of yours, it will be surprising if you are not bullied to death in the first year...” Alex added as he got on his feet and walked away.

Francis listened to Alex and lowered his head in shame. Subconsciously he wants to make an effort! He has always known his current body size is an issue but when it matters he is unable to control himself. He gazed at the tray filled with all types of food and although he wanted to leave it behind and run after Alex.

He just couldnt.

He could only watch Alex walk away quietly.


The IDs served as room key cards as well, so Alex returned to his room and laid took a quick shower before returning to his bed. His eyes were dull and he was lost in thought. He was feeling a bit down and failed to understand why.

In this world, only a few things can bother someone with an indifferent personality like him, and thats why he was stunned by the fact that he was disturbed by Francis question.

“Why am I here What do I want” Alex muttered those questions to himself and meditated on them.

He does not want money!

He does not want power!

He definitely does not want fame!

His personality prevents him from finding pleasure in all those things, so what exactly does he want

Thinking deeply, Alex was reminded of how much he hates deviants. He knew the mutated beasts are the cause of the death of millions and the destruction of many properties but he has always blamed the deviants for the condition of the world right now. Thanks to the special treatment given to the deviants the normal humans have been neglected and because of that many unfortunate events have taken place. It is safe to say the deviants are the reason why the world is in an apocalyptic era right now.

Back at the Briggs territory he never had a chance to interfere in matters like this and could only watch from a distance with anger but now things are different. He actually has an opportunity to get involved in the Deviant matters without dragging his family out of the shadows!

If he should ever consider having a goal, then this will be his ultimate goal!

Putting the Deviants in their place!

“That means I have to get stronger... After mastering only the first form of the Demon-Kin secret technique I can only take on a D-graded deviant at most... Maybe, just maybe I can hold my ground against a newbie C-rated Deviant but thats very unlikely and insignificant” Alex muttered to himself.

“Since I dont have access to my familys secret technique, I have to rely on other means to get stronger... I have to make use of the academys resources to build myself... huff! This is quite stressful but surprisingly amazing! I have never felt this excited in a long time or at least I cant remember when last I got excited, all through my life” Alex added calmly.


Alex let out a sigh as the slight smile on his face slowly vanished. He knew what having a goal meant right now. It entails that he has to put in effort since his stay here may be a long-term one and he isnt too sure she next he will be able to get his hand on the Briggs secret technique. Meanwhile, his main fear is that his plans may interfere with the plan of the Briggs.

He hated the fact he didnt know what they are planning even when he is the one sent to the field. It made him feel like a tool with zero relevance.

“There is no reason to dwell in such thoughts for too long... I have class tomorrow... I should sleep now... Lets see how tomorrow goes” Alex said before covering his face with the pillow and sleeping off



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