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Chapter 4: Chapter 4: Indifference

Alex observed for a short while and finally decided to walk up to the bullies. He wasnt the type patient enough to let them finish with their business before he can get into his room.

Seeing Alex approach the bullies were a bit perplexed, even without checking his PI watch they could tell someone with his physique and stature is definitely strong. This is the dormitory for powerless humans like them, so someone with a better physique will always be respected over the others!

“Brother! Is he your junior” One of the three boys took the initiative to approach Alex and ask the question politely.

At first, Alex was confused. He thought these people have come out for him too! They perceived him as a threat and wanted to take him out alongside the fat kid but it seems that wasnt the case. Alex shot the kid a glance first, he was a bit frail look, slightly pale skin, and has a poker face. He looked weak but Alex could tell he was the leader of this small group and the fact someone so frail could get other people to work for him showed he was not as simple as he looked

Such a person is hard to read, so Alex had no intentions of causing trouble either.

“I dont know him, I only want to get into my room... I apologize for interrupting with your business” Alex said calmly as he showed them his ID with the room number 33 on it.

They shot a glance at the number above the room door and blushed. Even though Alex was nice with his words his eyes told another story. It was so cold it could pierce a persons soul. Seeing it alone sent chills down the spine of the poker-faced kid. He quickly signaled his people to move the fat kid with the bloodied nose away from the door.


Alex simply opened the door and walked in, only then did the poker face kid exhale, letting out a sigh of relief in the process.


Walking into the spacious room, there were two beds at each end of the room. Beside the beds were the wardrobes, shelves, tables, and all that. Opening up the wardrobe, Alex found some school uniforms and school badges ready for them. Since the room was quite spacious, he had no reason to hate it, he considered it big enough for two people, what he didnt like was the fact he had to share a bathroom with someone. If these are the provisions given to people from the poorer districts they would be amazed and happy but for someone like him who comes from an extremely wealthy and powerful family, this is more than just a downgrade.

This is a disgrace!


Alex exhaled heavily as he fell on the bed and shut his eyes. Today could be considered a free day so he didnt have any issues taking a name again. But first, he decided to test something he almost forgot about.

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Standing on his feet, Alex focused with his eyes shut tight as he summoned the power of the world around him. Dispelling the restrictions placed on himself, he gazed at his PI watch only to see he gained the D grade in all aspects. Meaning if he took the fitness test seriously he could have easily become a D-rated human.

And this should be his normal form! If he tries to push his abilities further with the first breath of the demon-kin martial technique he should be able to achieve a higher level, maybe the upper limits of the D grade.

“This should be enough to deal with any fresher in the academy... The ones I should be worried about is are the seniors, instructors, and other important figures from renowned families... Either way, I came here to learn and get stronger... As long as I dont perform too poorly, I can use the resources of the military to further better my abilities... It is only a matter of time before I reach the C grade... At that point, I should be considered a peak mortal and only a step away from becoming a true superhuman” Alex muttered to himself as he laid down on the bed and shut his eyes.


In an hour or two Alex opened his eyes and with just a glance at the window, he realized it was already getting dark. He felt his tummy make loud sounds making him roll into a more comfortable position only to see the fat kid lying on the other bed at the other end of the room.

His eyes quickly shifted to the kids nostrils stuffed with tissues, making Alex sigh. Even if he was going to have a roommate why did it have to be this fat slub who cant even take care of himself

This explains why he was getting bullied in front of the room door! The fat kid must have been trying to get in before they jumped him.

“They really did a number on you” Alex said indifferently, catching the fat kids attention.

“You know, you could have helped at least” The fat kid already had a bad impression of Alex. Who would watch someone get bullied and walk past

“Why would I bother helping Last time I checked I am not obligated to help just anyone in trouble” Alex responded indifferently as he sat up.

Gazing at his eyes, the fat kid realized that Alex was serious!

How can such a cold-blooded person exist

“You help because its the right thing to do!” the fat kid rebuked in an angry tone, but one cold glance from Alex was more than enough to calm him down.

“You most likely spent a good part of your life stuffing your belly with any food you could find... You had the intentions of joining the military but you also felt it was the right choice to skip workout days...Your physique is a product of countless bad decisions made by you! I will not cover up for your mistakes” Alex said calmly.

What he felt for this fat kid was not hate or disgust, just indifference!



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