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Chapter 30: Chapter 30: Scourge

Silvers voice rang in his head from the airpod making Alex frown.

He had lots of questions he wanted to ask these people but another voice rang through his air pod promoting him to make a move.

Silver said in a stern voice, forcing Alex to look forward!

The two members of the tyrant had their iron rods raised and judging from the look in their eyes they were aiming for the skull. They were about to deliver the last blow but then a rustling sound could be heard not far from them. The two boys and the girl promptly turned their attention to the direction, gazing at the endless darkness in the forest!

“You... Who are you!” The lady growled and slowly a figure stepped out of the forest into the small clearing. His face was hidden by a face mask and the hood so they couldnt tell who he was. He was dressed in all black with both hands shoved deep into his pocket and just judging based on his cold glance pinned on them they knew this person did not come here to talk.

At first, they were startled but then they couldnt help but remember that this is the place area for powerless humans in the fresher class. This person must be a fresher acting cool for no reason. They just started learning secret techniques and without Beast gears, they are only slightly better than the average human!

Two of them should be more than enough to deal with him!


“You three... I will be taking a limb from every one of you... Pick which part is less useful to you” Alex deepened his voice to prevent people from recognizing him.

He approached the trio so confidently, they couldnt help but feel like something is about to go wrong!

“Who are you Why are you here” The lady was a bit terrified and asked while taking a step back. Right now the masked mans gaze was pinned on her while he approached.


Alex gave no reply and kept approaching. His silence was more terrifying than any words he said earlier!

Seeing this the two youth charged at him with the metal rods in their hands.

“You will be my test subjects today” Alex said as his eyes turned black and suddenly all three members of the Tyrant gang levitated off the ground, struggling like kids thrown into a swimming pool for the first time.


He is a deviant!

What is a deviant doing here

Those were the first set of information that ran through their mind sending chills down their spine! If it were a fresher powerless human like them, these three would easily wipe the floor with him but going against a deviant is another case entirely! A deviant is naturally stronger than powerless humans like them!

Without even attempting these three concluded this is not a fight they can win!

“Please big brother it was a mistake! We didnt know the kid is related to you, we wouldnt have dared to harm him if we did!” One of the two boys began pleading for his life.

In this world where rules of the jungle apply, a first-year powerless human like him is no different from trash unless he is amongst the very few exceptional powerless humans. Without that, a deviant can kill him off and no one would complain!

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“Please but brother you can have your way with her as an apology... This is a sign of our goodwill... Please dont hurt us” The second boy begged with reddened eyes.

It seemed as if he was going to cry any moment!

Seeing these two already using her as a bargaining chip, the ladys heart froze and for a moment she was lost in fear. If this deviant asks for her head, they wont even hesitate to do that! She wanted to speak on her behalf but when she opened her mouth no words came out!

“Pathetic” Alex said as he slammed his hand on the ground and the three students were dragged to the ground by the unknown force, smashing them on the ground without care!

They wanted to move but their body felt so heavy they could have sworn that a truck was placed on their backs. These people watched the masked man approach in horror while begging for their lives.

That very night screams of pain could be heard as Alex took his time in shattering the bones in their left hands to cripple them! As for the lady, he took an arm and a leg sending cold chills down Silvers body who watched everything. He has seen worse happening in a fight but it hits different when the victims lack the ability to struggle and you just have your way with them.

Alex quickly left the scene and returned home. Thankfully, Silver could cover his tracks shutting down all the academy cameras when Alex was about to leave.



Alex slammed his room door behind him and laid down on the bed. Utilizing the gravity power in real combat is way more difficult than he expected. It is one thing for him to use his ability on a single target, but its another thing to use the ability on multiple targets. The effect is lower considerably, leaving him at the mercy of the enemies. If he fought capable deviants they would have broken free from his grip.

“Thats not all... Using the ability affects everything around it... Thats when its at its strongest... But when trying to restrain its effect on some things and allowing it to only affect some things, everything becomes very complicated...” Alex muttered.



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