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Chapter 3: Chapter 3: The fat kid again

The human territory had shrunk considerably and those living outside the capital were obviously living in poor conditions. Alex had actually left Washington DC all the way down to this place just to take the test. He was simply following instructions given to him by the family without asking questions.

This could be considered the first time he was living in Washington DC, so seeing the current conditions of the states outside the capital annoyed him to the core. These places were filled with destroyed buildings, old buildings, shabby tents used as stores! He could see emaciated kids running around the streets, gazing at the military academy bus as if they were looking at an angel. This area belonged to the poor and was filled with unseen dangers! People can actually get lost here and no one would care.

“This is what happened to the world after the mutated beasts appeared... This is why we fight... I had the bus go through this route, the make you all understand why we are all here... Deviant or not, it is our duty to fight and protect... We must reclaim what we lost” The female instructor who watched his test said with passion.

Gazing at her, Alex frowned. He wanted to speak up but he had already concluded not to draw attention to himself so he chose to remain quiet. In his opinion, it is not a matter of why they are fighting. It is who they are fighting for that really matters.

As someone from the capital and a wealthy family, he knew nothing about this place and this could be because the government have given up on them. The government they fight for does not care about these poor masses, so how are they supposed to make a difference

The world right now is at a crucial level which can either make or break their future! The surviving countries all over the world are using the blue meteorites as a power source, to fuel their crazy ideas. High-tech weapons and equipment are the most important things right now! Beast gears and capable people able to go into the wild and gather more resources. No one had time to focus on powerless kids and mothers or old men who cannot contribute to the actualization of their goal.

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Gazing at the female instructor, Alex was able to deduce her actions were aimed to fool the recruits who came from this area into thinking the government has their best interest at heart, gaining their unwavering loyalty in the process.


“Politics... Nasty” Alex said as he shut his eyes and meditated.

He was suddenly sent out of his clan for a reason and he is yet to know. He is supposed to keep a low profile until he receives more orders from home. But how is that supposed to happen if he was forced to leave without anything but a few clothes His phone, gadgets, and credit cards were taken away. It is like having a new start without actually wanting it.

Knowing the type of people the Briggs are, he was sure they didnt want him going around and showcasing the family secret technique, which he has only mastered the first form!

He could be considered a genius amongst his peers in the clan so why

Alex yanked his eyes open, only to realize an hour has passed and the bus stopped moving

Did he doze off

Was he really that stressed mentally

“This isnt good for my health” Alex said as he grabbed his bag and got off the bus. They soon realized the female instructor will be their homeroom teacher for the powerless humans in the academy.

The female instructor quickly gave them a tour across the academy, covering all fresher classrooms, the beast gear classroom, the Martial saint classroom, recreational centers, cafeterias, and others.

Upon getting to the library, Alex was stunned to see so many books and techniques for sale. Back at the Briggs, they solely focused on their heritage and nothing more. So seeing so many skill books available for the public, he couldnt help but marvel at the sight.

He also came to understand that the academy course is a three-year course and the higher your level, the more access you have to higher-level techniques!

Learning all of this took Alex by storm and for a short while he even forgot about home and focused on ways of improving himself. Alex has never been the type to constrain himself to traditions and stupid beliefs. He is a flexible person, ready to learn new things and try out new ideas!

The final stop was the powerless human dormitory! Checking the ID given to him, Alex saw the number 33 on it meaning his room is on the third floor. He walked towards the third flaw in silence, not minding everything happening around him. Students with the F grade in the physical test were already getting bullied by the stronger ones, groups were getting formed already.

“Idiots” Alex said casually as he made his way to his room only to see the fat kid pinned to the door three students with the E grade on their PI watch.

The red-haired chubby kid was the one sitting beside him that before the test and just like he predicted, he was the perfect target for these bullies!

“This will be a bit troublesome” Alex said calmly with a frown



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