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Chapter 29: Chapter 29: Tyrant gang

“You have the skin of a girl... Fair, soft, beautiful... Not something befitting of the genius of the Briggs family” Silvers words lingered into Alexs ears through the black AirPods he had on. He frowned and continued stretching alongside the other recruits, resisting the urge to look back and see what kind of face Silver is making.

For the past month, he has lived quietly in this academy with Silver, plotting and planning their next move forward. They suspect the true purpose of getting sent here lies beyond the walls of this country and for that reason, they have to embark on severe training far greater than the others.

During this time, Alex has gained a certain amount of control over his deviant abilities but he has also met some setbacks. Deviant abilities get stronger upon constant use, raising ones proficiency in using it and forcibly training the mutant cells through constantly straining them but even that has a limit. When the mutant cells reached their limits they must go through what many refer to as forced evolution! Forcing the mutant cells to evolve, strengthening it even further while also increasing the users potentials but there is a side effect.

Almost ninety-nine percent of everyone who has taken part in this has failed. They mutated into beings no different from mutated beasts and they were put down swiftly. Alex has no reason to worry about his limitations since he is yet to reach the limit of his potential with the gravity ability. What he doesnt understand is the matter absorption ability. He realized the difference between the natural deviants and artificial deviants, is that one can upgrade the others cannot.

His matter manipulation has made no progress at all, neither has he felt any change from it! It feels like the ability is already at his peak so Alex didnt bother with it.

For the First stage of the bronze statue martial technique, everything could be considered good since he reached the first form; harden. Whenever Alex attempts the practice method again by raising his energy at the surface of his body it turns brown, strengthening his defense even further!

Everything could be considered perfect except for one thing.


“A friend of mine is getting bullied... I dont mind that I believe it has become too excessive... They are taking it too far... I would live you to find out who they are” Alex said in a low tone as he continued the exercise with the others.

“Who You mean the fat kid” Silvers tone remained calm as usual as if he was already aware making Alex frown.

Francis was not too far from them right now. His body was covered in bruises, wounds, and sores. Alex could even see scares made with what looks like hot rods and even now he wonders why the instructors of the academy, the military turn a blind eye to this.

“His name is Francis and I am guessing you knew” Alex said with a slightly annoyed tone.

He may not really see much in Francis but he valued the kid as a friend. If not for any reason, the kid saved him from dying due to boredom when he first arrived at the academy.

“Of course I did...” Silver responded calmly.

“And you did nothing You didnt even bother to let me know even though you knew we both have a history” Alex sounded a bit more annoyed now and his tone a bit higher.

“Nope!” Silver answered without care.

“The so-called bullies holding this kid down call themselves Tyrants...They are not a small group... The founding members are well-known deviants pulling the strings from outside... The tyrants in this academy have members at all levels, going against them all alone is dumb... They have avoided us because of our reputation and background but even if we try to involve our family, they wouldnt want to deal with it until they have a reason to... It will be stupid to get involved in all of this... But you are going to anyway... Am I correct” Silver said the last part like a man who has lost all hope in humanity.

“Yep” Alex mimicked his nonchalant voice as he answered.


Francis walked down the dormitory hallway, restlessly shooting frightened glances at his sides. It was just evening and he was already half running towards his room! He reached the door and with shaky hands he used his academy ID to unlock the door but then he felt a firm hand grab him by this shoulder and push him into the room, shutting the door behind him.

“I dont have any money, I swear! I dont have any more on me!” Francis didnt even bother to look back while screaming those words.

He coiled up with his hands behind his head, showing his back to his attacker and shivering fearfully. He cried softly and for some reason, Alex was overwhelmed with anger.

“For someone who wishes to be remembered in history, this is a wrong way to start...” Alex said half-jokingly. His voice was cold as usual but if Francis listened well he would notice his slightly trembling voice.

“Alex” Francis muttered fearfully as he got on his feet slowly.

At first, he looked relieved but then he was overwhelmed with fear again and he quickly grabbed Alex, attempting to push him out of the room.

Of course, he is too weak and could barely move Alex.

“What are you doing” Alex asked calmly as he grabbed Francis by the hair and pulled him away.

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“Saving your life! You need to leave now, you cant be seen with me!” Francis said with a trembling voice.

“You are obviously the one in need of help... That is why I am here” Alex said calmly.

“Help me You cant! They have seniors amongst them! People whose rating is already at the C rank! You are still a D rank and a powerful one at that but you cannot win against all of them alone!” Francis said.

Silvers voice echoed from the air pod.

“Who Who are these people” Alex ignored Silver and asked but Francis shook his head in refusal!

“Unless you are ready to get your family involved I cannot say, for your safety. These people are far beyond what you can ever imagine! They are not normal thugs you can deal with... They are grounded and have a sturdy foundation, not just in this academy but in the country as well... Only the Big four can deal with them!” Francis said fearfully and Alex frowned.

Silver said but Alex didnt comment.

Fear is a powerful tool that can be used to control people, and right now, Francis is its slave.

Alex knew there was nothing left to say to this frightened child so he promptly left the room without hesitation.

Silvers voice rang from the airpods.

“I am so happy you know me well... I would love you to do something for me now” Alex said as he walked out of the male dormitory with the hood over his head and a black face mask.

Silver said in a serious tone.

“Then I wont use them... You seem to forget, I still have hidden ability and a new secret technique only the two of us know about” Alex said calmly.

There was silence on the other side making it seem as if Silver was contemplating and after a while, a reply came

Silver said and Alex smiled!

Following Silvers instructions, Alex arrived at the place but he kept his location hidden as he observed. It was a male student covered in blood, laying on the floor while three students surrounded him and one of them was female!

“Lucy...” The male student muttered weakly. He tried to move a finger but it was stepped on by the boys.

Each of them had iron rods and pipes on them while the girl laughed hysterically.

“Did you really think a poor brat like you can have me Do you know what I am worth” Lucy said while glaring at the boy wildly.

The guys giggled at her words while playing with their blood-stained iron rods



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