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Chapter 28: Chapter 28: Academy life

The next day was spent in the class. Apparently Silver did not attend classes for deviants instead he attended the classes for powerless humans. The reason was that his abilities are not necessarily combat type and he wasnt ready to reveal the secret of the Ainsworths to the world so he preferred a class where he is not expected to should abilities.

Alex, Tristan, and Silver were treated as outcasts in the human class. It wasnt that people hated them or something, it was that they were so famous, people felt like they are not worthy to even share the same air with them. This notion is something three of them regarded as foolish.

Throughout the class, Alex barely paid attention. They were going over basic information which the three knew already as members or influential families so they saw no reason to pay attention. Also Alex and Silver decided to keep some distance from each other. Getting seen together too much in public will ring a bad bell to other representatives of the big four. The balance exists because there are no allies.

Or at least they are made to believe that.

While in class, Alex pondered on what he learned about his new self and the advantages he held over others. The fact he has two specialist abilities alone with a touch of the Briggs secret martial arts technique puts him at a higher level above practically everyone in the country. Right now he can be considered as the most promising figure in the country. He is bound to be the strongest at a certain point. The second has to do with the mutant cells needed to cast deviant abilities. With two deviant abilities, Alex possesses twice the energy reserves of a normal deviant.

He could be a God but the problem now is that he is a god in hiding.

He has advised himself to keep his abilities a secret until he is strong enough to protect himself from everyone, including his family.

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A voice called out to him as he walked down the halls alone. Turning to find the source of the sound he realized it was Francis, the fat kid. Seeing him run over to Alex, many people wore disgusted expressions on their faces. They waited for Alex to send the boy off rudely but to their greatest surprise, Alex didnt do that. Watching them walk and talk it seemed that both of them had a good relationship!

The story soon spread around, reaching the ears of everyone but Alex didnt really care.


“Okay! We are good to go! Lets give it a try!” Silver said excitedly.

They were in the underground training room but this time in Silvers home. It was similar to that of the Briggs, making Alex wonder how close the partnership between their two families is!

If they wished to break away, doesnt that mean they will be going against the joint force of two families from the Big four

Can they really handle this

“Relax! We are the two best members of those families... When we decided its time to pull away... We will be strong enough to take them” Silver usually said to soothe his worry.

“What now” Alex asked as he looked around.

The training arena was literarily empty with just the two of them, there was nothing to practice with.

“When you made everything float, what were you feeling” Silver asked.

“Nothing really, you can say I was relaxed” Alex answered truthfully after giving the matter some thought.

“Then try to use your abilities again and relax” Silver said.

Nodding in response Alex shut his eyes tight and meditated. Slowly his eyes opened, revealing complete darkness, making Silver flinch. Alex ignored Silvers actions and controlled his breathing. He took in long breaths at a slower pace, repeatedly. His heartbeat slowed down as well and soon he was emersed in the process, forgetting about his surrounding!

“You did it! Ohh my god it really works!” Silvers joyful cries drew his attention but he did not panic.

He opened his eyes and realized both of them were airborne, with no restrictions, nothing.

“Whatever you are doing, stop it, but slowly!” Silver instructed and Alex did just that.

Slowly they both started to descend until they reached the ground.


“We are not done yet!” Silver announced with a clap.

“This is just one aspect of your ability! I believe there is a second aspect... If you can reduce the laws of gravity on yourself and others you can also increase it!” Silver said with an excited look on his face.

“How do I do that” Alex asked.

“Well, if you are calm and it makes everything float, getting nervous should increase the gravity” Silver said slowly. It was clear even he did not trust his words.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean” Alex was shocked by Silvers words.

“Its called an educated guess, there is no need for you to kill me over it” Silver said, a little bit annoyed.

Surprisingly, Silverseducated guess was on point and the problem now lied with Alex. Although reducing and increasing gravity is not all that there is to this ability, Silver felt its safe to stop here for now and have Alex master then. It seemed increasing gravity is far more difficult than reducing it. Apart from using his abilities repeatedly to improve his proficiency, Alex also focused on controlling the power.

In normal circumstances, he can increase or reduce the gravity of everything around him, causing serious issues for allies, right now he focused on improving his control.

In the blink of an eye, a month passed and Alex spent most of his nights at Silvers place practicing. He focused on the Bronze status secret technique when about to sleep and then the gravity ability during the evening or any chance he could get. Slowly, Alex kept realizing his skin got fairer and smoother. It was after a months worth of training did he reach the first stage of the Bronze statue technique.



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