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Chapter 27: Chapter 27: Gravity manipulation

“You are the reason I am in this condition right now...” Alex said coldly and Silver only shrugged his shoulder in response.

Alex watched Silver walk around the room, going through the books on the shelf and he frowned.

“Can you just stop with your crazy pranks It is the reason we went our separate ways back then!” Alex blurted out furiously.

“I am sorry if you get caught up in my plans but I do only what I think is necessary! I could let the god set roam around like they own the academy so I had to bring them down with my secret weapon, you!” Silver said as he walked over to the shelf beside Alexs bed.

There is a bow of pilled apples there so he just picked one and tossed it into his mouth.


Alex slapped his face with both hands and sighed. He quickly reached for Silver and grabbed him by the hand, gazing into the eyes of his old friend as he got on his feet.


“Dude... Thats why we are friends... If you have a plan let me in on it... We can work on it together and make it work... Thats why we are friends... I left because you almost got me killed in one of your schemes... I am not doubting your reasons for scheming, all I am saying is that if Im going to be your knight in those plans... Let me know beforehand... I deserve that at least” Alex said before sitting on the bed again.

He seemed to have lost a lot of energy just standing and talking about. The only person familiar with the weaknesses of the Briggs is silver so he wasnt too shocked by Alexs condition.

He sat down at the sofa just a few meters away and gazed at Alex thoughtfully. The room was silent for over five minutes and Alex was beginning to enjoy the silence when Silver began talking again.

“I apologize for that... I made a mistake in my plans... And you got hurt because of it” Silver said but Alex remained silent.

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He was just about to sleep off when Silver spoke and he couldnt help but think that Silver was doing this on purpose!

Alex swore in his mind.

“Have you ever considered leaving your family”

This question from Silver got Alexs attention and he quickly sat up while gazing at Silver. He couldnt help but wonder if this was some sort of setup or something!

“Do you enjoy your life as a member of the Briggs” Silver asked with a rare serious look on his face.

Alex has seen those eyes once and whenever Silver made that kind of face it meant that he was taking this seriously.

“Why are you asking these questions” Alex calmed himself and didnt quickly answer Silvers question.

“You said you wanted to be a part of my schemes, well this could be my biggest scheme ever... Starting my own family” Silver said calmly.

Hearing this Alex was dumbstruck and didnt know how to react. He didnt think Silver would have the same plans as him. Thinking about it he realized this is normal, they had the same mindset and agreed on almost everything thats why they became friends in the first place even though all factions in the big four try not to get involved with each other.

“How do you plan to do that” Alex asked calmly.

Seeing Alex is yet to freak out as expected, Silver saw this as a green flag!

“Prove my worth to the country... As long as we can prove our strength to the country, even if we break away the big four wont be able to touch us! I had to show you off today... We have taken the first step forward already!” Silver said.


Alex slapped his face again and calmed himself down before asking.

“So you made a plan to leave the big four and included me in your plan, without letting me know of it” Alex asked with a raised eyebrow and Silver nodded in agreement like it is a perfectly normal thing to do.

Alex wanted to get angry but he couldnt get angry. He started laughing because all this while he felt like he was alone on this journey. It is a bit reassuring to know that there is someone who he calls a friend who is walking that same path too.

“You dont have to worry... I am in” Alex said calmly making a huge smile bloom on Silvers face.

He jumped towards the bed in hopes of hugging Alex but Alex quickly kicked him away! His hands are hurt not his legs!


Crashing on the ground roughly, Silver began laughing and Alex laughed along. It has been a while since they have laughed together this way.

“With my brains and your strength... We will create a perfect family without loopholes... Cracks or loopholes... No weaknesses... Imagine smart deviants with the strength of the Briggs” Silver said.

“Dont use the word perfect... It means there is no room for improvement... I hate that word... Also, I have no intentions of sharing secrets of the Demon-Kin technique outside... I wont give the Briggs a reason to come for us” Alex said.

“No perfection... No sharing of secret techniques... Noted” Silver said as he sat up. He Still looked excited as ever.

After giving it some thought, Alex decided to reveal the secret about his second ability. He recounted the story about how he found out the second ability and how it worked. Silver listened attentively while wearing his rare serious look again.

“The chances of the operation reviving your dormant mutant cells is possible... Although the probability is extremely low, it is possible” Silver said thoughtfully.

“What about the ability Do you know what it is” Alex asked. For someone who hates deviants, he never thought a day would come when he would find himself curious about things related to them.

“An average person would believe that ability is telekinesis but I doubt it... You werent lifting your bed back then, it was just hanging in the air floating around... Am I correct” Silver asked.

“Yea... It felt that way...” Alex responded.

“Then if thats the case, I believe you have a second specialist category ability... Gravity manipulation” Silver said confidently.



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