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Chapter 26: Chapter 26: Battle God!

The third form of the Demon-Kin first stage allows one to direct all the energy stored within the body into one specific attack. It Pushs the body to limits and beyond but of course at a price! Alex would have preferred not to use this because of its recoil effect but he didnt have much of a choice! The people wanted absolute victory and to avoid a situation where he would be called out to fight again because they feel the terms of his victory is not legit. Alex simply wanted one big victory to end the entire battle with the Hall family and he has succeeded.

The entire arena was silent as they watched Akilas body smash into the wall. He remained silent until his body rolled off the small hole created on the wall and fell into the pull again, only then did the cheers erupt, especially on the side of the powerless humans. They have always been looked down on by the deviants and the government! The world practically looks down on all humans without abilities but once again, the Briggs are the only ones preventing the deviants from calling the powerless humans useless!

The only member of the Big four to rise to power using their strength even though they lacked Deviant abilities!

Once again they have proved themselves to be the best!

“Battle God!” someone in the crowd screamed and others followed.

Since the four prodigies of the Hall family can be called the God set and a member of their team has been defeated by Alex, doesnt that mean Alex is qualified to bear the God title as well

Battle God is a title truly befitting for someone who won twice in one fight!


Alex stood there for a while and listened to the scream and Crys of the people. He watched as people dived into the ring of water to save the unconscious Akila from drowning and he did or said nothing.

Isnt this what he wants

To make a name for himself that way he can break away from the Briggs and create his own family...

This should be his first step forward!

“Sir, we have to leave now or you wont be able to hide it” Andrewss voice echoed from behind.

Hearing this Alex shot Andrew a meaningful glance before following him out of the arena.

As soon as they got into the car, Alex felt a sharp pain around his arms. His hands trembled as he took struggled to take his face mask off, breathing heavily. The recoil effect of the third form of his secret technique may allow him to draw out power far beyond what his body is capable of but then it comes at a price. His body has to suffer the consequences of its actions.

Its no different from making a deal with the devil.

Alex muttered in his mind as he controlled his breathing.

He slowly shut his eyes while trying to circulate his disturbed energy more evenly in hopes of reducing the pain. He did this for a few minutes and he ended up passing out in the car.

Many prominent figures would have loved to meet Alex after the fight he vanished just as quickly as he appeared but these people were not offended. Many people have already considered thisA Briggs thing. They come in and showcase overwhelming strength and then vanish immediately after they are done. There has never been an exception to this stranger behavior.

Meanwhile, Ronald was a bit shocked. He was the one that recommended Alex to Colonel Reeves for the artificial deviant program but his real identity was found out and he was reprimanded for bringing someone of such a powerful background for such a dangerous experiment. Ronald could be considered lucky for keeping his job and he assumed the experiment never took place. Little did he know that Alex is a deviant with two abilities.


Alexs eyes opened lazily as he felt his headache. His hands were still a bit shaky but a bit better now. He breathed out a sigh of relief and considered going back to sleep but then his eyes yanked open again but this time his gaze was cold.

“You have ten seconds to explain why you are here” Alex said coldly while glancing around the empty room!

“As expected of a member of the Briggs... Your sensitivity towards a human bodys energy is strong, making it almost impossible to sneak up on you guys... Unless the person is also a secret technique master, capable of hiding his presence” a voice resonated from one corner of the room.

An unzipping sound could be heard and Silver appeared, removing what seemed like an invisibility cloak.

“You said his instead of his or her... A girl can become a secret technique master too” Alex corrected Silver but Silver shook his head in disapproval.

“We all know its very unlikely... Girls have privileges but lack power while men have power but lack privileges... Women would rather go after a powerful deviant than a powerless human... Why do you think that The same reason they never take training seriously and never push far... Women are not interested in power, they are interested in people with power...” Silver said calmly while he folded the cloak and stuffed it into his bag.

“There are few women who stand out... Who actually wants to get stronger” Alex argued but Silver snorted in response.

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“There will always be exceptions but those few exceptions do not make rule... We judge based on numbers...” Silver retorted and Alex kept quiet.

He didnt have anything else to say since he knows Silver is right.

“So why are you here” Alex asked with a raised eyebrow.

“The last time I came here true the front door I wasnt let in so I decided to sneak in this time... I had to know how my buddy is feeling after his big win today” Silver said with a sly smile on his face.



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