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Chapter 25: Chapter 25: “KILL!”

Akila got on his feet and began walking towards Alex too. With the two approaching each other the tension was high and many people held their breaths! No one knew how this will end between the two and they were eager to find out.

Alex could feel the change in the air around Akila and he couldnt help but smile under the mask! Such focus, such confidence even when his technique is lacking


Almost at the same time, the two combatants charged at each other making people gasp! As soon as they were so close, it seemed like they would ram into each other, Alex spun to the left, evading the collision! His eyes revealed killing intentions as he leaped off the ground to deliver a blow to Akila but contrary to his expectations, Akila caught his hand and tossed him aside like a piece of rag!


Alex was like an agile leopard as he landed on all fours, charging forward the moment his legs hit the ground! In response, Akila took a stance and when Alex was close enough he threw a fast right punch but Alex quickly lowered his body, sliding through the gap in between Alexs legs!



Slamming both hands on the ground, Alexs legs rose to the air with his hands used to balance his body as he delivered a powerful right kick to the back of Akilas neck! The sound created by the kick was so loud, everyone in the arena heard it but even then Akila did not flinch! He turned around and quickly delivered a powerful kick to Alexs belly, sending him flying!


Alex landed roughly, sliding across the arena and after covering a few meters he finally stopped. Alex gripped his chest as he could tell that a few ribs were broken. Blood slid down the corners of his lips but thanks to the black mask no one could see it. Even in pain, his eyes remained the same and when he stood up quickly, people were astonished that he could take a hit like that and still stand.

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“You already know my reinforcement ability grants me greater strength and invulnerability to a certain degree... Did you really think your kick can hurt or do you wish to admit you were cocky” Akila said with a smile as he approached!

Alex was already at the edge of the arena! With his superior strength, he can knock Alex over and into the ring of water, claiming victory almost effortlessly! It will be a perfect victory for him!


Without answering Alex jumped high into the air as he threw a kick aimed at Akilas face! Instinctively Akila raised his hands to block the kick!


After his kick getting blocked, Alex landed right in front of Akila and proceeded to throw a fast right punch! His punch connected and Akila retaliated with a punch of his own but Alex ducked to the left to evade! Akila followed up with a kick aimed at Alexs waist but Alex was fast enough to perform a side flip, dodging beautifully!

With only one leg on the ground, Alex proceeded to perform a quick leg sweep, knocking Akila off his feet! As soon as Akila hit the ground, Alex held on to him by the fit and pulled him off the ground and tossing him into the ring of water behind him!


A loud sound could be heard as Akila fell into the water and everywhere turned silent!

Just like that

Even though the enemy had greater strength, he was defeated easily simply because he lacked the skill

Many even started to believe that Alex allowed the kick to connect just to lure Akila to the edges of the ring. All these people came here in hopes of seeing a member of the Briggs pushed to his limit where he will be forced to reveal his true strength but they got this instead!

Watch Alex walks towards the stairs leading to the exit, many were discontented with the fight they just watched! It didnt even last up to five minutes!

What the hell

“STOP!” Akila growled as he climbed up the ring again with blazing yellow eyes.

He was soaked and his breathing was heavy with his fists clenched.

“The fight is over! Go home” Alex said with his back turned on Akila.

“You!” Akila almost choked on his own saliva when he heard Alexs reply!

“In a real battle, this isnt how it ends... You can keep running but you cant win this way! You cant always run forever!” Akila growled.

Alex was silent for a while. He could feel the gaze of everyone on him and it was clear that everyone agreed with Akila on this! Even though he won using the environment, in the eyes of the people it is not a true victory!

They are not satisfied with the outcome of this battle.

Alex slowly turned around and began walking back to the ring.

“Then lets end this in our next attack!” Alex said coldly as he began running towards Akila!

“Fine by me!” Akila laughed as he charged towards Alex.


“Is he crazy! He cant match Akila in raw power!” Tristan slammed his fist on the armrest of his chair in anger.

In his opinion, Alex was quick-witted and won using the environment! Even if others do not accept the victory it is still a win! He could have left with his pride intact! Trying to face Akila head-on because of the crowd is a stupid move!

“Alex has won... Akila just dug his grave even deeper... It will be a while before the god set can recover from this embarrassment!” Silver said with a grin on his face.

“How do you know What do you mean” Tristan asked with knitted eyebrows but Silver did not respond!

Akila and Alex were already in front of each other in mere seconds as expected! Akila quickly threw a powerful right punch, aiming for the temple but at that point Alex stomped the ground with his feet, stopping his approach!

Demon-Kin; First stage; Third Form: Kill

His upper body leaned down as his right fist came from below, flying straight into Akilas jaw!


People got off their seats in shock as they watched the uppercut connect and Akilas body fly upward! How can someone who couldnt hurt Akila suddenly possess enough strength to harm him


Alex stomped his feet on the ground as he took a stance with his fists clenched, waiting for the falling Akila! This time ground beneath his feet shattered, creating numerous web-like cracks!

“Kill!” Alex growled for the first time as he launched two open palms forward, striking the exposed belly of Akila. Sending him flying past the arena!



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