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Chapter 24: Chapter 24: Delusional

The entire Colosseum went silent the moment the man in black stepped in. His dressing seemed ordinary like that of every other recruit in the academy but then the air around him was different. The Colosseum didnt go silent before they feared him, no! It was because they were all curious to know what kind of people the Briggs are and given this opportunity to observe one, no one wanted to miss out on such a rare opportunity!

They watched Alex climb up the stairs leading to the arena with utter confidence even though all four members of the god sect were present! Watching him walk at a steady pace, with the indifferent look in his eyes like that of a superior being looking down on the weaker beings, people couldnt help but believe Alex may be able to beat all four of them.

What these people realized is that all this while the God set has been entering squabbles with normal men and when facing such normal deviants they looked invincible and thats why they were given the nameGod Set. What they had failed to realize at that time is that this rule only applies when they are with lesser men! When they come face to face with people from the Big four, they look more human!

The others havent been silent because they are weaker but because they have seen no reason to show themselves, unlike the Hall family that is a recent family and just rose to power so they see the need to showcase their strength to keep the approval of the people.

The stadium was no different from the ancient collosuems in Rome but much bigger and advanced. It was completely painted white with numerous Blue glass lamp type power sources attached to various parts of the walls. The edges of the arena had a transparent barrier as tall as the Colosseum, aimed at protecting the viewers.

Around the arena was a ring of water and Alex watched the stairs leading to the arena getting pulled away. His eyes narrowed and his fists were clenched but he never took a fighting stance. He took two more steps forward before he asked a question.

“I can see the four of you chose to face me... Lets get this over with then, I have much to do” Alex said making the audience gasp in shock.


It was not the cockiness that made their blood boil but the overwhelming confidence!

All members of the God set frowned as they felt insulted by that comment. Does Alex really think he would win if four of them go against him But then it is their fault for giving the wrong impression since they shouldnt even be in the Arena if they are not fighting.

“You dont have to worry, we wont be joining hands against you... Your opponent will be Akila...” Zero wanted to say more but was interrupted.

“If you have no business here then leave...” Alex said coldly through the face mask causing them to frown once again.

They came here with hopes of observing Alex fight and understanding more about the Briggs famous secret technique but now not only Alex but the crowd believes they shouldnt be in the ring if they are not fighting! They were used to being these peoples favorite but now the tables have turned.

The stairs returned and the three members of the God set walked out, leaving behind only Akila. For someone with the enhancer ability, you would think they are muscular but that was not the case for Akila. He was no different from your average sixteen-year-old with well-styled black hair and a cocky smile on his face. For this battle, he dressed casually, a black shirt, joggers, and then a brown jacket is worn over them, with his hands shoved deep into his pocket.

“Begin!” Ronalds voice echoed around the ring!


A Series of loud explosions happened around Akila as his eyes turned yellow and strange yellow markings began emerging all over his body. Seeing this Alex frowned and just when he was about to enter battle stance, Akila lunged at him! With his upgraded strength, he sent himself flying abruptly with a flying kick, aiming for Alexs skull!

Demon-Kin; First stage; Second form: Perceive!

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Alexs eyes were as clear as the water under the moonlight as he stood there and waited for the opponent to arrive. Many saw the kick coming but seeing Alex do nothing made them question his intentions but what happened made many cry out in shock!

Just when Akilas boots were a breath away from him, Alexs body drifted to the side abruptly while his hands reached out for Akila! He grabbed Akila by the ankle and The second hand was placed directly below the knee cap and the rest that followed was just expected!


Taking advantage of the momentum gathered by the flying opponent, Alex slammed Akila into the ground ruthlessly and before Akila could even act he was lifted off the ground again and thrown all the way to the other end of the arena, rolling till he reached the edges!

Such strength!

Is he really human

People gasped at Alexs raw strength but they too have heard of it. The Briggs secret technique allowed them to harness the inner power of the human body, boosting their physical abilities!

“You were blessed with the ability of an enhancer... Strength and invulnerability... Any normal person would choose to make good use of this ability by learning secret techniques to upgrade their fighting style and put the ability to good use... But I guess you were satisfied with what you had and didnt think further... That is why you will lose here today!” Alex said calmly as he walked towards Akila at a steady pace.

He expected Akila to be infuriated or something but to his greatest surprise, Akila began laughing as he got on his feet. He knew he was tossed around easily because he was caught off guard and in a bad position. In normal circumstances, Alex shouldnt even be able to move him.

“Because of a little mistake, you feel like you have the upper hand... Do you feel like you are destined to win this fight You must be delusional!” Akila said with a cruel smile on his face.



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