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Chapter 23: Chapter 23: Fight of the year!

Alex returned to his place and instructor them not to let any visitor in, especially Silver. He wasnt really pissed off at Silver because he really felt like this is necessary to prove the strength of humans without deviant powers but this event reminded him of the reason he parted ways with Silver when he was still a kid.

The Briggs and the Ainsworth have always cooperated with each other for a while now, purely based on business deals but during that period, Alex met Silver and both of them got along pretty well. He first thought the kid was pretty decent and even though Silver didnt have any Martial technique to practice, he was pretty interested in combat so both of them got along very well.

During this period, Silver kept playing pranks on Alex, and at first, it was just fun but soon his pranks became more complex and dangerous. One of them almost cost him his life and that was the red light Alex needed. He quickly knew it was time to back away and thats how their friendship came to an end!

After dinner, he quickly checked the underground training facility which he didnt know about till today. There were cameras at every corner of the underground arena so Alex didnt consider it an appropriate place to practice his second special ability. He quickly left the arena and returned to his room and upon picking up his phone he was greeted with messages from Wilder.

“What does he want” Alex muttered as he opened the messages and saw video clips. Each contains a short clip on all members of the God set using their abilities.

Zero is an emitter, capable of controlling his aura in its raw form. He barely fights and but when he does fight alongside his family, he prefers to play the role of support. He focuses on protecting and supporting his team.

Dan is a lanky kid with black and white hair, spit in perfect halves. He is calm, gloomy, and spooky, and thats because he is a rather unique specialist. His ability is called phantom king and so far all they know is that he can phase through objects but they believe there is more is just that he has never been pushed to show more.


Light, who calls himself the Japanese translation of his name, Kira is arguably one of the strongest members of the God set. It is said that his ability tilts towards more of the specialist aspect than that of a transmuter! His deviant ability allow him to create blood red flames using his blood as the power source. It is said his fire consumes other flames! It does not stop until whatever its burning is reduced to ashes. Reading further, Alex also got to know that Kira is the only member of the God set who is into secret techniques as well.

Finally, there is Akila, the powerhouse of the God set. An enhancer who can enhance his strength and durability up to crazy levels! All four of these people can easily be graded D in terms of overall power. For people their age, it is amazing and Alex wasnt going to look down on such capable enemies.

It seems the Briggs found out about the fight and the reason they sent this much information to him is clear, they dont want him to lose. This may look like a fight between Alex and the god set on the surface but in reality, it is a battle between the Briggs and the Hall family! Their prodigies are about to clash so their reputation is on the line as well.

This is most likely the Fight of the Year!

He gazed at the mirror only to realize that his skin looked slightly smoother the usual. A normal person would not notice such a small change but Alex could pick it up with his sharp eyes. He assumed that this is a side effect of practicing the Bronze statue secret technique. Each time he practices it long enough, his body excretes some sort of black smelly liquid and although he doesnt necessarily feel any different he knew its a good thing. Based on the scroll, he is still at the beginning phase.

Alex chose not to practice this night and rest. He may be strong but his enemy tomorrow will be even stronger than he expects. Alex slept through the night and by the next morning he felt as strong as a horse. He had returned to his peak condition and was ready for anything.

He had breakfast and washed up before putting in his black long-sleeved shirt with gray military camouflage trousers with black boots. He wore a black face mask, black gloves and tied his hair into a ponytail.

“Are you ready sir” Andrew asked while watching Alex prepare.

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“Who do you think will win todays Battle” Alex asked as he adjusted the black face mask.

“As a powerless human, I spent my entire childhood loving the Briggs, and thats why I willing came to serve this family... I believe that the Briggs represents the peak of humanitys strength... Never have I considered a scenario where you would lose against a mere deviant! Even if he is from the Hall family” Andrew replied and Alex nodded with a smile but it was hidden under his face mask.

He walked up to Andrew who was standing at the doorpost and patted his shoulder before speaking.

“You will drive me there today and drive me back... I dont see myself losing either but it will be a tough fight... I am counting on you to keep me safe” Alex said and Andrew bowed in response.


The Colosseum was filled to the brim with recruits of various levels and a VIP session was created just for viewers who had nothing to do with the military. This seat was reserved for the wealthy tycoons and rich families.

“Look! Its the God sect!” Someone screamed and everyone gazed at the entrance into the arena! Cheers erupted as the four prodigies of the Hall family walked in with confident smiles on their faces. The crowd cheered violently and many girls screamed at the top of their lungs.



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