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Chapter 22: Chapter 22: Scheming Silver

Ronalds offer looks strange but factual and Alex couldnt outrightly deny it. They just arrived at the academy and are indirectly declaring dominance over their peers. For them to be treated like gods amongst their peers, it is necessary they prove their worth. While Alex really didnt care much about how people viewed him, he could see the other members of the big four were intrigued by the offer so it would be strange for only him to decline.

The current Ronald he is seeing now is different from the Ronald he saw in the past on television. The youthful man with excellent golden hair is bald with a scarred face. He was no longer slim and elegant like before, right now he is bulky and muscular with a little touch of hairiness. Alex sincerely doubts this mans capability of running an academy like this but he is in no position to talk.


Alex heard a sound beside him and when he saw Silver standing he suddenly had a bad feeling about this. He wasnt sure but he knew some sort of scheme was running through Silvers mind. Since Silver was already standing he could only stay seated while praying that silver does not do anything stupid.



Silver slowly walked up the stadium and with a bright smile, he shook Ronald.


“Major Ronald, I have always been a big fan of yours... You did so many great things during your younger days and I have always dreamed to learn under your guidance” Silver said first making Alex bit his lips.

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Thats It!

Whenever Silver tried to set him up when they were little, he always started with flattering him! Ronald was already smiling sheepishly while nodding in agreement making Alex slap his face. He could sense the impending doom looming over his head and with his eyes, he desperately pleaded with Silver not to do anything stupid but Silver only winked at him in response!

Stupid MF! Alex blurted out in his mind.

“We all know the secretive Briggs are said to be the most powerful members of the big four... I sincerely with that idea, especially with the rise of the Halls... I suggest that Alex Briggs goes against a member of the God set... What do you all think” Sliver screamed the last part to the crowd and all of them began screaming at the top of their voices.

Who wouldnt want to watch a fight between the God set and a member of the strongest ancient family in existence! Alex heard their cries and sighed. He leaned back and gazed at the ceiling, wondering why Silver always play pranks like this whenever he has the chance!

He frowned and gazed at his hands. They were still a bit shaking after practicing the Bronze statue secret technique last night.

His joints still hurt!

He is nowhere near full strength...

He could feel the eyes of every member of the so called God set on him. Their gaze was far fiercer than a crowd made up of powerless humans and Deviants. The members of the God set were already on their feet, showing their approval of the idea. The entire hall was silent, watching Alex who was still seated with his eyes shut tight.

His eyes finally yanked open and he slowly got on his feet. He adjusted the collar of his jacket and from his back pockets he pulled out a pair of black gloves which had a flaming skull design on them.

“Only one member of the god set I think a single member of the Briggs is worth at least two of them” Alex said as his eyes revealed sheer killing intentions!

The crowd erupted and many powerless humans cried out at the top of their lungs! The Briggs are the last line of defense for all powerless humans. As long as they are still alive and occasionally prove that they are not inferior to any deviant, powerless humans will always have the will to fight even without powers. Many Deviants, including Major Ronald, were rooting for the God set but this was a major blow to their pride as deviants.

Seeing the powerless humans screaming uncontrollably, they were dazed for a while, and watching Alex taking bold strides towards all four members of the God set fearlessly, the cries of joy intensified even more!

“This guy!” Silver said with a mischievous smile on his face. He had started a riot today and he was satisfied with the outcome. How can he allow their introduction ceremony to look boring

Many military officers had to step in to calm the crowd down. If there is going to be a fight I cant be here! Alex and the other representatives were led away and asked to prepare for the fight since it will be taking place the next morning.

Since this can be considered a popular event why limit the audience to just the freshers Ronald decided to allow all recruits of various years to spectate as well as allow outsiders to spectate as well.

He was planning on making the best out of the event!

Although the event was announced out of nowhere tickets to the show were sold out in not more than three hours. Many people talked about it on social media and many people made their opinions clear.

Although the God set was yet to decide who their representative will be, many deviants and many deviant fans supported them, claiming this will be a simple fight! By the way, many believed that the God set are invincible when dealing with their peers. Alex fits into that category so many supported those claims.

If by chance Alex should win, doesnt it mean that they have been delusional all this while

No! Many refused to believe that.

Meanwhile, since there is too little information on the Briggs, people barely knew what they are capable of. They could not tell how strong they are and had to rely on stories. Thats why many felt it would be impossible for Alex to win!



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