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Chapter 21: Chapter 21: Ronald Brandley

Getting out of the car, Alex kept his emotions in check and walked forward. His gaze was locked on silver and the other representatives of the big four. He could hear murmurs, cheers, and all that but he ignored it and kept moving forward. Now that his real identity has been revealed it is very likely that his success will be attributed to his last name, The Briggs.

Many people assumed by getting birthed to in a popular and wealthy household like the Briggs, one is already destined for great things but these people do not know is that every single one of them in the big four is forced to work thrice as hard as the average person! They are forced to undergo intense training from a little age and no matter how enticing things like wealth and power look, there is a catch attached to it. Every single one of them has to bear the burden of expectations, making it difficult for them to live a peaceful life.

“Alex... You are late” Silver said with the same mischievous smile as always. He wore a silver tuxedo with his silver hair combed back neatly. Added to all of this are the two silver earrings with the silver cross dangling off them. Right now, Silver looked like a different person.

More reliable and less mischievous...

Beside him was the brown-haired youth with brown eyes, dressed in a simple but extremely expensive plain blue shirt and jeans. He wore a blue Can shoe and had a blue jacket hanging over his shoulder. Just as in his picture, this man has a good build, comparable to his, if not better. The look in his eyes was filled with confidence, just like anyone who has experienced so many victories in the past.

Then there are God set, four teenagers their age but with rather weird looks. One of them took the initiative to walk up to Alex and offer his hand in greeting. He had purple hair with a black undercut by the sides, Mohawk style but the more civilized style. He wore black earrings and has his nose pierced. This youth wore a black hoody jacket over his white shirt. He also wore black ripped jeans and black boots.

“I am Zero... A member of the God set... I am guessing you have heard of us” Zero said waiting for Alex to take his hand.


Looking at it, Alex noticed this kids fingernails were painted black as well and he wondered what type of person he is. Zero gave off a calm vibe, like too calm contrary to his dress code.

“Yes, I have... I am Alex Briggs... Im guessing you know nothing about me” Alex said as he shook his hand.

“Of course... I barely know the name... The Briggs take special care in hiding the identity of their members... Coming out in the public must be overwhelming for you” Zero said with a slight smile on his face.

“A person will only be nervous when forced to stand with people stronger than him... This crowd here... We can literarily wipe them all out if we want... So why feel anxious They are just humans” Alex said calmly and the smile on Zeros face widened.

“You are not as boring as I thought you would be! Interesting” Zero did not bother hiding his hurtful thoughts and Alex did not really care.

The other there did not bother coming up to meet him so Alex did not bother with them. He only shot them a glance and walked past heading towards the large hall to be used for todays event.

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The event can be considered boring since it was only geared at introducing them to the other student. Following long and boring speeches by various instructors. Throughout that time, Alex didnt even bother paying attention. He used the first form of the Demon-kin martial art technique to monitor the three energies within his body. As much as he would have loved to speak to his old friend Silver about this, he couldnt risk having the government or the Ainsworths or even the Briggs know about this.

In his opinion, this is more like his trump card and he should treat it as one. He definitely would not use it unless necessary. Right Now all he has to do is learn how to use the ability or at least find out what ability it is.

Remembering what happened in his room he assumed it should be telekinesis but his instincts kept telling him it is not something so simple. He felt like there must be more to this ability and he sincerely wanted to find out more about it.

As soon as the introduction ceremony was done, Alex planned to leave but then something unexpected happened.

“I call upon, members of these prestigious families to showcase a little of their gifts and knowledge... I know these recruits would love to see what makes you all special so I humbly plead with you to grant their request” The man with the bright yellow eyes said.

Even before coming here, Alex knew more about this man than the man knew about him. Once a Deviant known as the Lightning Prince, Ronald Brandley served this nation and saw his own fair share of violence outside the walls. He stood out amongst his peers and fought hard until he was gravely injured in his final mission. He was taken in by the military hospital for years and when he finally resurfaced he had completely changed.

The once yellow-haired charming youth who once caught the eyes of all the ladies had gone bald and probably crazy. Ronald came from a poor family and contributed to the nation so much he couldnt be abandoned. No one knew what happened during the three years of his strange treatment, all they knew was when he came out, he was almost twice as strong but more unstable, mentally.

As a major, he was awarded the role of Dean in this military academy! Seeing such a frightening man, make such a request, Alex couldnt help but feel uncomfortable!



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