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Chapter 20: Chapter 20: Celebrities in military academy

Alex was still dazed and lost in thought when Andrew and the maids ran in. They saw the confused Alex standing beside the ruined bed in utter shock and confusion. They heard the loud sound so they ran up, only to see Alex in this state.

“Young master, what happened” Andrew asked from a distance and only then did Alex shoot them a glance.

He too was taken aback by the sudden occurrence and honestly, he didnt know how to deal with it. Is it possible for someone to have two Deviant abilities At first, he thought that the concept of the whole thing is crazy but then he thought deeply about it and came up with a few theories!

Deviants draw power from their mutant genes and for humans, without powers it means their mutant genes are not active. By trying to force his genes into a second mutation, what if they awakened his dormant genes, granting him the original ability he should have as a deviant plus the new one. But doesnt that mean everyone else who has taken part in this test should have two deviant abilities but since the military doesnt know of this and no one expected him to have two abilities that mean they know nothing of it!

Leaving him with two conclusions with various implications.

Its either his case is a special case due to unknown reasons.



The others who have gone through these experiments have a second ability but have chosen to keep it a secret!

The implications are too much and scary so Alex didnt bother dwelling in those thoughts. By the way, it is none of his problems. Andrew and the other maids just stood there in silence, waiting for Alexs reply.

“Its nothing serious... I lost focus when practicing... Prepare another room for me... I need to rest” Alex finally replied after a few minutes of silence stunning many!

His response didnt make any sense but they had no choice but to prepare a new room for him and bring him over. Although this room was as big as the previous one but it had a lot of things inside like shelves, night lamps, a flat-screen TV and others. They were prepared to move all that out of the room and leave it empty just the way Alex likes it but to their greatest surprise, he stopped them and sent them away quickly. They felt Alex was acting strange but they could do nothing about it.

Meanwhile, Alex shut the doors and shut his eyes. He tried to find that power within him once again and slowly he began pulling strength from the mutant cells. His eyes turned pitch black again and he shifted his gaze to the books stacked together. He focused on them with his hands stretched but he felt too disoriented to make anything happen. It is like awakening your power at a later stage in your life, using it becomes harder especially when you dont know what it is exactly.

Alex gave up the thought of practicing since he didnt want to cause another commotion when trying to force the ability out. He laid back on the bed and began manipulating his Ki energy. Pushing it to the top of the surface of his body and once again. The burning pain surged through his body and somehow he found it addictive. The fact that this secret technique made him pass out shows its not normal by any chance! For that reason alone, Alex is willing to de a lot of time just to practice it.


The next morning Alex woke up to a text, on his phone. The food placed on the shelf next to the bed has probably turned sour or maybe it is cold, either way, he didnt bother to check it out.

“Ouch...” Alex muttered as he felt his headache alongside his limbs.

He was practicing the Bronze statue secret technique and passed out while doing it, this made him wonder what the true level of this secret technique is and why it has this much effect on him. Even the Demon-kin secret technique is not this tasking.

Either way, Alex picked up his phone lazily only to see a message from instructor Lara, informing him that today will be class free and it will be used to introduce the representatives of the big dig four to the rest of the recruits and welcome them appropriately.

Seeing his Alex was relieved he didnt have to engage in anything strenuous. He circulated his Ki across his aching limbs and suddenly felt a lot better. He quickly took a shower and walked up to the wardrobe. Alex put on a short-sleeved black turtle neck shirt with a black leather jacket on top. He wore black joggers and a black Adidas Can shoe. A simple black Chain could be seen wrapped around his neck and left wrist.

Of course, he didnt forget to eat something before leaving!

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“What shall I use today” Alex muttered as he gazed at the three cars left for him after a while he chose the black Lamborghini and sped off.

The journey barely took up to ten minutes especially since he was going over a hundred. By the time Alex arrived, he could see other expensive cars and he guessed the others have arrived before him. Recruits clustered around some youths, gazing at them as if they are some type of Gods.

When the black Lamborghini arrived, everyones attention was drawn to it. Unlike the other big four families that can be seen anytime, the Briggs are hard to come by. Seeing one once in a lifetime can be considered a blessing! Silver and the other representatives watched as the crowd slowly left them for the black Lamborghini. They too watched as Alex stepped out of the car with a cold look on his face, shocking everyone!

“Alex Smith is Alex Briggs”

How the hell did they fail to notice!



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