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Chapter 2: Chapter 2: E-Grade human

The fact that he was given a new ID with a fake name and all that showed that his family preferred to hide their identity and this made things a bit tricky for Alex. Using the identity of the Briggs he could easily suppress the entire camp and have them give him the best resources here but right now he could only keep a low profile until he is permitted to use their name.

“Alex Smith, this name feels too shabby for me” Alex muttered as he wore a dull look as usual.

No matter how much he tried to stay out of the spotlight, he couldnt. He had a good physique, a sexy build, he was tall and had sharp eyes. Even though he was not amongst the deviants, many girls shot glances his way but Alex couldnt bother with them.

In about ten minutes the deviants were done making their way into the military camp. He followed the powerless humans and entered in a straight line. Since he was a nobody, the military did not necessarily keep an eye on him, they were only stunned that someone his age would have such a perfect build! Even though he wasnt a Deviant, he would still make a remarkable soldier, so they partially kept their eyes on him.

The test right now is just a way of grading someones capabilities, it did not necessarily decide if you will be accepted into the military. Right now the world was in need of more fighters willing to take the fight to the mutated beasts so they wont reject someone offering their services no matter how bad they look or how weak they are.

With his amazing build, Alex tried not to showcase much of his strength and intentionally held back! Unlike the deviants who gained mutant cells after their genes were enhanced by the blue meteorites, the Briggs family was different.


Unlike the rest, they were already amazing before the event that changed the lives of all humans. So when their genes were affected by the blue fog, it didnt grant them powers but instead it granted them superior physical abilities, allowing them to harness the true power of their ancient martial arts technique to the fullest!

Even without the Deviant ability, they still hunted down and killed beasts far stronger than what many deviants can do! This is why even till now the government fears their name! The demon-Kin martial art technique had no fancy moves or techniques, it specialized in granting a person absolute control over their strength and explosive power.

Absolute control over ones body is not something a human should be able to do and thats why they gave it the name, demon-kin. The ability to transfer power from one part of the body to the other, compress ones strength to release it all in a single but devastating attack, or just suppress ones abilities entirely can never be overestimated.

In this world, a persons capabilities are graded with alphabets. Starting all the way from the F alphabet, indicating a person is in the worst possible form a human body can be all the way to the S grade. For the test, the endurance, strength, and speed got tested and in each of these tests, Alex utilized his martial art to limit his physical capabilities to the least acceptable level.

“Alex Smith, strength: E, Speed: E, Endurance: E... Athletic human capabilities... Not bad” The female instructor said as she read his report while watching him walk out of the field.

Gazing at him she didnt see many signs of fatigue, neither did he show much stress while taking the tests. It seemed like everything had been rehearsed and he wasnt putting in much effort, leaving her a bit suspicious.

Could he be holding back She muttered in her head as she watched Alex walk past her.

Taking a look at her tab again, she couldnt help but feel its strange that he got the same score in all three aspects! Unless this is coincidental, it also shows perfect control over ones body! Something only humans who have reached the D Grade can use!

“No... No... No... I am only overthinking this” She said to herself but couldnt help but shoot Alex another glance.

First of all, it is extremely rare to find a human who comes out as a D grade human without any artificial enhancement used. In fact, D grade humans are the ones who can achieve the D grade in at least two out of the three aspects used in the test! The prodigies amongst the powerless humans who come here are only able to attain a single D grade rating in one stat only.

It didnt take long for Alex to get his new badge and his PI watch. The potential Identifier watch allowed people to keep track of their capabilities. They wont need to come back to the testing grounds to know current grades.

“E grade... Good amongst powerless humans but not so good that I stand out... If only I knew why I was sent here, this would have been a lot easier” Alex said with a frown but didnt complain further.

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With the test completed, he got on the bus meant to send them over to Washington DC where the main military academy is located. There the real training begins, as well as his new life



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