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Chapter 19: Chapter 19: A second ability

After twenty minutes dedicated to scolding Alex, Silver finally left and returned to his mansion, leaving Alex alone to think. His eyes had no sign of emotions as he googled information on the God set. Alex obviously had no intention of doing in-depth research on these people. He didnt consider them as anything special and was confident that he would defeat any of them in a one on one deathmatch. As much as he wasnt the cocky type he honestly didnt believe anyone amongst his peers can beat him in combat. They may be better than him in other aspects but when it comes to combat thats where the Briggs shine so he had no intention of getting intimidated.

From the google search, he was referred to open YouTube video clips on the four utilizing their abilities. When he tried to open the clips he was informed these videos have been taken down.

“Strange, the Halls have never been the type to hide. Instead, they have always been the type to show off their strength... Thats how they rose from no names to the level of the Big Four!” Alex said calmly with a slight frown.

Why would they go through all that effort to take down little battle clips Even the Briggs dont bother with Minor things like that!

“Anyway, there is me, Tristan of the Walker family... Silver of the Ainsworth family and then the God set of the Hall family... I am led to believe every one of them should be at my level or at least almost at my level...” Alex sat up as he spoke with a dull face.

He soon remembered that Silver is probably the only member of the Ainsworth family who prefers to fight in the frontlines, maybe thats why they went through all that trouble to send him here. Either way, the fact that so many capable people are gathered here means that something big is about to take place. They may not be too strong now but compared to their peers they are gods! Should they undergo the same training exercises with the other recruits they will grow much faster than others.

“That reminds me... We would get even more quality training back at our various homes... We are probably sent out to join the military because they want it to be a secret... Whatever we are getting trained to deal with must be something they dont want other people to know about... Creepy” Alex yawned lightly as he walked towards the door.


He yanked it open only to see one of the maids standing outside the door with her face lowered. She had light green hair with bright green pupils. Her body was slim so were her assets! Alex gazed at her and got this innocent feeling from her. Her legs were trembling making him frown. She was probably tired of standing and is most likely new to doing something like this.

“Who asked you to stand outside my door” Alexs voice was cold and indifferent, making the girl shiver.

She was probably his age but its difficult to see a sixteen-year-old with a strong mind like his. To attain this level one must wield some form of power. Be it personal strength, a strong backing, or just wealth. She had none, that may be why she didnt dare look him in the face.

“I- I- I was told stand here in case you need anything...” She responded timidly.

Hearing this Alex sighed and leaned on the doorpost.

“You all should have cell phones right” Alex asked but his voice was not as cold as before.

The lady only shook her head in disapproval, stunning Alex.

“Where are you from” Alex asked.


The girl remained silent and Alex sighed. He has seen something like this happen over and over again. People from thelesser developed parts of the country are too timid to talk about their origins. Apparently, the rich people at the capital dont consider them hums, and would rather hire properly trained maids than bring people like this. This job meant a lot to her so she was reluctant to speak.

“It doesnt matter... Have Andrew purchase cell phones for you all and compile your number and bring it up for me... That way I can call you if I need anything... You dont have to stand in front of my door all the time” Alex said calmly.

“Also... Prepare me something to eat... Anything at all... I will be taking a nap... I would love to eat when I wake up... Also no disturbance... Anyone who wants to see me has to wait till tomorrow... even if it is my grandfather” Alex said with a stern look and the girl nodded continuously.

Alex only sighed and shut the door before returning to his bed. He didnt lock the door, that way they can bring the food in when they are done. He laid down on his bed and shut his eyes while trying to control the energy within his body but to his greatest surprise, three energies were residing in his body!

How Alex was confused at first.

The first energy is his Ki, the innate energy flowing within the body of all humans. The second energy belonged to his new deviant ability, matter absorption. He could feel and tell this energy belonged to it.

Meanwhile, the third energy was rather strange and strong. Whenever he tried to reach out to the energy he felt like he was going to be consumed by it. It felt similar to that of the matter absorption and thats how Alex knew it had to do with deviant powers but then It was way more domineering and aggressive!

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Alex wasnt the type to shy away from such a challenge so he put all his focus into the work. He reached out for the energy and even though it kept lashing out violently he kept approaching it. He slowly surrounded it with his consciousness, using the demon-kin secret technique to slowly manipulate it. Soon the energy slowly calmed down and at that point, Alex yanked his eyes open.

His eyes were pitch black and when he looked around nothing around him seemed to have changed. He then looked up and realized he was so close to the ceiling! At that moment his eyes returned to normal and he felt the bed fall, crashing into the ground with the bed stand shattering!


“A second ability How is that possible” Alex muttered in shock.



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