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Chapter 18: Chapter 18: God set

Silver is not your typical noble who just follows the rules in hopes of bringing glory to the family name and all that bull**. In fact, Silver could be considered the opposite of what all nobles stand for! He is wild, unrestrained, mischievous, cunning, dangerous, name it! He is the definition of everything bad with the brains on par or even slightly better than other members of the Ainsworth family. He hates to be held down, he hates following rules, and most of all, he hates when he is getting forced into something he is not sure of.

As a strong atheist, Silver believes in looking before he leaps and doesnt believe in anything called faith. For someone this wild and hard to control, Alex is stunned that the Ainsworth family would send someone like him as their representative. As much as Silver is most likely the most talented member of the Ainsworth family if he cannot be controlled he is practically useless. The silver he knows and once called friend would never agree to come to a place like this on short notice.

So there are two options...

Its either he knows everything going on or he was rewarded something worth all the trouble!

“Spill it!” Alex said with a heavy sigh after he finally summoned the courage to open his eyes and gaze at the crazy silver-haired youth.

“If I knew whats going on I would have told you already... All I know is that you have deviant powers now... Specialist category at that and they dont want other representatives of the big to know” Silver said calmly as he walked into his room, with the slipper and climbing on the bed with it.

Alex saw this and frowned but he didnt bother talking. No matter what you say, silver will always do what he wants to do.


“Have you seen the representatives of the Walker and Hall families” Alex asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Not really... But I got to know their names and I researched on them” Silver said calmly as he pulled out his phone and shoved it in front of Alexs face

On the screen was the picture of a youth their age with short brown hair and a good physique. Alex was shocked by this since the walkers never bothered to train themselves physically when they can just hire the best deviants to serve them.

“He is Tristan Walker! Heir of the Walker group.. Unlike the other members this one is more of a warrior than we expected... The Walkers have kept this their heir a secret for a long time now, feeding him with expensive nutrition pills, enhancers, training him in numerous secret techniques... Although they failed in their attempt to revive his dormant mutant genes, they still made him a superhuman with resources worth billions... This kid alone is worth more than most of our private properties” Silver said and Alex sighed.

“The Walkers have always been generous... Im guessing he is also a D-rated human like me even though he didnt practice a gold tier martial technique” Alex said and Silver nodded in agreement.

“To think it took some cash on to make a weak human match the great Briggs in strength” Silver said with a cunning smile on his lips.

“He may have the physique of someone practicing a gold tier secret technique but he lacks the actual skill” Alex said but Silver shook his head in disapproval!

“This kid we are talking about has mastered numerous secret techniques and has trained under so many capable masters... You may hold the advantage in quality but he has quantity and versatility... He has numerous secret techniques to choose from in each situation... You may think I am saying this to piss you off and you are right ... But the honest truth remains that if a fight should break out between you guys... I honestly cant tell who the winner will be and I will probably place my bet on him” Silver said with a stern look on his face and Alex listened.

He isnt as strong-headed as many may think and after silver pointed out so many facts, he had no choice but to agree with him. Its not that he lacked faith in his strength, its just that he agreed that the odds are stacked against him if he should go against that kid.

“Your advantage against him are your Deviant powers... But since you cant use it, my bet is still on him” Silver said and Alex sighed.

He would love to meet this Tristain and put him in his place but that will be later.

“The Hall family... Who did they send” Alex quickly shifted the topic.

“Who Or you mean they” Silver corrected Alex.

“They” Alex asked with a confused look on his face.

Seeing this Silver was genuinely stunned and he gazed at Alex as if he was some sort of alien. How can he not know about the four most famous people of the younger generation! The most famous youths in the united states!

“How can you not know about the God Set They are the **ing F4 of the united states! The most desired bachelors! Have you been living under a rock or something” Silver literarily gripped his hair and pulled hard. If he was as strong as Alex, he would have pulled out his hair already!

“I apologize but I have never really been interested in all these celebrity news and all that **” Alex said nonchalantly, infuriating Silver even more.

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Silver rolled off the bed in rage when he heard the wordShit. He fell to the ground and promptly stood up with an annoyed look on his face.

“Shit Did you just say ** Do you know why these four are called the God set Its because it is believed they are the strongest amongst their peers, not just in the country but in the world! People say they are practically invincible when going up against their peers! That includes you and me!” Silver was literarily breathing heavily but Alex didnt even care.



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