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Chapter 17: Chapter 17: Silver Ainsworth

Hearing this Alex frowned! It is clear that whatever happened here has been planned long before it even started. For the big four to build mansions this big, so close to each other, at the same time and all that means that they have planned this long before now. The fact that these mansions are built so close to each other means that the big four want their representatives to get along and form a bond!


Alex has never been the type to believe that something is impossible to achieve but he has always been a realistic person as well. The way each member of the big four is brought up makes them look down on anyone outside their family. They each believe they are absolute in various aspects and putting such people in one team is something only a mad man would do!

“There is no reason for you to apologize... I believe the higher-ups are at fault here...” Alex said calmly.

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His eyes shot past all five female maids lined up and he couldnt help but wonder why they all have to be females. His eyebrows knitted together as he realized something crazy. Now he is forced to live here, doesnt that mean his identity will be revealed to everyone He only spent a few days as Alex smith.

“Sad..” Alex said as he exhaled deeply.

Instantly his PI watch lit up and his stats began to change rapidly. His strength, speed, and Endurance instantly increased to the D rank, pushing his original rating all the way to the D rank. With this rating, he could be considered the most powerful powerless human amongst the freshers.


Since he has been asked to keep his deviant abilities a secret, he was sure he will remain in the normal human class for a while and that made him happy. He thought of Francis and sighed. His friendship with the little fat kid can be considered short! Although he didnt necessarily have any special feelings for the lad, he still enjoyed his company. Now he carries the name of the Briggs, he cant afford to associate with just anyone in public.

“That name is messing with my life” Alex said calmly as he wakes past the confused butler and maids, heading into the mansion.

Under Andrews guidance, Alex was led to his room, there his new ID, phone, Tab, and other gadgets were placed. He also noticed he got his credit card back, his real clothes from home were moved over here as well, meaning whatever they are doing will be really time consuming.

He just laid on his king-sized bed and sighed. The big four are made up of four great families! The Briggs, known for their past achievements and secrecy! On numerous occasions, various factions have misunderstood their silence for weakness, paying the ultimate price. After that, no one has dared to go against the Briggs.

The Ainsworth family is known for their brains and not fighting capabilities. They are the reason why America is far ahead of other surviving countries in terms of technological breakthroughs. It is said that they are all deviants who have a hereditary ability, passed down as newer generations are born. This is considered amazing as it is difficult to see a family where everyone possesses the same ability. Either way, their ability is not offensive in any way and no one has really seen it, including Alex.

The Walker family is the newest member of the big four who made their way to the top through wealth. This family controls a significant percentage of the countries economy and even though they are all powerless humans with no fighting skills whatsoever, their wealth covers up for everything!

Finally, there is the Hall family, arguably the most powerful family of the big four. They are an extended family of deviants who has repeatedly produced the most powerful deviants in the united states today. It is said that seventy percent of the deviants in the united states that fall into the specialist category are more the members of the Hall family. Every member of this family produces extremely powerful deviants, no matter the category they find themselves in!

“We are meant to work together but I doubt thats happening anytime soon... Most likely, we wont ever meet ourselves. The act of gathering at a persons home is a sign of acknowledgment and submission. Forget the Briggs I have no intention of submitting to anyone weaker than myself... I always heard the younger generation of these families are more cocky and arrogant and someone like me is considered the humble one... I wonder how bad its gonna be for the others” Alex said calmly as he sat up and just looked at the room.

It was massive with a gray soft carpet, with nothing else but a massive bed. It was no different from his room back home! So much space with little properties consuming the space.

“At least they know what I like” Alex muttered.



“Come in” Alex said the moment he heard a knock on his door. As the door swung open, he saw Andrew standing behind a silver-haired kid with silver pupils and a wide grin on his face. The boys hairstyle was a bit spikey and rough for his charming face but even then he still looked good. He wore plain white **, baggy white trousers, and a pair of white bunny design flipflops.

“Silver Hell no!...” Alex said as he laid down again lazily, shutting his eyes tight while silently praying that this is a dream!

“I apologize young master... I asked young master silver to wait while I inform you of his arrival but he insisted on coming up here to meet you” Andrew said with a slight bow and Alex just waved his hands in response, signaling him to leave the room.

Silver just stood there with a bright smile and a triumphant look. He didnt care about his lame clothes or girlish flipflops! He was a carefree guy, who gave Alex nightmares he was still little!



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