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Chapter 16: Chapter 16: An apology

Alex walked up to Tracy with a disturbed look on his face. It was clear to him that this special ability was made for him in particular! The ability just allows you to absorb the properties of powerful materials, strengthing the user but that was not what mattered the most.

Absorbing the hardest iron in the world wont keep you safe for too long. Soon ones mutant cells will get worn out and you will be forced to deactivate the ability, leaving you vulnerable. What matters is how well you can use it when the ability is active! And for that, the Briggs family are known to possess the strongest secret technique and fighting experience.

“You have your results” Alex said calmly.

“I almost didnt get to see the effects of the ability since you deliberately refused to take hits and test the limit of your powers” Tracy replied coldly.

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“Which man would let the enemy hit when he can dodge” Alex chuckled.

“You! Never mind... The existence of artificial deviants is still a secret to the world... You cannot use your abilities without authorization” Tracy said with a stern look on her face.

Alex didnt respond and walked past her. He was heading towards the elevator since he had no intentions of spending another moment here.


“Hey, I am serious!” Tracy said.

“You dont have to worry... Believe me when I say I am the one person who hates deviants and honestly if given a choice I wouldnt let this happen... I never wanted this ability... I never asked for it... Right now all I can say is this... I dont plan on ever using this ability” Alex said coldly before leaving.

Leaving the resolve in his eyes, Tracy was stunned. She couldnt help but wonder why Alex would have a strong hatred for Deviants.


Alex used the elevator to go up to the ground floor. He left the elevator and headed straight to the exit of the Voltz building. Just as expected there was a military jeep out in front, waiting for him.

“Alex...” Wilders voice reached Alexs ears making him clench his fist in anger.

As much as he wanted to walk out on this man, he couldnt. He couldnt leave the Briggs without stability first. He hated the fact, he couldnt just deny the entire Briggs family right now and go off a free man. Their strength and connections are too vast in the United States, it should be considered a miracle if he lives an extra day after going against them!

“I know you are annoyed... This procedure is risky... We all knew that but we still had to send you in... Something big is about to take place and the big four have been asked to send representatives... You will have to do your best out there, do not shame the family name” Wilder said with an indifferent look on his face.

“If that is your attempt to apologize, then you failed at it real bad old man” Alex said an obvious hint of disgust in his voice.

He didnt even bother looking back as he continued walking towards the military jeep. The doors were swung open up for him and as soon as he entered he shut the door and ordered them to leave.

“Will he be okay It would be a shame if a member of the Briggs ruins the plan” Bruce Ainsworth walked came out of nowhere while gazing at the Military jeep thoughtfully.

“He is just annoyed... He will get over it” Wilder responded and walked back into the building without a second thought!


The journey back was silent and boring. Throughout the entire trip, Alex calmed himself down and then focused on remembering everything he knows about Deviants. A Deviant is no different from a superhuman with a special ability. For Deviants to use their special ability, they have to draw power from their mutant cells, slowly weakening them. So it doesnt matter how strong deviants are, they too get exhausted when using their abilities. Luckily, the mutant cells recharge on their own when they rest.

This means he cant use his abilities infinitely!

He also couldnt help but wonder why his family sent him here and what Wilder meant by all the other families sent out their representatives. He hated the fact that he knew too little about whats going on but is forced to take part in it.

But all this had a bright side!

For something to force the hands of all members of the Big four, it means something serious is about to take place. For someone like him who wants to break away from the Briggs and start his own family, this is the perfect opportunity for him to prove his worth to the country. That way when he breaks away from the Briggs, he should be too popular and important for them to harm him.

“For now I have no choice but to rely on resources and upgrade my strength!” Alex muttered as he leaned back on the chair and shut his eyes.

Thirty minutes later the jeep stopped but it wasnt at the recruits dormitory. They were already inside the military academy yet, where he was taken to, he saw four mansions built close to each other. Although Alex suspected this, he wasnt really expecting it to be true.

The army jeep stopped and he walked out only to see a butler with about five maids waiting for him. He could tell their roles simply by their dressing! Back at home, they had many of them

“Welcome, master Alex!” the butler stepped forwards and bowed once again.

“I am Andrew... Your new butler” The man said calmly without raising his head.

“Let me guess, my family sent you Then why have me hide my identity in the first place” Alex was a bit annoyed.

“You are not the only one forced to go through this... The other young masters of the Big four had to hide their identities while the renovation for your accommodations was ongoing... I apologize for the inconvenience!” Andrew said with another slight bow



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