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Chapter 15: Chapter 15: Demon-Kin secret technique; First stage!

“Eerrm before you charge to your death and all the effort put into this experiment will go to waste, I must warn you, that is the Z-13! It may be an old model but even highly skilled Deviants die at the hands of this cheap toy or whatever you call it” Tracy said with a sinister smile on her face.

“That despicable look is way better on you... Keep gazing at me as I tear this scrap metal and reduce it to trash!” Alex said as he stretched with the same dull look on his face.

“Also... I agree there are so many skilled deviants out there but compared to the big four they are trash!” Alex growled as his body shot forward like a spear, charging towards the Z-13 exoskeleton armor.

“End him!” Tracy growled as the Z-13 lit up and began firing at Alex!



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Blue energy beams shot forward and even though Alex was sure the Tosmil metal is strong enough to withstand an energy beam of this level he didnt plan on letting it hit! Performing consecutive side steps Alexs movements were so fluid and graceful even Tracy was stunned.

There was no flaw, no pause, no excessive movements! Gazing at it from afar, a normal person would assume that this is some sort of dance but Tracy knew what this is! She has seen it in videos and has never seen it in real life!

This is the first form of the Demon-Kin secret technique; Flow!

The first stage of the demon-Kin secret technique focuses on giving one absolute control over the energy residing in ones body. If one can harness that energy and direct the energy within his body during movement, he can achieve the legendary flowing water state! This is a condition where there are no barriers, no restrictions to the body, it moves with the wind and showcases perfect harmony between the mind and the body!

To reach such a state a person must have an incredible mind, as well as a strong body!




Alexs advance was never stopped or slowed even as he was just a few hundred yards from the enemy. He would duck occasionally, sidestep occasionally, perform side flips when necessary, spin, and make other abrupt movements just at the right time. Many may believe his kid is faster than that laser beams but the strong ones who can see past what the normal eyes should see could tell that unless Alex has a super speed deviant quirk this is impossible. The fact remains that he is not faster than the laser beam, he is just faster than the hands pulling the trigger!

“Your grandson is really something, Wilder Briggs! So young and he has already taken a step into the second form of the Demon-Kin first stage... Perceive... This form allows one to read the flow of the enemy movements, thereby allowing them to read their movements and allowing them to predict their attacks! For someone his age, he is extremely capable, far more capable than you when you were his age” An elderly man with silver hair and eyes said.

Unlike Wilder Briggs, current head of the Briggs family, Bruce Ainsworth, head of the great family was not fit in anyway. He should be about the same age as Briggs yet both of them didnt look too old. It was obvious the man was using some unknown method to reduce the effects of the aging process on his body.

“You should apologize to my grandson by undermining his ability... If he had just mastered the second form do you think I would bother sending him here Alex has mastered the first stage of the demon-kin secret technique... He is yet to start learning the second stage because I believe he is too young for that... His body is not yet strong enough to handle it...” Wilder said while watching Alex fight through the monitor.

His expression remained cold and he didnt even bother looking at Bruce.


“Fuck it!” The man wearing the Z-13 growled.

No matter how he attacked Alex was always one step ahead and easily dodged his attacks. This kid made no mistakes in his movements and kept reducing the gap between them at a steady speed!




Taking heavy strides forward, the Z-13 shot into the aid with his energy blade raised above his head, slashing down viciously.



Alex rolled to the side, evading the blade attack but he did not bother standing! Carrying the weight of his body with his two hands, Alex performed a swift leg tackle, taking the robot off its feet!


Falling, the Z-13 pilot could feel danger and quickly slashed out at Alex but to his greatest surprise, Alex has already thrown himself into the air above! He quickly took a position in mid-air as he landed on the Z-13 making its steel plate chest cave in and a painful cry to be heard! But Alex did not stop there, he gripped the matching by the head and tore off the mask only to realize that the person piloting this metallic abomination is a lady!

She had blood all over her mouth and nose as she gazed at Alex with eyes filled with fear.

“I am not a monster” Alex said calmly as he slowly got on his feet and backed away while gazing at his black steel-coated body. Even though he had a body made of the third most powerful metal in this world, his speed was not affected but his strength was definitely boosted.

He was extremely shocked by the fact that he defeated this robot without revealing the third and final form of his demon-Kin secret technique. Tracy just watched Alex leave with a stunned expression on her face.

This is the first time she is seeing a member of the Briggs fight! If they could sell the recorded video of this battle it will be worth hundreds of thousands of Dollars!

“He is amazing” Tracy muttered.



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