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Chapter 13: Chapter 13: Ainsworth

In his moment of peace, Alex had no dreams, he had no images of pictures in his head, there was only darkness and silence. Staying in a condition like this for a long time would be disastrous for any other person but to Alex, it is just what he needs. In the silence, he focused on himself and said nothing. He thought about his past life, his current goals, and his future plans.

Occasionally this dark world would tremble violently and Alex would assume his body was refusing the mutation and is about to crumble, accepting death but death never came! Time and time again this happened until Alex stopped caring. He could not care less if the world around him crumbles to dust and his consciousness fades, all he wanted was for this to end.

On that particular day, his prayer was answered as the world began trembling again, more violent than ever. Watching this take place, Alex said nothing and just watched in silence. Slowly web-like cracks appeared all over the darkness spreading towards his location. He did not try to avoid it and just waited for the end to come. His eyes remained calm as he saw felt the darkness shatter and his body sink into the light beneath!


Alex abruptly sat up as if he was pulled by an unknown force and his eyes remained sealed tight. Each time he tried to open I, he felt like the room was too bright, forcing him to shut his eyes again.

I survived Does that mean it was successful Alex muttered in his mind as his eyes slowly adjusted to the light and he found himself in a different room.

It looked like a hotel room with a massive king-size bed and clean white sheets. The bed was beside the window and the curtains were spread wide open, allowing the sun rays to penetrate. The ground was covered in comfy brown rugs and apart from the 64 inches HD flat screen television, there was nothing else in the medium-sized room.


Alex wanted to move but his muscles felt sore and weak! Even his mouth tasted really bitter with his breath no worse than that stench from the corpse of a dead rodent. He struggled to get on his feet and walked into the bathroom. He brushed thrice and took a very long and hot shower.

While he did all these things he couldnt help but wonder how long he has been unconscious and why he was moved here.

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The door yanked open as a bald man in full military camouflage barged in without knocking. The man was met with Alexs dagger eyes causing him to frown but he did not apologize either.

As a colonel, Revees refused to be threatened by the younger generation of the Briggs family. There was no way he was going to let a kid at least twenty years younger than him scare him!

But that did not mean he would boldly go out of his way to annoy Alex. By the way, Alex is still a member of the Briggs and he is just a colonel. Only the General can look the Briggs in the eye and show no fear.

“Did it work” Alex had no energy to scold people anyone so he went straight to the point.

“Yes! I am Dr. Tracy Ainsworth! Its an honor to meet a member of the legendary Briggs family” A young lady probably in her early twenties spoke up and walked past the colonel, extending her hand out to Alex.

At first, Alex had no intentions of having a friendly relationship with these people but when he heard the nameAinsworth, even someone as arrogant as him couldnt help but shoot the lady another glance. She had long waist-length silver hair and word a lab coat, do Alex couldnt see what she was wearing inside but it wasnt necessary! The silver hair was more than enough!

The Ainsworth family is one of the big four families of the united states. While the Briggs were known for their past achievements, these people are known for their present achievements. They are the founders of the Voltz organization, responsible for countless technological breakthroughs that have taken place in this age! He was too dumb to believe that the military would be able to come up with a way to artificially mutate a persons genes on their own!

The Ainsworth family must have gotten involved!

“Alex Briggs” Alex replied calmly as he shook her hand and smiled faintly.

At first, Tracy was calm but soon her face turned red and she let go of Alex and took a few steps back while gazing at the floor and playing with her feet. Seeing this, Alex was confused at first but then he realized he wasnt wearing anything, revealing his muscular build and his perfect ripped body with the tower hiding his most sensitiveasset.

He was yet to say a word when a soldier stepped forward and handed him the clothes he wore when he was brought here.


Alex and Tracy walked through the corridors with Colonel Reeves and the other military officials following them from a respectable distance. Watching these two youths with a higher status than him just by getting born in powerful families enraged Colonel Reeves to no end but he dared not show his emotions.

“You dont seem too happy about the experiment... You refused at first... Why” Tracy asked.

Hearing the question Alex frowned. He was enjoying walking with the beautiful lady with silver pupils and luscious red lips but the question ruined his mood.

“I hate deviants... They are the reason this world I so messed up” Alex gave a straightforward answer, making the colonel behind almost choking in anger!

How dare this brat talk about respectable deviants in such a manner

“Now you have the same ability as the deviants what will you do Do you plan to hate yourself as well” Tracy showed no emotion as she asked the next question.

“How can I hate someone as good looking as me I can only accept this power and use it to change the world” Alex said with a wink and Tracy laughed cutely.



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