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Chapter 12: Chapter 12: Betrayed

Members of the Briggs, especially his grandfather knew a lot about his hate red for deviants. They knew he blamed the current condition of the world on the deviants, yet they want him to take part in such an experiment They have no regard for his feelings and beliefs!

Was that why they sent him here without any prior information of his objective

Is that why they took away his gadgets to prevent him from asking questions or contacting other members of the Briggs family

He frowned deeply while gazing at the one-way mirror and even though he couldnt see those at the other side of the mirror, it was safe to say the old man could see his cold gaze clearly.

“Begin the operation” The old man said after a moment of silence.

Gazing at this old man in a black tuxedo, a muscular build and close to 7ft tall, even the colonel couldnt help tremble in fear when gazing at this monster of a man. Based on his facial wrinkles, gray hair, tied back into a ponytail, and thick beards, every one could tell this man was over his seventies but he was standing here, releasing a fierce aura that made it hard for everyone around to breathe!

Was this really a powerless human Even Deviants are nothing compared to this old man!


Shifting their attention back to Alex, they could see the same look on Alexs face. He had the fierce eyes of the old man, making these people shiver as they instinctively stepped away from this old man. This kid was a lot younger than them and he was just a recruit but he already possesses a fierce aura like the old man!

All members of the Briggs are monsters! Many commented in their hearts.

Meeting a member of the Briggs in once in a lifetime can be considered a privilege but now they were here with two members of the Briggs, representing the older and younger generation of the secretive family! These people will definitely brag about this event all their lives.

“Are you sure he wont resist If he actively resists, there may be serious adverse effects...” Colonel Reeves voice trailed off as he asked the question in an extremely respectful tone.

“He will not disobey me... Carry on with the operation” The old man of the Briggs family said calmly but in a threatening tone.

Alex could only accept his fate at this point so he did not try to engage in any senseless arguments and focus on what is about to happen. Deviants are genetically mutated humans with active mutant genes grant in them unique abilities. The powerless humans are those whose mutant genes are dormant and not active so they remain normal.

According to the colonel, project power is not aimed at awakening the dormant mutant cells, instead, it focuses on forcing the body to mutate in a certain way to grant a certain ability!

Now Deviant abilities are divided into five categories!

The Enhancers are deviants whose abilities solely enhance their physical capabilities

There are the Transmuters whose abilities allow them to change the properties of the energy around them, granting them control over the elements.

The conjurers are deviants with the ability to transform their energy into actual items that can be used for battle.

The emitters are the deviants capable of summoning their aura and using it to fight in its raw form!

And finally, the specialists are deviants whose powers are just out of this world. Sometimes it does not fall under any of the categories and is just so confusing to understand, while in some cases it can be an ability with a trait from two or more categories!

Either way, specialists are considered the deadliest deviants and are practically worshipped in this world.

If someones dormant genes have the enhancer traits and during project power, the mutation is geared towards achieving an artificial deviant with transmuter traits, doesnt that mean the two traits will most likely clash and most times will result in death! For this to be safe, these people must be able to determine the trait of the dormant mutant genes but right now that should be impossible. So its all done purely based on luck.

How many people have died due to this experiment

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The Briggs must know the risks such an experiment carries yet they are ready to give him up

Why is he so calm in this situation Shouldnt he be angry, enraged

Does this mean he has accepted his fate

“No” Alex muttered as he slowly opened his eyes. This is the first time he was noticing that room. The walls were white, all tiled. The bright lights above made it seem like there is nothing up there.

He could see some sort of white gas pouring into the room from the vents and slowly he began feeling weak and groggy. They were most likely trying to put him to sleep before the operation and Alex didnt even try to fight it. In his opinion, the Briggs gave him this life and he has always dedicated this life to them. But when the time comes when this is all over and if by chance he survives this then his debt to the Briggs is paid in full. At that point, he has sworn to forge a new path for himself! Remain in the military and make a name for himself!

Working from the bottom, all the way to the top!

With these thoughts going through his mind, Alex felt peace as his consciousness slowly slipped away. The thought of becoming his own person when this is all over was extremely interesting for him! It is something he is looking forward to!



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