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Chapter 11: Chapter 11: Project power

By the time Alex got the secret martial technique, it was already 10am, so he chose to head back to the dormitory since his next class is by one. The secret technique class is dedicated to teaching people secret techniques so, as long as he was doing the same he didnt let his consciousness beat him up for ditching class.

The problem isnt that he prefers learning at the dormitory, the problem I with the secret technique. After going through the requirements for learning the bronze statue martial technique, Alex realized these martial techniques are not for beginners like others. The bronze statue technique revolves around controlling the bodys hidden energy at the surface of the skin, harming it but slowly toughening it. It had the same concept as bodybuilders! Tear your muscles during workout sessions and let them grow into something greater!

This process may feel basic and straight forward but in reality, it is crazy and impractical especially since it was designed for rookies. To be able to manipulate ones chi up to that level, one must already be a master at this! If not for the Demon-kin secret technique that allows him to manipulate the energy of the body at will, he would never be able to do this.

This made him wonder if humans have gotten weaker...

The standard set for those who mastered this Bronze statue technique is considered high do them but for those people back then maybe it was normal.

Alex sincerely wondered what those who practiced martial arts in the past were like and why they all vanished. He laid down on his bed and shut his eyes tight. Even though he has mastered the first stage of the Demon-Kin secret technique it didnt mean it is easy! Even someone like him has to put in a whole lot of effort and focus to manipulate his chi.

He slowly sank into a meditative state where there was only darkness. With his eyes closed, he should be unable to see anything but then he could feel every single part of his body. More like expelling energy, Alex pushed all the hidden energy within his body to the surface but did not expel it all. It took a lot of focus to keep it at the surface and a considerable amount of concentration.





Alex felt like his body was on fire and struggled to remain calm and maintain focus. His body shivered occasionally while his hands trembled uncontrollably and after what seemed like five minutes or less, he yanked his eyes open and sat up abruptly!

His heart was racing and his body was twitching involuntarily. He soon noticed he was sweating but what was coming out was some stinking black liquid! Without thinking twice he ran into the bathroom and washed. After coming out he finally glanced at the clock at the wall only to realize it was 1:30 pm!

“What the hell Didnt I last for only a minute or two” Alex said in shock as he hurried to dress up.

He had another class by 1pm and now he is already thirty minutes late!


The doors to the class opened casually and Alex walked in. Instructor Lara was stunned by his appearance and was about to speak but then she noticed he was slightly pale and his lips were dry!

Throughout the journey to the academy, Alex just kept feeling weaker and weaker. He felt extremely dizzy and when he walked into the class he found it hard to breathe!

He could barely see the faces of the people present.

“Are you okay” Instructor Lara asked as she slowly approached Alex.

“Yes... I just feel, a bit...” Alex couldnt finish talking and almost instantly he blacked out and fell to the ground.

Lara reacted a bit late and ran up to him, she quickly called the medic team and wondered what could have done this to Alex.


Alex felt a sharp pain in his head as he slowly yanked his eyes open, only to find himself in a massive room with many high-tech equipments he is not familiar with. He wanted to move but he soon noticed he was strapped down to the desk.

“What the hell is this” Alex said coldly!

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He quickly forgot about the fact he was knocked out cold for pushing himself too far when learning the Bronze statue secret technique. What he was more worried about is his body.

Why is he strapped down like some test subject in a crazy mans lab

“Welcome Alex... I am Colonel Reeves, head of the research team, spearheading project power... You are considered a perfect candidate... We at project power create artificial deviants with various abilities that far surpass that of normal deviants... With this research! We can create a world of deviants capable of pushing back the mutated beasts and taking back our land... Taking back our country!.” Colonel Reeves said calmly while gazing at Alex through the one-way mirror.

“Nice one, but Im not interested” Alex replied decisively stunning the man.

Powerless humans will be more than happy to take part in something this great yet this kid just brushed it off as if its nothing Although Alex didnt have much of a say here he still got offended by the fact that Alex refused his goodwill almost without giving it a thought!

“Can you release me Or do you prefer I burst out of here myself and beat the living daylight out of all of you” Alex asked calmly but his eyes were as sharp as daggers!

“You will do no such thing...” A calm voice echoed sending shivers down Alexs spine.

His eyes revealed hints of shock and anger when he heard that voice! That voice belonged to the most powerful member of the Briggs clan!

His Grandfather!

“This is the reason you were sent here... What you do, you do it for the Briggs...” The man said calmly while Alex trembled with anger!



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