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Chapter 10: Chapter 10: Growth type Martial techniques

Alex and Francis met a filled classroom just enough to fit about a hundred plus students. It seemed that the military academy was already used to having a specific number of students so their classes are designed to fit that range of people.

But what if something unexpected happens and more people are able to wield beast gears

Lets say about a thousand people! Would they have to reconstruct the academy to fit this number Thereby wasting more time

“I am not in any position to judge so I have no business dwelling in such thoughts” Alec muttered before feeling a light punch on his left shoulder.

At first, he was confused, and turning to look at Francis, he saw the fat kid wearing a rare frown on his face.

“What Alex asked dully.

“I dont know if its a habit or something but you have to stop talking to yourself! People will think you are crazy and since Im standing next to you, they will say I am crazy too!” Francis complained.


Only then did Alex look around and saw many confused eyes on him. He was stunned by this and could have sworn he mumbled those words earlier!

The classroom was like a Japanese native dojo, with an empty room and numerous floor mats for each student to sit on. Directly opposite the entrance of the room was a gray-haired aged man assuming a kneeling position. His hair was white and was tied back into a ponytail, complementing his bright white beards. If it wasnt for the wrinkles on his face indicating he is old, many of the girls in the class would not mind flirting with him! They could tell the man was extremely handsome back in his youthful days.

“Is there anything I can help you with, Mr. Alex” The old man said and surprisingly his eyes were still closed when he soon.

He had already known about Alexs accomplishment so he was instructed to treat this kid gently.

“I wish to know what categories of secret techniques you have available” Alex quickly came up with an excuse.

The old man remained silent for a while as he gazed at Alex thoughtfully before he spoke.

“Secret techniques come in various forms... While some focus on pure offensive capabilities, there are some which lean towards defense, and finally, there are those ones who cover both sides but they are not the best at any...” The old man responded.


“Call me instructor Roy....” Roy interrupted Alex halfway to introduce himself properly.

“Instructor Roy... I wish to know if there are secret techniques that deal more with the fortitude of the mind...” Alex asked with a calm voice.

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Hearing this, the closed eyes of the instructor slowly opened, revealing pure white eyes but they were quickly shut just as fast as they opened.

“Hehehehe! You are really something! All those I thought in the past never asked for this... You are the first” Instructor Roy said calmly as he rubbed his white beards calmly.

Alex was more interested to know why an American elderly man would try to mimic Asian Kungfu masters, both in clothing and just his general actions.

“Every practical secret technique we have recorded in a more simplified version, to help students learn... Using it, even the dumbest person can learn a secret technique as long as they put their mind to it... You on the other hand, what you seek is difficult... There are techniques which we deemed not practical or incomplete so there was no need for us to create simplified versions of them... They are recorded in dusty old scrolls and stored away” Roy said thoughtfully.

“With your permission, I would still love to go through them first” Alex said calmly as he bowed slightly while responding.

Seeing how respectful Alex is, the old man had no reason the reject. Since Alex wanted those secret techniques, he handed him a golden pass and assigned someone to lead him towards the academy library while he continued the class with the rest.

On the way there, the soldier assigned to take Alex there kept stealing glances at the kid. At first, Alex planned to ignore but the man kept doing it until even Alex couldnt bear it anymore.

“Is there anything you want to say, sir” Alex asked respectfully.

“Well, I heard you were the recruit who got a hundred percent comparability rate...You must be talented” The man said calmly.

Alex was no fool, he could tell the man was asking how he did it. But he was too ashamed to ask him that directly.

“It has nothing to do with talent” Alex responded casually.

“Then wha...” The man blurted out but managed to stop himself halfway. In his opinion, a senior like him should be the one giving pieces of advice to juniors, not the other way around.

“It is okay to ask for help once in a while... No one has it all...” Alex shot the man an indifferent glance while he said those words

Seeing this, the man originally planned to act offended but when he saw the look in Alexs eyes, he could tell he wasnt talking to an average kid. This child must have gone through a lot to get here since he possesses something only a few people have.

Killing intent!

The two remained silent throughout the journey until they got to the library. Once they reached, they were led to an underground storage room where Alex used the golden pass to access.

There he saw many scrolls preserved by the military and without wasting much time he began his search. After spending over thirty minutes searching, Alex realized that most of the scrolls stored here are incomplete. They are growth-type secret techniques with different stages and higher levels. Such secret techniques start at the bronze tier but can rise all the way to the gold tier if all parts of it are recovered.

His eyes narrowed as he spent another hour searching and when it was like there was no more hope, Alex finally found something

“Bronze statue secret technique... Perfect!” Alex muttered with a rare smile on his face.



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