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Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Alex Briggs

“Let me tell you the story of my life... They say it has been almost a century when the life-changing event took the world by storm... Blue meteorites rained down from the heavens but at first, people thought it was cute... these meteorites were the size of normal buildings so they were relatively harmless and only a few thousand died during the incident but properties worth millions of dollars was destroyed that night alone!

Do you think thats the worst that can happen Guess again!

That night the world was shrouded in a blue mist and the unexpected happened! The human cells were mutated, giving a few special abilities, and that few are what we call the Deviants today. You all may be thinking, thats a good thing right Right


The birth of the deviants came with so many downsides, I cant even begin to count! During that period, the crime rate increased as people decided to do whatever they want with their powers. These thieves and murders were taken in by the government and branded heroes, allowing them to do what they wish without fear of the law... We all thought humans were the only ones affected by this but we were wrong! Although it took a little longer, the mutation in animals happened so fast that no one was prepared for it! The world was put against the mutated beasts and the Human race lost!

Territories taken away, countries and cities destroyed! Over a billion people lost their lives and the human population reduced drastically! Mighty countries were reduced to just a few settlements and the balance was broken again! The power system of the world changed and the deviants are treated like gods! This gave birth to cults, thieves, gangs, terrorists, and all that!

The life of the average powerless human does not matter anymore

I joined the military to create balance! These deviants think they can walk around and do as they please Wrong!


I will be the punisher and they will get what they deserve!

Alex Briggs will not let these people do as they please anymore!




Alex opened his eyes lazily as the fat, round kid with curly red hair shook him violently. When entering the bus transporting them to the military school entrance exams, Alex was forced to sit beside the nerd like kid whit big puppy eyes and dimples on his face. He didnt know why someone of this size would even consider joining the military, especially when it is obvious they will be bullied. Since the kid kept pestering him for a name, Alex ended up giving him a name and because of that, he was woken up from his peaceful sleep in such a violent way.

“I suggest you explain yourself before I do something violent” Alex said as he gazed at the kid with narrowed eyes.

“W-We are already here!” The kid hastily said and only then did Alex realize that the bus was not moving anymore!

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People were getting off the bus already so he simply sighed and paid no attention to the fat kid anymore. Alex grabbed his bag and walked out of the bus lazily. Unlike the others here, he was not excited by the military entrance exam, at all. He always knew how it goes...

Everyone is focused on the deviants while powerless people like them are treated like air!

“F#$king Deviants” Alex cursed as he got off the bus and saw an incredible wall with blue energy markings all over it. It is said that the defenses of the city are powered by the blue meteorites that gave Deviants powers. He didnt know whether it is true and honestly, Alex didnt care.

Stepping out of the bus, Alex could see another bus arrive from a far distance. It was a G-12 transport shuttle that could contain over three hundred people, yet it was used to pick up barely up to fifty people, meanwhile, they were forced to ride an old bus most likely used by his forefathers!

“F#$king Deviants” Alex cursed again as he watched the G-12 stop and the Deviants walk out!

Fan girls screamed at the top of their lungs as they watched them walk towards the massive wall, making Alex frown. Most of these deviants are not necessarily good-looking! He had fair skin and a strong build for a seventeen-year-old. At this age, he was already six feet tall and he had great black hair!

His facial features have always been excellent and he has always considered himself handsome, yet he had never gotten this type of attention!

“F#$king Deviants” Alex cursed for the third time again and watched.

This world was too biased and he hated that! This special treatment given to the deviants is why the powerless humans without a good background suffer a crippling faith but even then they choose to remain dumb and praise their oppressors.

Do they think for a moment that these deviants care about them

Alex cleared his mind and regained his indifferent look. He had already concluded that ninety nine of the worlds population is filled with idiots and they are no different from animals. The only reason the world is progressing is simply because of that one percent dragging the ninety nine percent along.

He wasnt some sort of righteous hero that believes in good and justice! He simply did what he felt is right, for all times and at all times.

The military accepts all that does to join and for now, the name of the Briggs is unknown to the average man so Alex chose to keep it that way. All he can remember is the Family patriarch asking him to join the military and giving him a new ID with a fake last name. Why that happened, is something he is yet to understand but he will definitely make use of this opportunity to make a name for himself and put the deviants in their place.




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