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For a moment, I couldn’t move my body, so all I could do was blink and look at him.

It was the first time I had seen this expression, so I had no idea what kind of emotion he had.

The Kylian I knew was not someone who could make a face like this.

He was always cold, he rarely ever looked at me, and he didn’t even like to talk to me.


Was that why this happened

Was it because I didn’t even deserve to save him when I took the shot instead After I got shot and died, did he so need to repay the favor just so he wouldn’t be indebted

Did he hate me so much that such a thing felt so insulting to him

I tried to raise my hand, but I couldn’t move as if I had been chained down.


As the friendly voice I had never heard in my lifetime called out my name, the heart that was trying to question him was fading away without me knowing.

My body couldn’t move, but my eyes could move.

I blinked slowly and adjusted my clear vision and looked straight at Kylian.


Did you recognize me”

How could I not We had been together for over ten years.

How much did you want to kill me, to do something like this, yet you are so happy just by me waking up that you look like you don’t know what to do

As I went crazy with that thought, my vision, which had been bright, seemed to become more hazy.

I wanted to rub my eyes, but my body still wouldn’t move.

It was just frustrating.

“I think you’re awake, but why can’t you do anything”

“It’s because she doesn’t have enough energy.”

I saw the High Priest of Death who had been diligently exploiting Lilith’s divine power earlier.

Compared to when he was asleep, he looked younger when he opened his eyes.

His voice sounded like a grandfather’s voice.

“Then give her strength.”


At Kylian’s command, the High Priest placed a hand on my shoulder.

I was held by Kylian, motionless, like a baby in his arms.

I had to try to stay alert.

It was as if a heavy weight had been hung somewhere in my mind and dragged me down to the depths of unconsciousness.

If I went down there, I felt like I was going to sleep again.

As if I had stayed up for ten nights, my eyelids were exceedingly heavy, weighed down by exhaustion.

After thinking about it for a moment, I felt the divine power flowing down my shoulder.

It felt like I was getting back what I had lost, but I didn’t hate it.

However, I was concerned about Lilith’s body.

Lewarren might be angry.

I fell asleep randomly during our conversation.



My voice came out.



Again, I lifted my arms out of the injustice.

If there was one thing different from before, this time I had the energy to raise my arms.


I barely touched Kylian’s cheek, and I tried to push him away, but to no avail.

I was starting to feel dizzy and sleepy because of that alone.

I looked into his eyes, calming myself down, and suddenly, blue hair caught my eye.


That was the end.

I thought I was going to slap him on the cheek to tell him to get himself together after seeing that strange expression.



* * *



“So, you’re telling me to treat Anais today, right”


Kylian seemed to brighten up because I woke up in my body yesterday.

Contrary to his chill and lack of responses yesterday, it seemed that the flat area under his eyes had shrunk a little as if he had slept for a while.

Lewarren lay sick as he had used all of his divine power to heal me.

Foolishly, he used all his divine power to heal the priest of life.

I wonder if he is really a fool.

I recovered quickly.

No, maybe it was because it was Lilith’s body.

Kylian rejects those two, but the bond between Lewarren and Lilith was still strong.

“Call Phileal.”


Surprisingly, the place we were in was not a big building.

We were outside, but I knew this place.

It used to be a place that the previous Emperor showed me after we got married.

This was where Kylian grew up.

The palace where Kylian grew up was in a very remote place.

The Emperor lived in the main palace, and the Empress’s palace was right next to it.

And in the back was the palace of the concubines.

In general, other children lived near the palaces of the concubines, and the first-born children of the Empress shared the palace with the Empress or had a magnificent one built.

However, Kylian’s mother was not by his side when he was still starting to walk, and the Emperor did not even remember him properly.

It was inevitable for Kylian to be assigned a shabby and old palace near the outer palace.

But I do remember that the Emperor had made extensive renovation to this place when he showed me in the past.

Even if he had considered Kylian to be of little use and handed him to Duke Percival, he didn’t know that Kylian would become the Young Duke’s husband by actually getting engaged and even married.

The previous Emperor did not care much for his children.

He was rather afraid of Duke Percival.

My father, Duke Percival, was also a man who valued nothing but me.

“Did you call”

Kylian gave an order to Phileal with a gesture.

Then Phileal smiled and came near me, but the fake smile seemed to have decreased a bit, probably because of the High Priest treatment yesterday.

As he approached me, I glanced at him, and my eyes met Kylian, who was near me.

Suddenly, I saw a spider coming down from the tree above, and I unknowingly grabbed it with my hand.

“What are you doing”

“You hate spiders.”

I gently grabbed it in the palm of my hand and released it nearby.

The number of gardens and flowers increased after the previous Emperor took care of this place.

Now it seemed that more effort was put into it, and there were roses all over the place, giving off a fresh scent.

“Did Anais say that”


I expected a more intense reaction, but it was disappointing as if nothing happened.

If it was him I know, he would have been angry or terrified to get rid of it right away.

“Are you not afraid of spiders anymore”



“Maybe the Kylian you knew didn’t exist in the first place.”


It was because Lewarren said that, the words flowed out without me knowing.

“Or were you not afraid of them in the first place”

Then he glared at me.

He was spitting out murderous energy to the point that it stings my skin, and I would have responded to him in the past.

However, since Lilith’s body was far from fighting, such a thing was impossible.

“When Anais wakes up, keep your mouth shut.

Don’t keep on speaking.”

“Yes… I understand.”

As expected, I should have slapped him on the cheek yesterday to make him come to his senses.

After dropping the spider, I returned to my original position.

The wind blew with a shwaaa, shwaaa sound and he put down my original body, as he was still holding it, to the floor.

I don’t know, but it was obvious that it was an expensive fabric.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t be shiny like that.

“Give me your hand.”

Kylian spoke to Phileal, and he grabbed the back of my hand while I was looking at Kylian.

Then I reached out to my original body.


With a sigh, I drew the divine power that filled my heart and moved it to the palm of my hand.

Then, as Phileal did before, he transferred my divine power to my original, perfectly beautiful body in its pale sleep.

I didn’t know what state my body was in, but maybe it was because I had absorbed the injury, and I could feel myself sinking like a wet cotton.

It started hurting like in the dream, as if I had been rolled in a straw mat and got beaten up.

My vision was spinning and I felt like I was going to collapse, so I tried my best, but it was hard to breathe.


I trembled with a burning pain in my chest, and Phileal made me withdraw my hand.

“What are you doing”

“If it’s this strange, the life of the saint would be in danger.”

“I don’t care.

Do it.”

Kylian’s cold voice seemed to pierce my chest.

“Yes, let’s get on with it.”

The problem was that I, too, was headstrong.

Our eyes met, but he couldn’t be that cold.

So I smiled like Lilith.

Then what. He looked at me as if there was nothing in the world he hated more.

The fact that he was my bias seemed to start getting blurry.

Somehow, I did my best, and he was repaying me this way.

“But Your Majesty….”

“Let me do it.”


Phileal replied, bewildered.

I reached out to my body again, and Phileal stared at me.

The bright red eyes seemed to be staring deep at me.

I had a lot to ask him yesterday, but it was a pity that I didn’t get to ask him anything.



“I couldn’t ask you yesterday, I will ask you later.”

“But you know that the not telling lies promise is over, right”



He said playfully, and relaxed.

Then he put his hand on the back of my hand and again helped transfer the power as before.

The only thing that has changed was that what had been ignorantly conveyed before, was now being conveyed very slowly.

It was as if he was slowing down the flow by putting what I was carrying in a gourd into a very small bottle.

Killian was looking this way with his arms crossed.

So, until the moment when the divine power accumulated in my heart was exhausted, I had to squeeze out all of that power.

I thought I could see the sky, but soon I felt comfortable.



When I opened my eyes again, I saw the Emperor’s bedroom that I had seen when I entered through the dog hole.

The imperial design and gold insignia painted on the canopy caught my eye.


I had no energy, so I thought I was dreaming again.

“If you’re up, get out.”


Kylian was reading something near the sofa.

My side was covered with a veil and cloth, so the light didn’t come in, but the light where he was seemed to be on.

Why was I here Maybe there was still some semblance of their friendship remaining even though they had grown apart

Or is it because they’re the main characters, so love remains even after hate

“Your Majesty.”


“Back then, when Miss Anais and I were kidnapped.

Why did you save me first”

The question that had been plaguing my mind suddenly popped out of my lips unknowingly.


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