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In any case, the meteorite fragments were in ample supply now.

There were ten of them.

When the time came, he didnt know if he could control a few fragments in one go.

Finally, he would increase the height of the superalloy and white lightning points and evolve the light and darkness through the combination of the power of the Demon God and the power of the white lightning!

If the conditions allowed, it was best to find another light-element legendary resource!

Second, prioritize adding some points to Lings top-notch intelligent divine net to increase its research ability again.

After all, this ability concerned the progress of many researches such as superalloy, fusion mecha, and Kirin phantom beast.

Shi Yu was very familiar with adding points.

Although it was still painful every time, practice made perfect.

Unfortunately, he couldnt look at his own will level.

Otherwise, Shi Yu felt that he had to have an overlords will no matter what.

At that moment, Shi Yu was happy and in pain.

The happy thing was that he could actually use the Psychic memory water drop created by Buggy and Susu.

He could learn the experience of Buggy using Psychic power, the Dao Proficiency level Psychic experience!!

It was an export transfer.

From being able to use Psychic power to turn off the lights and get water, to using Psychic power to create a mental barrier defense, to controlling a stone to fire a cannonball-like attack, to using Psychic power to create a perception domain… Shi Yus development of mental power increased at lightning speed!!

This made his mental strength level quickly as terrifying as his physique.

Now, with the skill, although Shi Yu only had one low-level skill, with his physique, he could finally say to a monarch-level pet, “Come, one-on-one.”

Of course, it was only limited to ordinary monarchs below the level of the National League.

Letting Shi Yu challenge monarchs like Eleven and Baby Ginseng alone was definitely purely looking for trouble.

Apart from that, there was also a surprise.

As his Psychic proficiency increased, the burden of adding points was much smaller.

The pain he endured when adding points was even smaller.

After adding points, his recovery speed was even faster!

Physical control talent was indeed not a wrong choice!

In fact, at the transcendent level of Psychic power, Shi Yu could already leave the Talent Bead and use Psychic power on his own.

Regarding the development of mental strength, Shi Yu was undoubtedly a huge success.

However, regarding the development of soul power and telepathy talent, Shi Yu suffered every time.

In this aspect, there was no experience to reference.

After all, Bai Chuan himself had only developed one transcendent ability, Psychic.

He followed his previous thoughts and used his soul power as a shell, his telepathy as a bridge, and his mental and physical energy as energy to condense a substitute to condense a Nascent Soul on his pet.

He kept trying, but in the end, he undoubtedly failed.

It didnt work at all.

As expected, cultivation was not that easy.

Shi Yu began to try other ideas.

But none of them succeeded.

It was only when Shi Yu raised the proficiency of his Psychic power to the Dao Proficiency level through the memory water drop that a new usage of max-level Psychic power made up for Shi Yus pain.

This new usage was mental strengthening.

Through the max-level Psychic proficiency, it could strengthen the spiritual power of other life forms.

Buggy had long known this move, but the tactical meaning was not great and it was useless.

After all, it was the only one in the team who played the spiritual element.

However, if this skill appeared on Shi Yu, the difference would be different.

Shi Yu had yet to successfully develop his telepathy talent.

Firstly, through the “Body Control Talent” and the “Psychic Memory Water”, he developed a low-level mental strengthening talent.

This made Shi Yu not know whether to laugh or cry.

He didnt know if he should be happy or what.

Because his intention to establish a sect seemed to be completed in a short period of time

“I have the experience method to use theControl Talent Bead to develop spiritual power here.

I also have theMax Level Psychic memory water drop here.

Through these three combinations, I seem to be able to let a Beast Tamer have thelow-level second talent, spiritual strengthening”

Shi Yu was silent.

He would take note of it in a small notebook.

It was called the “superpower school”.

Not only could he obtain superpowers, but he could also use them to strengthen pets!

“Control Talent Bead”, “Memory Water for Psychic Development Method”, and “Memory Water for Psychic Full Proficiency” were indispensable.

After gathering these three things, he could obtain the low-level second talent!

Just imagining if Senior Lu, who was already very strong, had learned the “mental strengthening skill”…

It was simply so strong that it exploded!!!

Shi Yu was excited!

Unfortunately, its limitations were greater.

One would need him to provide the Experience Water and Talent Bead.

Moreover, not everyone could use the Talent Bead.

Considering the consumption of this Talent Bead, Shi Yus initial judgment was that it had to be at least a level-six Beast Tamer to barely develop spiritual power.

Apart from that, compared to the mental strengthening talent of Beast Tamers of the same level, the consumption was greater and the effect was smaller.

This point destined that superpower schools could only be used by Beast Tamers with non-strengthening and non-combat talent.

For example, it was very suitable for Beast Tamers with telepathy talent.

As for those Beast Tamers who had battle-type talent, it was definitely impossible for them to choose not to use their main talent for a second talent.

After all, the stamina of Beast Tamers was limited.

They couldnt activate two strengthening skills together.

Even Beast Tamers with telepathy talent probably wouldnt be willing to use it on anyone, such as Shi Yu.

When Chi Tong possessed him, he needed to invest a lot of physical strength and energy to pilot the mecha.

He didnt have the energy to use mental strengthening at all.

Unless he pursued instant eruption or used it when sending Buggy out in 1VS1, the cost-effective ratio wasnt very high.

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