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This trip to the seven islands for the exchange and trading was secondary.

Most importantly, it would cooperate with Shi Yu to explore the Phoenix Mystic Realm and hatch the Space Emperors inheritance egg.

In the end, as they were about to set off and received such news, they had to reconsider everything.

The figures of the gem cat and Shi Yu appeared in the depths of the battleship.

In the conference room, the four legends sat at the conference table.

Among them, Legend Sea Tyrant and Legend Xiao Shuang were old acquaintances of Shi Yu.

He knew them.

As for Bureau 11s Senior Ke Yingzong, although Shi Yu had not come into contact with him much, he knew that he was an old archeologist who studied the history of the seven countries.

He was a legendary battle power in Bureau 11.

The last was a handsome young man not much older than Shi Yu.

He was a fourth-rank Beast Tamer, Jiang Tianyang, the heir of the largest financial group in Dong Huang.

It was said that 20 years ago, when he was very young, he took advantage of the seven countries exchange bonus period in the last world competition to follow his elders all over the world to see the outside world.

He was also very talented in business.

“Senior Yu, Sister Xiao, Senior Ke, Mr.

Jiang,” Shi Yu greeted them one by one after arriving.

At this moment, when the four of them saw Shi Yu and the gem cat, they immediately nodded.

The Tyrannical Sea Legend also let Shi Yu take a seat and said,

“Youre here,” Tyrannical Sea Legend said.

“Senior Ying told you, right”


Whats the current situation” Shi Yu asked.

“The situation isnt that bad.

According to the subsequent news, the legendary beast tamer of the seven islands only accidentally entered the mystic realm.

She didnt have the ability to enter the Phoenix Mystic Realm steadily, and she couldnt take all the resources in the mystic realm.”

“Its said that the deeper you go in this Phoenix Mystic Realm, the stricter the requirements for the power of the bloodline, and the hotter the interior.

Therefore, she only took away the low-level materials of the mystic realm, and the high-level materials of the mystic realm are protected by powerful flames.”

“And when she came out and wanted to enter the mystic realm again, she couldnt find a way to enter.”


“In that case, the core resources of the Phoenix Mystic Realm are still inside” Shi Yu asked.

Tyrannical Sea Legend said, “That should be the case.”

“However, yes, but the problem is that the seven islands have long known about this mystic realm more than ten years ago.”


“Although they didnt have the ability to crack and enter, the Beast Tamer who accidentally entered the Phoenix Mystic Realm established thePhoenix Divine Society after growing up to protect the entrance of the mystic realm.”

“Moreover, for more than ten years, theyve been researching how to enter the Phoenix Mystic Realm again.

Therefore, its probably difficult for us to explore the Phoenix Mystic Realm secretly.

This mystic realm isnt in the wild, but under the gaze of the Phoenix Divine Shrine, one of the top factions of the seven islands.”

“Even if you can 100% crack the mystic realm according to the Undying Dark Phoenix, the seven islands probably wont watch us directly take away the core resources inside.”

“According to the information weve obtained, there should be Mythical resources at the core of the Phoenix Mystic Realm.

Moreover, there are at least two legendary resources.

Otherwise, that legend of the seven islands wouldnt be so obsessed with exploring for more than ten years.”

“She even cultivated many Phoenix Witches because of this, hoping to enter the mystic realm with similar methods.”

Mythical resources!

As expected!

Shi Yu was envious.

Level-nine legendary resources were already difficult to apply for.

This was a level-ten Mythical resource!!

The Undying Dark Phoenix was indeed Mu Huiyin and the empresss biological mother.

It was indeed the top expert of the Phoenix Race.

As expected of a big boss who could be a top-notch totem after reincarnation.

Its wealth was too rich.

“We cant give up, right” Shi Yu said.

“Of course we cant give up,” Tyrannical Sea Legend said.

“So, were thinking if we can scam the seven islands…”


“A bet.” Jiang Tianyang, who had the aura of a noble son, smiled and said, “This is very common.

For example, when the Ming Hua exchange team came to Dong Huang, didnt you fight the Ming Hua Beast Tamer”

He looked at the completely changed Shi Yu and smiled.

“Thats actually a bet.”

“If Dong Huang wins, we can gain some advantage in the exchange and trade.

And if Ming Hua wins, we have to open some special cultivation mystic realms unique to Dong Huang for their Beast Tamers.”

“This time, we can also give it a try and use a certain bet to obtain the right to explore the seven island mystic realms and ruins.

As long as we write it out in black and white in advance, they cant go back on their word later.”

“Well use other aspects to make the seven islands feel that they have gained an advantage.

At the same time, they want the right to explore a batch of ruins and mystic realms that they cant crack.

As long as theres enough gambling money, the authorities of the seven islands will definitely bet on those unbreakable ruins.

After all, unbreakable ruins cant be considered resources, but the stuff Dong Huang can take out is clearly visible resources.”

“Even if the seven islands dont know about the Phoenix Mystic Realm, we will definitely dig a similar pit first to avoid any conflict after the exploration is completed.

And now, since the seven islands already know about the Phoenix Mystic Realm, we have to perfect our preparations in this aspect.”

“Well, apart from everyone present, no one knows that you can 100% crack the Phoenix Mystic Realm,” Legend Xiao Shuang said.

“You can let the seven islands suffer in silence.”

“If they regret it later, thats their problem.

Even the seven islands arent willing to fall out with Dong Huang for a Mythical resource at this moment.”

After hearing what the Tyrannical Sea Legend and the others said, Shi Yu was instantly relieved.

“You guys are still the most sinister,” the gem cat said happily, grinning.

Shi Yu also took a deep breath and said, “Its not impossible…”

“Then how do we bet with the seven islands in exchange for the right to explore the seven island ruins and mystic realms”

Senior Ke Yingzong stroked his beard and said, “This… We can only confirm it after we reach the seven islands and communicate with the higher-ups of their association.”

“Its possible that theyre letting their archeologists explore our unsolved ruins mystic realm in exchange for us to crack their ruins mystic realm.

This is a gamble in the archeological field.

How many resources we can obtain depends on our own abilities.”

“Its also possible that theyre betting on whose world contestant is stronger through battle communication.”

“Its also possible that we need to take out legendary resources to gamble.

Or, they might also be eyeing some of our skills, such as mechanical phantom beasts and green cocoons.

In short, no matter what, the Seven Islands Association will definitely have something they want to bet on.”

“As long as were 100% sure that we can crack the Phoenix Mystic Realm and obtain the myths and legendary resources inside, well always be invincible in this bet.”

Shi Yus eyes lit up.

“The bet of cracking the ruins is good.

Its a competition of speed and number.

In this aspect… Im good at it!!!”

As long as he was given time, he could fight all the Mythical Ruins and legendary ruins of the seven islands.

He would definitely be able to fight a few of them.

He wouldnt feel any mental pressure to fight the ruins of the seven islands.

In fact, on deeper thought, Shi Yu was really a little excited.

In the past half a month, he had studied the history of the seven islands hard because he wanted to show off his skills here.

“Cough, cough, cough.” Everyone had strange expressions.

Calm down, youre just an ordinary white-haired Beast Tamer now.

Dont keep thinking about causing big trouble.

In short, when we reach the seven islands, lets dig a pit for the Seven Islands Association first!!

He couldnt expose his identity too early.

Now, Dr.

Shi Yus name had already spread throughout the seven islands.

If the Seven Islands Association knew that Shi Yu had gone over, they would probably use Shi Yu as a bet to let Shi Yu have a child on the seven islands before leaving.

It was really hard to say which was more important in the eyes of the Seven Islands Association.

Back then, a legendary Beast Tamer from Dong Huang was tricked overseas like this.

Heroes couldnt resist beauties… If they werent wrong, Shi Yu was still… single


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