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Year 84 Month 8


While Jura’s network was trying to gather information about the demon king’s whereabouts, well, we found out what the trap was.

It’s tough trying to filter through crap and false-positives, so much so that by the time any ‘good’ information is obtained, it’s often no longer useful.

This is one of those times. 


The demon king has been visiting the sites of the previous demon kings.

The places of their death and destruction, and tapped into the remaining energies to create a massive demon monster that’s stronger than the super cannon.

We know this, because on the eastern continent was where one demon king died perhaps 50-60 years ago, the location of Astaroth. 


Of course, at this point, I wonder if there is a ‘limit’.

The world must have seen countless demon kings, so by sheer number and a long history, there should be some demon king’s destruction in almost every location at some point of this world’s life.


perhaps the residual magics get fully decayed and the demon king cannot tap into that energy 


Or only if there’s remaining daemolite 


Is it looking for daemolite 


The new monster, well, apparently, resembled Astaroth.

That said, very few descriptions of Astaroth’s appearance remain, so it could well be a corrupted version of the story. 


The new monster, at least, doesn’t seem to have a long range weapon.

Instead, it was just a gargantuan creature that seemed to excel in short-range bursts, and well, it wrecked a few nations in it’s immediate surroundings.


Naturally, this means the demon king is headed for the other demon king’s deathland. 


This conjecture immediately caused panic, because there’s actually a rather massive mining operation in the area to get at the daemolite.

Mining daemolite suddenly doesn’t seem that ‘profitable’ now that the demon king’s eyes is on it too.

Hazard pay only goes so far.




> Are you there <


< Always > 


> Do you speak to the mortals <


< A foolish endeavour.



My knowledge of the world is indeed lacking, and very much, what I know is shaped by what I can see, and what I can ‘infer’ from observing the mortals.

But I do agree that my ‘viewpoints’ are colored greatly by these mortals that I mingle with.

It’s been something on my mind for a while, and I do sense the growing influence of the network of trees.


Every day I feel like I’m switching between...

myself, and a tree.


> I am...

a young tree.

I want to learn more


Is there really a me 


Am I really an individual person, or am I conflating the previous me, the once human me, the one that is both a soul, and also a mammalian homo sapien’s needs and desires 


Is there really a ‘me’, that is independent of our bodies After all, our souls are plugged into the bodies we inhabit, we share and feel the desires, needs, the bodily ‘wants’ of that body.


Now that I am a tree, naturally I will change.

But is this change a new me, since I have lost my human body so many years ago Am I still the same person as I am 


What should I do with this...

‘aspect’ that thinks, behaves, and has the desires of a tree Is it me 


Is my yearning for a social circle a relic of my once mortal, humanoid, clanning and family oriented society, something that is ingrained in my human genetic code


< We are what we are.



> What if we once were something else <


< Like rings on a tree, we are the product of cumulative experience.

Why cling onto the past That something else will never return.

The future and the big picture, remains >


I’m confused. 


But I do feel like I’m struggling a bit with an identity crisis.

What should I be What...

am I Am I just a talking, thinking magical soultree, bane of all demons 


Is there something more to me That past history of mine, however short it now feels Am I more TreeTree, or more Matt




Locally, the demons are on a ‘retreat’, and a sense of normalcy returns for the inhabitants of the region.

This, of course, ignores the fact that the demon king has somehow made a ‘mini-demon king’.


It’s a stupid decision by the demon king, if I was in charge, I would’ve absorbed the energy from the previous demon kings and make myself stronger, rather than create new minions.

But maybe there’s some physical or magical limitation. 


It’s like letting the heroes get a ‘trial’ run before actually fighting the real thing.

How is that a good idea 


Anyway, it’s just like a regular citizen giving opinions on world matters, these to some extent, are matters beyond one man’s control. 


Focusing back on what I can do, trade and research! Trade routes restored, and the materials necessary for research gradually returned. 


Research Status:


Phytoremediation process - advanced (mineral concentration) - 12 months


First things first, I resumed research for upgrades to the faeces-processing plant.

Reason being...

well, my previous solution could be better.

Also, currently all the metals are absorbed by dedicated ‘trees’ that function as a sponge for specific types of metals or toxin, so it’s mixed with that tree.

The next step would be therefore, to then specifically expel these collected metals into some kind of usable form. 


Then, I’ve been thinking about what I’ve been facing, and what my artificial souls said.

About a counterattack, and also the strange magics from the [telco tower], and so, a bit more on the flexible branches needed to have a kind of tree-catapult.

The lattice is derived from the tower, with the way it’s magic is twisted and intertwined to form a layered structure which results in greater endurance.


Ultraflexible compression branches - 24 monthsLatticeworks - 12 months


And on top of that, the hex’s ability to influence my mental state was something worth researching, as it’s possible to design or construct specialised ‘artificial minds’, or at least, develop routines that are suited for absorbing these hexes.

Still, as a field of research, it overlaps quite a bit with me absorbing **.

Just emotional **. 


Magical residue filtration - basic 1 - 12 months

I still have one spare [forest rod] that I’ve not used, and that’s something I want to find a place to plant.

One spot that I am aware of, is the location of the demonic supercannon, and also where the heroes’ telco tower is.

Once the demon king is dead I’m going to attack the telco tower and replace it with my rod. 


That’s a backup plan, of course.

I’m sure there are others....


> Lilies, are there...

magical spots that you know off <


It took one day for it to reply.

< ...

yes >


> Would you tell me <


Two days later, all I got was < No > 


> Why <


Another day later, < Stranger >




Still, time to capitalise on the return of magical communications! So, I ask Jura, to gather information about other magical sites, other than the places of former demon king.  I don’t want anything to do with the demon king at the moment.

Of course, this meant dungeons...

or holy sites. 


Yet, I’m feeling a bit ‘meh’ with all these info networks because they don’t seem to be generating good information.

Seriously, I wonder whether I’m giving Jura’s contacts too much work, or they are just that crappy.

Maybe the adventurers’ guild would be better, perhaps a list of all dungeons on the continent




“We’d like to set up a small ‘adventurer’ group.” Lausanne told the older elves gathered.

“Right now, the Valthorns are advancing quite quickly, and many of us are gaining levels.

Aeon’s intent is that the Valthorns are a special elite force, and so, we need experience against other kind of foes, not just demons.” 


It was something Lausanne suggested one day, after fighting extensively with her dedicated Training Artificial soul, Treeiner.

It’s true that Treeiner could simulate all sorts of combat situations, but the levelling effect from that may not be superior to actual combat experience.

Even if I have supplemented that with realistic [dream tutors], there’s still a gap.

They needed to fight real enemies, to put all that ‘training’ into reality. 


“So, I’d like to lead the first squad.

I’ve already gotten five others that are at least level 25 to join.” Lausanne’s intent is of course, to hit as many birds with one stone.

She’s often bound to New Freeka, so being an adventurer allows her to travel to fight other monsters, encounter other spirits, and also, a high ranking adventurer is allowed entrance to many cities.

It’s a formalised recognition of her ‘levels’.  In the long run, Lausanne’s intention is to use a high ranking to earn access to all the other great ‘spirit’ cities. 


Jura just nodded.

This was something Lausanne had already discussed with Jura beforehand.

It was really for the wider Valtrian Order leadership team.

In practice, Lausanne could do whatever she wanted and she’d get away with it. 


“My intention, is that if it works, these five that are with me, will go on to lead their own adventurer squads.”


“The political aspect is going to be touchy, wouldn’t it” Madeus asked Jura.

“I thought there are some restrictions about quasi-military institutions setting up or sponsoring adventurers”


“Just formalities, really.” Jura said.

“The squad can still function as a team of adventurers, and the team needs to be briefed about which country are going to accept recognition as adventurers, given their connections with the Valtrian Order.”


“The mages’ guilds won’t share high tier resources and knowledge to politically connected adventurers.” 


“They never shared anything to anyone from outside their hometown anyway.” One captain opined. 


“We’d have to open up access to our dungeons to the foreign adventurers as well, then” Madeus then asked. 


“We don’t have any, but yes.

It’s something I’ll have to handle through the Council.” Jura said.

“There will be some opposition, but given that Aeon is also supporting this, they probably won’t ask too much.”


As a policy, my beetles mostly focus on demons.

If there are life threatening emergencies, then only my beetles will intervene against the native monsters.

This is partly to maintain some semblance of work for the adventurers’ guild.

But then again, my beetles also have a limited range thanks to the demon king, so there are threats that need specialised help of adventurers.

The merchants’ guild regional coordination center also is a big source of escort work for them.


After a bit of back and forth about the political impact, which Lausanne just had to endure, eventually all of them agreed to it. 


“Well, agreed then.

Perhaps we can meet with the guildmaster of the local chapter to take this further”


Well, the next day, a middle aged man came to the Valtrian Order’s offices. 


“Counsel.” The man tipped his hat, placed it on a hat-hanger and then sat on the chair, his arms wide and posture slightly slouched.


There’s only Jura and him in the room.

Jura smiled, “I see you’re already comfortable, Garrosh.

Wine” Jura offered.

“I had a special blend made, mixed with our special herbs.” 


“Sure.” Garrosh took a glass and sipped on it.

“Could use some with the stupid ** that goes on.”


“People problems are like that.” Jura had a sip too.

“Lausanne spoke to you”


“She did.” Garrosh finished the glass, then he leaned forward.

“And I told her I’ll think about it.” 


“The answer has to be a yes, you know.” Jura offered another glass.


“And I’ll lose my job if I don’t.” Garrosh took a second glass.

“Well, in terms of pure combat competence, Lausanne’s up there, probably close to the best of my adventurers.

But the regional adventurers’ guild are going to kick up a fuss.”


“But you will ignore them.” Jura just smiled. 


Garrosh laughed.

“Damn right.

I’ve always wanted to meet Aeon.

So that’s my price.

Bring me into the deep woods, past the strange magics that swirl around it.”


Jura finished his own glass.

“I see you’ve attempted to find Aeon.”


Garrosh took the role of the guildmaster about two years ago, and well, despite being mostly a guildmaster, he’s quite obediently stuck to the rules of New Freeka.

Still, he occasionally did try to sneak into the woods. 


Jura just looked at his glass, and then back at him. 


“I’m still an adventurer at heart, and you know I’ve been itching to see it ever since I came to this place.

The stories I heard from the older folks, before the deep forests were wrapped in a thick mist really, really interest me.”


Ever since the druids did what they did, my inner body is always shielded with [mist], [haunted forests].

It’d be a disaster to me if a druid could somewhat get his way to my main body and attempt another ritual.


I was prepared for this.

Ivy and Jura have both vetted Garrosh’s intentions, and so, I’m quite comfortable with him coming to my main body.

I also have other preparations in place, if Garrosh ever tries anything.


But it didn’t need to come to that.

The very journey through the woods, with all the ghosts and soul harvesters roaming about was enough to intimidate him, and he froze when he saw my main body. 



this is it” 


Well, I’m massive.

As a tree, I tower high up above the rest of the valley, and due to my [camouflage] and [mist] skills, that envelops the entire forest of trees that I am unseen.

Lately, I also have other giant trees in the forest, which help act as a ‘distraction’ and ‘diversion’. 


He froze, and he stared at me. 


“Well” Jura nodded.

He’s used to the sight.



I will go now.” The middle aged guildmaster said. 


“Hello Garrosh.” I decided to speak directly into this head.

Somehow, that caused his legs to buckle, but he quickly regained his composure.


“....Aeon” He asked. 






I will go now.” 


Jura happily escorted him away, and apparently, he spent that day sleeping. 


“Why do they react like that” 



I think your voice has gotten more...

‘complicated’ recently.

It’s almost as if you are multiple people talking at the same time, and there’s a greater ‘pressure’ in your voice.”


“Really” I clearly wasn’t aware of what my voice sounds like when I telepathically speak to people.

I mean, it’s not as if telepathy has an echo.

How do you even ‘record’ telepathy Would that be possible, or is that like ‘copying’ memories It’s like trying to replay a thought, isn’t it




Year 84 Month 9


A string of battles break out across the continents.

The demon king has landed on our shores! It’s probably headed for the former demon king’s place, and so...

that’s not good news. 


And apparently one group of heroes attempted to fight the demon animated from Astaroth’s residual energies.


They won.

But a heavy price was paid. 


[Pooja Pooran died.

You received one hero fragment.

You now have 68 fragments.].




I’ve been observing the Giant Lilypod City from the shore, after all, my trees can’t grow underwater, or at least, not yet.

Perhaps some day I’ll have submersible trees, or seaweeds, something of a thought for the later days. 


I’m particularly fascinated by the structure of the Giant Lily pads themselves, how these massive things manage to even stay afloat, or what’s supporting them from beneath Or is it magic 


< A long history > Well, it seemed Lilies clearly noticed I’m watching.

< For millennia we stood.

Multiple destruction seen.

Death, and rebirth.

The eternal cycle, the great wheel of life.

Even this form, is not our first.



I decided to leave and ponder on that statement.

I kept watching. 


How do the citizens even build things on the lily pads The Lily pads are clearly quite thick, so thick that the citizens must be able to drill or hammer some foundation into it, to support the tall stone and wooden structures, the highest of them are at least ten stories tall.

The lilies themselves are not entirely stationary, they drift a little, and so the bridge that connects the various lily pads are usually based on some kind of magical string or ropes which can somewhat stretch. 


The dark, murky waters, are they magical Or are there monsters lurking in them Despite it being a lake, there’s very little ‘fishery’ activity going on, though I do notice some people fishing. 


Curious, I put another tree closer to the entrance, on the lake’s shore.

Perhaps some of the travellers or passersby would somehow reveal something.


> Is there something in the lake < I tried my luck, the Lilies are quite secretive in a way, or maybe I haven’t figured out the trick to communicate with them properly.

It’s really a communication gap. 


< Death >




< But in death, life > 



That was two days later.

I realised I didn’t plan my meeting with another tree spirit well enough.

What should I ask it Or them




Lausanne and gang finally had their first few ‘adventurer’ missions, hunting some monster wolves and stuff.

The ‘retreat’ of the demons meant the return of native monsters, and they really don’t get along. 


If I were to put the world into factions, I’d probably make it into a ‘three-kingdoms’ kind of situation.

The demons, the living mortals, and the monsters, all with their own ‘gods. 


Fun, for them, because for one, they get to wear adventurer gear and not in the usual Valtrian colors. 


In fact, Lausanne had so much fun she came home and talked for hours about it to her mom.

Perhaps it was that whole ‘field-trip’ kind of effect.

Just a group of young kids on an adventure, without adult supervision! In a way, it’s rare for Lausanne to go so far without a captain, or Yvon, or any of the older Valtrian Order people around.

Even if she did outrank them in many ways, it’s still having an ‘adult’ around.


Laufen just patted her on the head and looked really amused at her daughter. 




The demon king is getting nearer to Takde and Nung, and that meant a round of fleeing.

It’s hilarious, really.

The kingdoms should all just set up some kind of massive teleportation array between continents so that they can play hide and seek with the demons. 


The death of that one hero though, quickly spread, and it becomes chatter in the bars and inns.


“One hero died”


“Does this mean this generation’s heroes are weak”


“But many of them died before!”


I mean, many don’t really know how many heroes there are.

They don’t get ‘fragments’ to track, and the past heroes didn’t really talk that much with the natives, so eavesdropping on the chatter is amusing.

“I wish more of them die!” “After the demon king is killed!” “When the demon king is killed!” 


These kind of chatter would probably make Meela or Alexis feel depressed, but hey, that’s what happens when one is reincarnated as the pawn of the gods. 


Some of them, are making the journey to me, again.



I wonder how Meela and Alexis are doing. 



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