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Year 74 Month 9


It is as if I am playing a strategy game, and now I unlocked the radar and now have minimaps, live indicators, numerical representation of all the things going on before, with much better details.


An example would be normal trees, previously I have a data indicating how many trees is connect to me via rootnet, but now that data is a lot more granular, like how many of those trees are producing seeds and fruits, the average age of trees, the estimated fertility of the ground, and estimates of how many trees will be added.


“The merchants are spotted southwest, sir.” Yes, I think I prefer sire over master.


And my alarm system.




“The elves are on their way.

With the olives.”


There are certain things innate to Trevor, things that do not need to be taught, because they come naturally.

Things like tree management, boosting growth rate, checking for new “foreign” objects, managing mining and essence extractions.


“Master, I gained a level.”


“Yes good.” And he is level 5 now.

Here’s a limitation with artificial souls, though.


Artificial souls start off with a level limit of 20 and to break that, I need to upgrade the artificial soul, or fulfill certain set criteria.


As they get upgraded, their abilities grow, but according to wisps, so will their tendency to… misbehave.

So, in a way, artificial souls generally become less stable as they grow.

But, this is also influenced by various factors, such as the skill of the soul forger, the power of the soul forge, and various other unknowns.


Another, is that Trevor, leeches off on my knowledge, and fuses it with its innate knowledge of tree-stuff.

So, while it can handle forest related matters superbly, it struggles to even talk about… communicating with its inhabitants.

In fact, that communication it has with me, is due to the fact that it is synchronised to me, and therefore can relay its message to me specifically.


So… in a way, an assistant no one knows about.

Well, doesn’t matter to the elves, does it


“How about me” Meela pops by.

Her soul is damaged by the journey, but I have used the soul forge to repair her back.

Still, it is not a complete repair.

It seems I will need to find additional upgrades for the [soul forge], to fully get back her power.


“I… I haven’t thought of how to best use you.

And you are due for reincarnation, no”


“Oh I spoke to Nobuo last night.

He said I can stay for 1,000 years before I return.”


“Who’s Nobuo”



the reincarnation god.”


“Huh.” I thought his name is Mozart Or are there multiple reincarnation gods “Why”


“Oh… he assumed my soul was destroyed by the demons, and would take a longer time to get back into the system, so he didn’t arrange a subsequent reincarnation for me yet, so he says I can hang around for a 1,000 years.”


“That’s awfully long for him.”


“Oh, time flows differently in the aether realm, its like super fast there.” Meela’s soul bobs around.


“Really.” Well, I suppose its like saying flies have short lives, and perhaps to these gods, our lives are like flies.


“Trevor, any suggestions”


“No sir.

Souls are not my area of expertise.”


“Would you like a combat role”


Meela’s soul spins.


I did a lot of fighting with the stupid demons, so… I can help with defenses if you need it, but… something more… domestic”


“What do you like”


“I like dancing, I like… kids.

I used to volunteer as a kindergarten assistant, and maybe playing games and stuff.”


“Ah… anything else”


Meela seems slightly annoyed.

“Why can’t you just pick something.

Can’t I change if I don’t like it”




“Wisp, is the soul forge fusion reversible”


“For artificial souls, no.

The disentangling process will shred to soul-frame (outer layer).

For normal souls, yes, but the normal souls have a “cooldown” period.”


“You are right Meela, looks like you can change if you don’t like it.

I was afraid that its an irreversible effect, in which case a mistake would be… terrible.”



I see I see.

Well, I do like exploring places, eating food, talking to people.

You know, like, be a tourist.

I think that would be nice.”


“A tourist eh.” I can’t create human bodies, so too bad.

At most I can make a wooden puppet… wait.

A wooden puppet might be a good idea.


“Is that it”


“Hmmm… I also like to draw, and paint.

And hang out with my siblings.”


“Sorry, I suddenly thought of it..

don’t you miss your family or whoever where you came from” I suddenly miss my nephew too.


Meela pauses, “I do.

But like I said, time moves differently for different places..

Relativity, interdimensional timespace and all that mumbo jumbo.

This 1,000 years is not going to be a 1,000 years in my home.

Nobuo say he can send me back, without my memories, to the exact moment before we had the bus accident, and that accident didn’t happen.

According to him, the only thing I will get from this world once I return… is strange, unusual dreams.”





Things will be back to the way they were, and all I get is a dream.”


“Like primary school essays eh.

Where you wake up and realise it's all been a dream.”






“Do you like doing… research”




“Hmmm… How about you pick something”


“...I don’t know.”






“Any ideas” I look at the actual Wisp, and he turns around.

I take that as a no.



Can you just be my secretary then”


“Sounds lewd.



Year 74 Month 9 Week 3


There are patches of [subsidiary tree], with grapes and papaya in all the different refugees groups, as a form of dietary supplement.


The refugees of new Freeka swelled to 2,000, boosted by the “victory” over the large army.

So, New Freeka is bustling with activity, as they try to cater to the needs of a growing town, with Yvon and her group of advisors as the unelected leader.

Most of the new refugees are mostly escapees, as the war with the Nung and Takde continues to devastate that region of land.


“I bring… troublesome news, Tree spirit.” Jura nods, and sits in one of the tables in the inner circle of trees.

He sips on the tea made with tea leaves, and then continues.

“Yvon’s group is planning to send a delegation to Salah.

To negotiate a truce, for coexistence.”


“Oh.” How is that troublesome Is it not worth trying


“The refugees themselves though, do not think that is a good idea.

Many lost friends, family to the brutality of the Salah kingdom, like us, enmity is not going to accept a truce.

Personally, I think Yvon still wants to coexist peacefully with humans.”




“So… the mood amongst the refugees is a bit conflicted.

They are aware their options for revenge is limited, but feels injustice and dissatisfaction at “peace”.”




“Some of them think you should decide.

Whether truce is a good idea.”



And besides, do you think Salah kingdom is going to hold on and honor a truce”




“So a truce is a good idea, because it buys time.

It gives us just cause to retaliate.”


Jura pauses, and then nods.




Now that its decided, I turn my attention to artificial souls.


“Thinking of making another” The wisp asks, clearly knowing my thoughts.



But I have much to think about… considering I have only sufficient fragmented souls to make… 4 more, for now.”


“People die, and over the eternities you will gather thousands, maybe millions of souls.

Life in this world is so fragile after all.”


“Ah true.

Do these artificial souls die”


“Yes, if they get destroyed.”


Kinda like computers then.


It is then we direct our attention to the [forge tree], a large tree located on the outer ring of my circle.

Black in color, as if the tree itself has been scorched, its split into five from top through the middle of the trunk.

At the bottom, there's a big black hole into a pitch black screen.


And Jura gulps, he steps in.


[Soul Forge activating…]


[Merging artificial soul, tree familiar and essences of earth and 50 essences of bear]


[Familiar has transformed into a Bear-shaped Tree Eidolon, Level 1.

You may name it.]



Jura walks out of the soul forge feeling a bit dazed, wondering what happened.

It is then that a smoke like thing start to appear, out of his skin.

And it then accumulates, spins and swirls, then transforms into a bear made of branches twirled and spun together.


“Hi.” A loud, hoarse voice breaks the soft rustling of the forest.


Jura jumps.



The bear takes a few step and stands on two legs, like a grizzly.

“I was once your familiar.

With the blessings of the tree spirit, I have now transformed into an eidolon.”




Well, I’ll let Jura figure it out.


Next, is a large giant warbeetle.

The soul forge took a whole day to merge a warbeetle with an artificial soul, but when it is finally complete, a large warbeetle emerges.


[Warbeetle has transformed into Beetleknight, Level 1.

You many name it.]




“Master.” It speaks to me telepathically.



Horns, you shall lead the beetles.”


“As you command.”


[To assign more artificial souls, additional trees needed]



It seems each of these artificial souls derive some form of control and energy from me indirectly.


[You obtained a beetle commander, each tree with [insect warriors] has expanded to 5 beetles per tree.]


[You leveled up.

Level 122!]

[Poison field upgraded]


Ah man, I was hoping for some greater AoE abilities.

Between all the other boosts and support I get, I have probably sufficient root strikes and root surge to probably kill 2,000 men if all die at a single root strike, and the remainder will depend on the beetle army I have.


But if a large army of 10,000 comes along again, the citizens of the valley are done for.


Year 74 Month 10


Traders came by, and bring news and money.


Salah is winning the war against both Nung and Takde, so they may soon turn their attention back to us again.


Traders came by for another load of olive oil.

It seems it's a rather popular product, that they ask the elves whether the olive oil production could be expanded, and they only say, “Maybe.”


New Freeka is growing, and a big inflow of refugees resulted in a growth to almost 3,000.

Food is a problem, and so they engage in widespread hunting, but Yvon directed them towards the open fields and shrubs, where some animals spawn.


“We need food.

Winter is here soon.”


Jura pauses, “Food”


“Can the tree spirit help”


“Tree spirit is not the solution to everything.” Jura shakes his head.


Yvon and another of the senior New Freeka leaders look at each other.

“Surely he can do… some things”


Jura pauses….



“Perhaps help with some… fruits”


“Fruits don't grow in winter.” Lie, some fruits do grow in winter.

Especially with my [winter resistance].

Perhaps some day I will even get some [Greenhouse] like ability.

Sounds like a farming game then.

Perhaps sprinklers too.


Would I be a farmtree then



I will speak to the tree spirit.”


Yvon nods, “Please.

If the refugee situation grows even further we will have a food crisis over winter.”


“Then why are you still accepting more”


“I can’t.

I made an oath to the gods when we started this fight, before this, to accept the non-human refugees, to offer safe haven to those who seek us out.”



a god’s oath” Jura asks.



To Morya.”



Not Gaya”


Yvon didn’t answer.

And Jura takes the hint.




“So, please ask the tree spirit for help.”


“I will ask.” Just as Jura is about to walk away, Yvon stops him.


“Also… can the Tree Spirit create a tree in New Freeka We can cater an area where a quite sanctuary can be made.”





“The refugees have… spiritual needs.

A place for prayer, ceremony, and faith.”


Jura nods.

“Ah I see.

I will speak to the Tree Spirit.”


It seems Yvon and team still cannot identify which tree are actually my [subsidiary trees].



Oh well.


“Can you let us know the tree spirits decision tomorrow”


“I will try.”


Later, once they left, Jura sits on a wooden stump right outside the secret hideout.


“What do you think, you heard what they say”


I pause.


I suppose if we do assist, they may soon expect it annually.

There must be a cost to it, so they must bear some kind of price for assistance.

Power and abilities should not be given freely, as there are consequences.



Offer them potatoes.

But it comes at a price.

I demand a magical item in exchange.”


Jura pauses… “Ah… what sort of magical item.”


“The amount of potatoes I will nourish, depends on what magical items they offer me.”




“As for the tree for New Freeka, I am fine.”




“How’s the eidolon coming”


Jura stands and then suddenly, a wooden armor surrounds him, and that armor looks like a grizzly bear, his arms with claws made of wood.


He takes a few steps, and his posture and gait that of a giant bear.


“This is my new form.

[Ursa Mode].”


“Ah, so how is it”


“Not bad,I feel stronger, faster.

But without a real opponent I will not really know how well it performs.”


“Get Yvon.”


Jura pauses.

“You want to show this to her”


“It is fine.

Not as if she can do anything about it.”


Jura nods, leaves for New Freeka and inform Yvon of the decision.

Later that evening, a clearing is made in New Freeka, that has been designated as space for a subsidiary tree.


And indeed, overnight, a tree appeared in the middle of that space.


Year 74 Month 11


The artifacts offered were… uninteresting.

Rings, daggers all with mild enchantments.

The possessions of the refugees are… not spectacular.


Or perhaps they are not hungry enough to offer what is truly valuable.


But they did offer quite a few, about thirty, so as a result, they received about 3,000 large potatoes, which spawned right next to their town.


This level of precision, is made possible by Trevor.


Other than that, this month is… quiet.

The cold is coming again.

Winter is starting.


Lausanne, now almost 6, is starting actual combat training since she really still is holding on to that hero idea, and Brislach, Wahlen respectively are old enough and yearn for social contact that they demand to move to New Freeka, even though Laufen has been a great caretaker.


I guess even elves go through that teenage rebellious phases.


Belle and Emile though, seem to remember the destruction a lot more vividly than the younger kids, so they are staying put.


Maybe they want to do work other than doing olives.


Jura shrugs, and lets them go.

I give both Brislach and Wahlen a regular tree familiar, just for protection, and Trevor will help me monitor them.


Elsewhere, my beetles explore a bit further, just to get a sense of what's out there beyond the valley.

Once again, made possible by Trevor and Horns.


Beyond the valley, further down south is the ruins of Moton.

Where I once stayed.

It seems after the demonic wars it never actually rebuild.


Even further south, is a region under the Nung kingdom, known as Rufas, and it is where the region’s temple of Gaya lies.

Rufas is also a border city with Salah, and Moton in times past has frequently changed hands between Nung and Salah.

A small town with little defenses, they often just surrender when threatened.

I suspect the temple of Gaya I once was, is here, but I can’t be sure.

Perhaps there are many, and I wonder whether the caretaker and Gewa’s body is still there.

Rufas is large, heavily fortified, and I have little insight to its interior, beyond a spying beetle.


To the east and west are large fields, now populated with wild buffalos, goats and some animals.

There are also monsters, but they do not attack the regular animals.


On the eastern side, as we go further, there is the ruins of multiple different forts.

Some are being rebuilt, but most remain ruins.

The damage and ruins looks fairly new, and the fields are littered with the dead.


After that, the eastern terrain deforms even more, and it looks as if the area has seen some really serious demonic battles.


At that point, the beetle return.

It seems that's as far as they would go from home.

It seems there is a range in which beetles would go, even with Horns extended range support.


On the western side is first the fields, then some regrowing forests, and then some more ruins.

And then, mountains.

Some hot springs, then some lakes, and after that, a chain of active volcanoes.


On the northern side is where the demonic rift used to be.

Its still mostly barren and the beetles are frequently attacked by rather fearsome monsters that appear here.


Horns advised a larger squad of beetles, should I intend to actually explore the areas closer to the demons.


Year 74 Month 12




Beetles sleep, even Horns is operating at half strength.


Winter is even colder than last year, but thankfully most of the refugees are well prepared now.

With some decent housing, heat retention from thicker walls and a good stockpile of firewood, all the refugees are having a much more comfortable winter.


The centaurs, over this whole year has constructed multiple large tents, with multiple layers of cloth and skin that helps slow down heat loss, and also built, with the aid of the treefolk, some drainages to help manage the rain that occurs frequently during the winter months.

Potatoes, of course, as a reserve food.


The treefolk apparently also have a habit of storing food underground, apparently they have a kind of magic that makes a kind of fermented vegetable.

Its their version of the winter cache, using cabbages mixed with all kinds of chilli and vinegar.


Oh, and during this month I gained an additional food variety.


[Harvestable crops : Apples]


[Winter resistance upgraded.]


The essence generators extract all sorts of essences, from the surroundings.

So now that my roots extend the entire valley, it seems it extracts from all the deaths in the valley.


Essence generator produces, in varying quantities :


Essences of seasons (Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter)Essences of the animals that die in the valley (Bears, foxes, Deers, Birds, Insects, Spiders, Rabbits, Squirrels) (This type of essence is the most abundant)Essences of elements & weatherEssences of events, of fighting


As for the material extraction from the roots, as with the various upgrades and dedicated subsidiary tree for material and mineral extraction


IronCopperSmall quantities of gold and silver

Year 75 Month 1



Cold, cold snow.


Jura had a few sparring matches with Yvon.

Yvon is stronger in pure swordfighting, due to her past experience as the right hand of Prince.


But then, once Jura activates the [Ursa Form], his speed, strength and natural defenses shoots up, and Yvon is no match.


“Bear form A summoner’s ability Or perhaps a beastmaster”


“Ah… I have no clue.” Jura’s being honest.

I doubt Bamboo knows that much about his abilities, too




Other than this, the delegation from Salah has returned.

One of them.


And the leaders all rush to meet him.


“Milady, the Kingdom has agreed to a truce.”


Everyone is happy, but then this is too easy, so they ask further.



what are the terms”


“We are to take in all of the non-humans in the Kingdom.

We have to pay a compensation of 10,000 gold coins a year for the next ten years.”


Yvon pauses… “All”


“Ten thousand gold coins”


“They are extorting us, these terms.”


Yvon pauses, “Any more”


“Your life, madam.

They want your head.”


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