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Year 74 Month 2 Week 2


The mistress and her band of refugees arrive.

About 400 strong, half warriors, half escapees, comprising a mix of humans, elves, dwarves and centaurs.


Eriz, quickly stepped in to mediate.

I think she probably saw the early scuffle with the elves and want to other elf group and want to avoid a similar conflict.


In fact, once they are right outside, she ran out to meet them, before they enter the forest.


I think she knows I can observe them, once they enter the forest.

They spoke at length, and of course she took Roma with her.


“Think they have good intentions” I ask the elves.



I don’t think they got good intentions.” Jura shakes his head.

“They just want some cover for a while, and probably cover them from their enemies.”


“But they know your secret password.”


“So When we designed it, it’s not meant to give free access to few hundred people.”




In the end, the rest of the refugees wait at the forest’s edge, and only Eriz, Roma and five other come in.


Two elves, two humans, and a dwarf.


One of the elves is a lady, and I do sense something… different about her.


She approaches the edges of the trees, and she is the one who speaks first.


“I am the leader of this band of unfortunate refugees, here to seek the protection of the guardian of this valley.”


“And why should I”


“We offer you our services, our goods, our knowledge, those that we can give.

And we will keep our distance from you and your affairs.”




“We just seek safe passage, and protection from the kingdom that seeks to hunt us down.”


“I want no part in your conflict.”


The mistress Yvon sighs.

“I understand, but please, help us, Tree Spirit.

There is no where we can turn to, and if you push us away, we may as well die.

An army is coming our way, and we’re too weak to outrun them.”


“You lure an army here”


She gulps.


When we realised, we were already almost here...”


“And you still come here”


“We had no choice.

There is no where we can go…”


“Why should I not leave you to die”


Yvon takes a deep breath.





You lured them here, so you have blame in this.”


She pauses and she kneels.

“I’m sorry.

I felt they..

It’s their best chance of surviving.

The humans are slaughtering elves by the thousands, and… there’s no openly-nonhuman friendly territory in anywhere near the Salah Kingdom… except..

Except here.”


I sigh.


It feels like I’ve been led into this conflict.


“How many is coming”


“Six hundred or so, mix of knights and archers, on horseback.”



if I leave these refugees out there, will they let us go Fact is, I do have three groups of non-humans already living in the valley, and if they are really hunting down all non-humans, they may very well just set the entire forest on fire.


Maybe something I can handle, if they don’t have someone at the level of the heroes.


I mentally reach out to Jura, and he’s been listening in.


“It’s not much of a choice.

I think we can punish Eriz, this leader of the refugees and whoever lured them here later, but the fact remains that a small army trailed the refugees all the way here and would highly suspect that this forest is the non-human base of operations.

As we already have other refugees.”


“If we defeat this army, what’s stopping a larger army from coming here”


“That’s true.

If we can somehow pull of a feint, like… distract the army and lead them to somewhere else…”


“These refugees can’t outrun this horseback-army.”



And, the army may not be a conventional force.

They may have mages or specialists amongst them, since they are chasing after this group.

Can you see them, TreeTree” Jura pauses, sits down and tries to think.


I try to reach out to the furthest of my trees, and my roots.

I put one [subsidiary tree] in that direction, and it extends my vision slightly.


And another [subsidiary tree].


“Spotted.” Six hundred horseback men.

I couldn’t tell much though, but if a conflict is necessary, I could drag them into difficult ground.

They probably are not aware of my abilities as a high level tree spirit, and would march past trees without suspecting anything.


So, I plant about twenty additional [subsidiary trees], all of them with [warbeetles], spaced and spread out in that direction, such that it maximises my root coverage.


The army pass the trees.

No action as expected.


“The moment we accepted the first group of refugees, I guess we already have taken a stand in this conflict.” Jura sighs.

“Let me march to the three refugee groups, and ask them to participate in combat.”


He’s not exactly right.

The moment I taken on the promise to protect these elves, when Freeka is destroyed, I have made the choice, to protect this valley.

An army marching on us, is therefore an enemy, especially a human army that’s going to be burn up this area.


“Offer them.”


“Huh” Jura turns.



“If they are willing to participate in this battle, I will consider lifting restrictions and conditions on their stay here.

This is their opportunity to show their worth to me in this valley, and earn their right to stay.”


Jura laughs.

“Hah! A tree spirit truly is wise.

To make these refugees fight!” Jura nods and then goes off.


I then turn to Eriz and Yvon.


“Get your men ready for combat.

I have, very reluctantly, decided to join this conflict.

Eriz, Yvon, and whoever suggested all of you to come into combat, your punishment will be decided after this battle.”


Yvon pause, and she nods.

“Very well, if we live to see tomorrow’s sun, I’ll take the punishment.”


The three camps, the elves refuse to participate.

It seems they’ve already decided to leave once the weather improves.

The treefolk and centaurs both agree, and send about twenty men each.

Jura himself, and also about a hundred or so men from Yvon’s group is also getting ready.

The rest, the woman, children all hide in the forest.


The army approaches.


“Those stinking rebels, is that their hideout”



Hah! Its so predictable that it is a forest! Elves!”


“They should choose a cave or something.”



They past by a few of my subsidiary trees.

I’m watching them, looking for… special individuals.


“I don’t feel so good.”


“What, you feel like pooping You can poop on the elves later.”


“Did Lord Rovas say we can take prisoners Elven ladies are hot.”



He said kill everyone.

No survivors.

Can’t leave any of these rebel scums to breed.”


“Ah man.”


“I hate this armor.

Why’d they insist we wear military uniform anyway”


“We’re legit now.

Deal with it.” A burly man comes around and smacks a few of them with a cane.

“We closing in.

Mages, get ready.”


A woman rides next to him.

“Our target is Yvon, Prince Galan’s corruptor.

It is she who led him into this foolish non-human love affair.”


“She’s hot”


“She’s got a way with words.”




“Shut it.

We can’t let this group escape.

If this is their base, let's take it all out.”


“Okay boss.”


Hmmm… They just passed the second layer of trees.


“They will try to fight in the forest, though.”



We burn the forest.

Anti-elf tactics 101.

Why go into the forest and fight on their terms Set the forest on fire, and we attack whoever comes out.”


Funny, they just walked past a few trees.

They should have attacked the trees, then.


“They have centaurs and dwarves, right And they can run to the other side”


“A handful.

Not enough to make a difference.

Another group has already went ahead, the other side of the valley.”


“Ah! Such genius!”


“Mages, gather up, and cast a few fireballs into the forest.

Let’s burn this forest to the ground.”



That’s the cue I’m waiting for.


Of the six hundred, about twenty step forth, and they start to channel some kind of fireball.

And right when they start to channel,


[Poison Field]

[Root field]


Roots surge out of the ground and release a kind of toxic fume into the air.

It’s not fast acting, but would work.


Then, twenty root strikes.

All at the mages.


I hit 18.

Killing them instantly.

Their armors, though metal, didn’t hold up very well.

Two remaining had some magical instinct, and manage to break their fireball-chant in time, to dodge the surge.




Their horses panic, as the roots and the poison is uncomfortable.

They want to run.


[Root surge]


I only have two use of this ability per day, but it’s very useful as an area attack.

Sharp roots emerge in the area around four subsidiary trees, and so there are roots attacking about half of the enemy force.


“What!” The root surge though lacks the punch each individual [root strike] have.

I reckon they are about a quarter as strong.


Some of the men activate their defensive abilities, successfully blocking off the surge.

But as an area attack, about a hundred or so died, so that’s pretty good.


“Run guys! We’ll need to come back with a bigger army!” One the surviving mage shouts, using some kind of magic to boost his escape.

“Whoever is protecting them is a very powerful druid.

Perhaps one of the great elven archdruids!”


That actually need not be said.

Some of them are already running, when the [poison field] and [root field] popped up.


Well, I can’t let mages run, though.

So I shoot a few more rounds of [root strikes], and I kill one.

The last surviving mage uses a string of magical nullification spells.

He’s hurt, but not dead.


“That cursed elf woman! She’s got a backer! Must be one of the elven nations secretly meddling in our country’s politics!”




I try a root strike at the leader.

It hits a magical barrier, breaks through it, but then a metal shield blocks the root strike.


“You won’t get my head that easily!” He shouts, and he activates a few magical and physical defensive abilities, then as he is about to turn back, a shout came from the forest.




Yvon and the refugees charge out of the forest.


Honestly, if you ask me, that is a stupid decision.

Why’d she and the refugees charge out of the forest


Well, since she’s charging, I activate all the warbeetles hiding in the twenty subsidiary trees.

Sixty warbeetles appear and charge into the chaotic mess that is the Kingdom’s army.

The beetles kill a few, but with the stronger, more experienced soldiers, it’s an even matchup.

After all, these soldiers have skills, abilities, and probably some enchanted equipment.


The leader though, smiles and shouts at Yvon.

“Ah, you succubus! Decided to appear and fight eh!”


Yvon pulls out a sword, uses some kind of ability, and she vanishes.

Only to reappear a second later, right in front of the army leader and attempt a stab.


He blocks, and his magical barrier is broken.

“Hah! Not so easy!” He pulls out a sword as well, and leaps out of his horse.


Both Yvon and the army leader enter into a sword-fighting match as they trade blows.


Meanwhile, the rest of the refugees and the warbeetles fight.


At this point, I stop attacking and observe the battle.


“She’s pretty good.” Jura laughs, still sitting at the side, not joining the battle.


“Aren’t you going”



I’m just waiting for the trigger.”


“Which is”


“That woman.

She’s going to try something.”


She charges up some kind of ability as Yvon and the leader are fighting.

Well, sorry, I’m gonna have to ruin the surprise.

Two root strikes impale through her body.

She yells in pain.




Both Yvon and the army leader turn to see the woman with one root through her chest, and another through her tummy.


The army leader looks at Yvon furiously.

“Which country is helping you.

You treasonous beast.”


Yvon shakes her head.



“Then explain this root magic.”


Yvon pause.

“I can’t.

I didn’t know of it either.”





The army leader activates some kind of ability, and starts slashing at Yvon at high speed.

She, in response, activates some kind of ability as well, and they are back at a stalemate.

Him slashing, and she parrying, dodging successfully.


She pants, her breathing heavy.


“You can’t beat me.

You know it.”


“I can try.

Vengeance demands it.”


He laughs.

“I didn’t land the killing blow, mind you.

It is not I, who killed Prince Galan.”


“But you were there.

And so you must die.” Yvon’s sword glow in a greenish hue.


“Oh” The army leader laughs.


I thought I saw a few chances for me to throw a [root strike], but eavesdropping the conversation is a lot more interesting.


Yvon disappears into a whirl of greenish light, some kind of sword-dance ability.

The army leader laughs, glows in purple and he too disappears in a purple-glow, and the two appear as sparks for a good few minutes.


And when they both reappear, the army leader look unscratched, whereas Yvon has cuts all over her body.


“See You can’t beat me, and I will make you join that Prince Galan soon.”


Yvon shakes her head, and forces herself to stand.


“Where’s that druid of yours anyway Ran out of [root attacks]”


Well, I still have about fifty to spare.

But I’m interested in watching.

My beetles and the rest of the refugees, still fighting, few of the beetles killed, and they manage to hunt down the last mage.

So, with the mage out of the picture, I’m actually letting the rest of this play out.


About this time, 40 additional refugees join the battle.

The treefolk and the centaur.

They waited for a chance, as they did not want to join the fight until Jura did.


“Oh, treefolk.

That explains the [root attacks].” The army leader laughs.

“I’ll slaughter them after I kill you.”


“Not if I have anything to say about it.” Jura steps in front.



The army leader laughs.

“Oh I’m Waysorious Moffard.

Also known as the Purple Blade.”


Jura bows, “Pleased.

Allow me to join this battle, as I’ve been robbed of my prey.” Well, I killed the lady Jura wanted to fight, so…


“Well, come.”


Jura grins, and activates some kind of ability, covering his body in a layer of wood.


They trade a few blows, and Jura jumps backward.

His wooden armor had multiple scratches, but he lives.


“Ah, I’m weaker with the sword.

But thankfully my defense is a lot stronger.” The wooden armor regenerates, and the scratches disappear.


Waysorious laughs.

“That armor of yours is strong, but if that’s all you got, you won’t last.”


At that point, Yvon steps up, her body fully healed.

“Well, what if it’s both of us”


Waysorious pauses.

“Ah…” Jura activated a healing ability before they started fighting.


He looks around, and sees the rest of his men dying, or fleeing.

He then starts laughing maniacally.


“I see.

I see.

I’ll be back, you cursed witch.”


Yvon quickly attempts to stab him, but in a flash of light, he disappeared.


“AGH! Should have known he carries a ring of escape with him!”



There’s item like that, eh


And once the captain leaves, the rest of the soldiers did not last very long.

It seems without his presence, some buffing effects that he had fade away.

Whoever’s still fighting is quickly killed by the remaining warbeetles, Yvon, Jura and the rest of the refugees.


So, the battle ends.


The refugees strip whatever equipment or items from the soldiers, and pile the bodies up to burn.

Yvon’s bunch of 200 refugees lost about thirty or so men, whereas the 40 treefolk and centaurs lost none.

All thanks to a great element of surprise, rootstrikes, and warbeetles.


Warbeetles have a [taunt] ability with tends to cause nearby enemies to attach them first, and that tanking effect help minimise casualties.

Add to the confusion from the rootstrikes and root surge, the army seem to be concentrated on fleeing more than fighting.


“Centaurs and treefolk, thank you for your participation in this battle.

With this, I’m willing to offer you full rights to your designated areas, and also such that each person may chop 1 tree, per year.

Ration your wood accordingly.

Treefolk may trade your wood-rights, if you do not need them, with centaurs, but notify me beforehand.”


The centaurs and treefolk nod, and return to their homes.

They’re glad that no casualties in their bunch, but they join the battle late.


I later overhear that the sight of roots surging out of the ground is rather scary.

From afar, it looks like the earth itself decided to fight them.

Which reminds me, maybe I should have a giant-worm of my own, like the demons.

A subordinate giant worm or centipede would be nice.


As for Yvon’s group, they quickly bury their dead, and heal their wounded.

Yvon’s frustrated though, not that I care.

Her punishment is due and Jura delivers the message.


“You survived.

Now face punishment.” Jura speaks, in a small gathering.


Yvon sighs.


no way out of this”


“Speak to the Tree spirit.”


Later that day, after all is done, Eriz, Yvon both stand right outside the main tree.


“So… what punishment are we facing”



Did you know you’re putting everyone at risk by luring them here”



But it is the best decision, I think.”



You intentionally wanted to get me involved in this.”


Yvon shakes her head.

“Uh… to be honest, I didn’t fully believe Eriz when she said there’s a Tree Spirit able to protect us.

And from my point of view, we had to escape the human-lands.

Wherever we go, we are going to be hunted, so, since my son is here… I thought coming here made sense.”


She looks at Jura, and Jura shakes his head.

“Go on.”



whatever it is, I didn’t realise there is a forest here, and I didn’t think that they would suspect this forest is a hideout for rebels.

On hindsight it is obvious, but when we are just trying to successfully escape, we..

we didn’t think that far ahead.

So… we decided to take a chance on whatever Eriz said..”


I sigh.

How should I punish these people She’s trying to feign innocence, and that annoys me even more.




At this point, the wisp appears in my mental realm.


“Take her soul.”


“What!” I mean, what Like..

how does one do that


“I mean, make her surrender her soul to you when she dies.”


“I can do that”



You can mark her soul, with a special process.

She has to consent to it, of course, and recite a long phrase and agreement to mark that wills her soul to you.”


That… that somehow feels a bit extreme.

And, I didn’t know I have that kind of ability


“That sounds like what a demon does, I mean, take one’s soul on death”



It’s actually the same thing.

The contracts in essence are the same, but demons took the ideas to the extreme of course.”


“Why would I want her soul, anyway”


“Well, all the souls you see are marked for their onward reincarnation or whatever the gods have planned for their next phase, and stay in the realm at most for a year, usually six months.

But if a soul agrees, they drop out of that process and belong to you… for a thousand years.

And during that thousand years, you may use the soul as you see fit.”







I shake my head.

Sounds exactly like what a demon or devil does.

Not exactly what I thought a “soul tree” or “Spirit tree” should be doing.

I mean, how does it work


“What else are you not telling me”


“Or if you think taking away her soul is too..

much, tell her to give you a few of her levels or her skills.”


“What.” Another bombshell from the wisp.


wisp, is hiding things from me.


“Ah, well, its actually a fairly common ability amongst the ancients, high nobles, blue blooded royalty, and high level magic smiths, artificers and crafters.”




“There are restriction by the origin of your power, of course, and in your case, the person surrendering the levels must be at least level 20, and they can surrender no more than 20% of their levels, and no more than 20% of all skills.”


Okay, wisp.

Infodump here, but this sounds pretty important.

I turn to Eriz and Yvon.



I will decide your punishment in a few days.

If you attempt to flee, I will kill you.

And the refugees.”


They gulp, but they nod.

Having seen the roots, they probably realise I could kill them.

Once they leave, I go back to my [soul realm] to the Wisp.


“You and I, are going to have a long conversation on what else you have not been telling me.”


“Oh, I have plenty of others, but the information I can release to you is dependent on the progress you make on the [soul forge], and if you want know everything I know, you need an active soul forge.”


“Can you tell me more about these soul contracts and surrendering of levels and skills.”


The wisp bobs around and then pauses.


“Making a deal for the soul is common throughout history.

When a desperate man sacrifices everything to protect his family, he is making a request to the heavens or hell, or whatever natural aspects watching at the time, in exchange for his soul.

It is then up to the nature aspect to decide whether they want the soul, and balance the costs of assisting versus the benefits.”





“Granting souls is super common, and not forever.

As a soul or spirit tree, having souls that won’t move on is very useful.

Just think of it as an employment contract.”


“Can’t I just make her work for me”


“Well, that’s harder to enforce than having a contract carved into her soul, no”


“Oh.” True, it's like having a slave that cannot defy you.

Well, that is nice, but is that a “good” punishment


Death feels too...



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