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118: Facultree of the commons

Year 136


The demon king was still late.

This was unusual, and we hear of great battles in the Eastern Continent.

Even though there is supposedly an information embargo, there are still leaks.

Great, incredible battles of archers and demon-drakes.

Of battles in cliff-areas where warriors couldreduce some of the demon-drakes airborne superiority. 


Of great skill and classes.

Theres a class of [Drakeslayer-Archers] and [Drakehunters] that emerged from these battles.

I would like to get my hands on some of those classes, but I suspect itll be a matter of time.


The world thanked their lucky stars that the demons are still confined in the Eastern Continent, despite being able to fly, and the rifts remained only in that continent.

I wonder what's keeping them there.

From the news, it certainly did not seem like the defenders were able to stop them from reaching the sea.

Perhaps there are other factors.


So, we focused on consolidating power, strengthening the Aeonic priesthood across the Freshlands, deploying the young nobles on little adventures.


They were pretty average as a whole, but the little outdoor adventure contributed a few levels to their [lord] class.

Its good progress for a few months outdoors, and they helped to stabilise these new territories.

Id also get to get a good sense of the type of rulers and managers these nobles would become.

Whether they were kind, ruthless, rational or emotional.


In the same vein, although practical experience is indeed important, I wasnt about to tolerate the low levels of the Treetiary Colleges teachers and lecturers.

I had ensured all of them had training of their own, in the form of monthly doses of [dream academy].

I hoped to improve their levels by a bit, putting them in the Level 40 to Level 50 range for at least a single class.

They would be teaching young ones who are around level 10 or so when they start off, but because these are noble-classes, thepower of a level 10 is actually more like a level 15 to 20.

This is especially pronounced with those of noble-blood.

[Prince] and [Princesses], usually already have some secret hereditary skills, and their class itself is strong as its base.


In a contest of wills, its usually a matchup of the ones strongest levels and classes, not the cumulative total levels and classes.  


If the trainers and tutors are too low-leveled in any one class, they wont be able to suppress or control the tutors.

Ideally, I would want someone like Jura as the headmaster.

His [warlord] class is a noble-equivalent and as such, nobles dont get an advantage against him. 


So I focused on training the tutors and I also had taken a liking to one of the tutors.

Thordrock, a bearded dwarven man whos in his late middle ages, a little plump and prosperous.

He seemed every bit the old headmaster, and had the cranky, steely disposition to boot.

He used to be a [merchant], then he got too weary for all the travelling his class required, so he found this task of educating the next generation interesting.

As a merchant, he had been to a lot of places, and fought a lot of bandits and thieves. 


Thordrock was a level 38 [mining merchant], level 18 [blacksmith] and level 20 [axe warrior].

In every sense of the word, the scattered levels meant he was close to capping out as a person, since Level 80 to Level 85 seemed to be the usual cap for normal mortals. 


For now, there was no singleheadmaster of the entire Treetiary College, and it is run as if the entire teaching staff is acouncil. 


Still, the problem is, once an individual hits a level cap, I cant really push his level higher with [dream academy].

Still, not entirely useless.

If I could somehow trigger or force a class merger, then only the combined class would be able to stand toe to toe with the nobility-classes.


“What do you think of taking the lead” I asked Thordrock one day.

At that point they just returned from the students expedition from the new territories. 




“The entire Treetiary College”


“Well, yes.

Finally! Someone needs to be in charge of this messed up school!” He said.

“First, we need some booze in the school.”


“Some of them are underage.”


“Well those underage ones have to just suck it.” Thordrock laughed.

“Any good self respecting noble who cant handle a drinks gonna be in trouble anyway.

I lost count of the number of times nobles got their drinks spiked.”




was too-much-info. 


“All of these youngun need to learn how to drink, how to handle a drink, and how to handle stuff in their drink.

Like me, I have [spiked drink-resistance].

At the very least, they need to have [poison-detection]!”




Thordrock laughed, then he asked again.

“Are you serious, Aeon” 


“What do you think this school should be”


“Other than exporting your politics” He asked.



Tell me what do you think this school should be” I didnt want to share my ideals, of course.

I had a certain vision for it, but the locals mostly saw it as a way I was going to strengthen the Freshlands. 



unity.” Thordrock said, as he rubbed his beard.

“Unity of the noble-class, however limited and fickle thats worth.

I saw this as a step to truly build a continental trade system, but in the past 1 year Ive served as a tutor of these nobles, it is also a place for social bonds to be built among the noble class, which would foster more trade and industry.”


“Where do you see me in this picture”


Thordrock paused and he couldnt answer it.

But I could read his mind.

‘What am I supposed to say Do I praise Aeon Or do I state the truth that hes seen as a benevolent tyrant Or...


“I would appreciate the truth, Thordrock.

I have no need for fickle praises.

They do little for me.”



dont know.

A school founded by an immortal semi-divine being thats earmarked as a heretical existence Just thinking about it makes me need a mug, so I rarely do think about it.

But if this school wants to exist, it better damn well train some good, capable, competent nobles.”


“Define a competent noble.

What is a good graduate student What do you think a student who graduates from this school should be able to do” In a way, this was an interview whether he was suited for it. 


Thordrock paused again.

“One that can hold his beer, makes a good deal, can set up a working, functioning town, and is able to defend itself from its enemies.”


I paused.

That certainly fit the defensive noble.

“No part of values or principles”


“The hell with that.” Thordrock laughed.

“The things Ive done to get a deal...”



He has loose morals.

I wonder whether I wanted to create little Machievellians 


Thordrock continued.

“We all want to live, ayte Lookit me.

I paid bribes to not get killed.

I paid bribes to run away from hot zones.

I paid adventurers to die so that I may live.


Principles aint gonna cut it, not when theres a monster in front of me.

I bit, I begged, I knelt where I needed to.”


There was a part he didnt say.

‘And right now, youre the biggest powerhouse on the continent.

If not you, then who 


I paused.


He clearly has swaying loyalties.

Should I still use him, then Or someone else 


Theres this entire Freshlands, home to so many people, surely I can find someone who has the experience to lead a school.

Or do I have to make one myself


So, I had to look a little harder.

Maybe someone who isnt high profile, but is loyal.

Quiet and unassuming, but gets the job done.

Ah damn, thinking about it, Ive fallen for the old trick of looking at the most visible candidates, instead of looking at it objectively.

There must be someone whos quiet but I didnt notice because hes quiet. 


Its such a rookie talent management mistake! So what if they talk and are morevisible! Talent and competence is not always visible! If youve done everything right, and everything works, it often seems like youve done nothing at all! The ability to troubleshoot and solve problems is only one aspect, its even better if one is able to prevent problems in the first place!



how do I spot people who are able to resolve problems before they even fester or become bad 



I had to observe them and see how they resolved problems.

How many steps ahead they did things, and how much thought they went into doing what they did.

People who could balance thoughtful consideration, and yet take decisive action when the timing is right. 


This demanded a huge amount of processing power and observation, and its made possible thanks to Patreecks special powers and my artificial minds ongoing observation throughout my immediate valley.

It required me to constantly monitor my candidates and rate them on a scale of various factors, like forward thinking, problem-resolution ability, ability to work with multiple parties, communication, and even manipulativeness.


All these needed multiple, hundreds of datapoints.


These traits were especially true when looking for a person whos suited for trade and governance.

To some extent, all traders plan.

The very nature of a trader meant he had to be aware of market prices and changes, production data, and the ability to locate an opportunity, a gap. 


At least, thats what I thought.

But it is not so.

The present world rewarded merchants who took risks.

Who just made a journey from one end of the continent to the other, with little information to work with.

The presence of a system for traders, and the effect of various traders skills meant some traders could make decisions based on hunch.

Their skills wouldtell them where and what to do. 


I needed someone who wouldnt rely on their skills, at least not much.

Or perhaps a skill that switches their disposition towards long term thinking, despite the systems tendency of giving skills as mental shortcuts. 


Patreeck and Jasmine took a few months to monitor how certain people behaved in context. 


Then, one day...

“Master, would you consider a young candidate whos currently an apprentice at a blacksmith”



Hes way too young to be a master of an academy of young little pain-in-the-asses.

But, I could start training him really young, then in a few decades he will be ready.

So I decided to have a look. 


The young apprentice was a half-elf boy named Kastua.

Despite his youth, he had demonstrated a quiet focus on preventing and solving problems, so hes likeable but doesnt stand out.

It would be decades before he would ever be a master of the colleges.

He seemed to like his work as a blacksmith apprentice, but I got Jura to speak to him.


“Hello Kastua.”


Kastua quickly bowed politely.

“Greetings, Counsel Jura.” Juras no longer the counsel, but it seemed many still refer to him as such, its one of those guarded politeness.

Never know when a person of such power would take offense.


“It seemed Aeon saw some potential in you, and would like to include you in training.

Would you be keen” Jura wasnt exactly sugarcoating.

“What he plans for you, I do not know.”


The young boys mind instantly had a lot to think about.



Jura paused.


will give you some time to think it through.”


“Yes.” He repeated.

“No need for the time.

My answer is yes.”


“Ah.” Jura nodded.

“Very well,  Aeon will speak to you when the time is right.”




Kastua was not the only one.

It was against our nature to put all eggs in one basket.

A tree made many, many seeds.

I needed multiple candidates across all age bands, so that I had a solid talent pool for proper succession planning. 


I wanted someone who had that kind of personality, and also faith.

The levels and technical ability was something I could work on. 


So, on top of Kastua, we soon located 4 to 5 more people of various ages whom we think have potential.

They are mostly young, and are under-

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