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Fog lingered in the bathroom, and water vapor rose.

The shower gel and shampoo mixed with an ambiguous smell filled the entire bathroom with the smell of spring.

The Spring Song reverberated in the bathroom.

After a violent ripple, the entire bathroom returned to calm.

Shortly after, the bathroom door opened and Xie Jiuhan walked out with Feng Qing in his arms.

The two of them were naked and their bodies were dripping with crystal clear water droplets.

The man walked to the bed and gently placed Feng Qing down.

Then, he picked up a towel and gently wiped the woman.

After awater battle in the bathroom, Feng Qings entire body was sore and her face was flushed red.

Her chest and collarbone were covered in messy kiss marks.

The fiery red kiss marks gave people the feeling that they wanted to bite her.

After wiping the womans body, Xie Jiuhan took the hairdryer from the side and handed it to the woman.

Feng Qing blinked her clear and large eyes and said, “Little Jiu Jiu, arent you going to blow my hair”

Xie Jiuhan said in a low voice, “Blow it yourself.”

Looking at the mans gloomy face, the corners of Feng Qings mouth curled up into a smile.

This man was the one who forced her into the bathroom, and he was also the one who forced her to rub his back.

In the end, the one who was filled with desire was still this man.

Because of the PG18 virus, the man had to restrain his desire.

Feng Qing could understand the pain of this endurance.

Feng Qing was about to pick up the hairdryer and blow her hair when the man snatched it away.

He said in a dull voice, “Give it to me.”

All these years, as long as Xie Jiuhan was at home, he would help Feng Qing dry her hair after every shower.

The man had once told her that he liked to dry her hair and would do it for her for the rest of her life.

Feng Qing persuaded him instead.

“Id better do it myself, in case you get aroused again later.

I suggest you quickly take a cold shower to calm down.”

During the water battle in the bathroom just now, Xie Jiuhan had used his superbhandcraft to make Feng Qing experience death due to pleasure.

However, the man could only endure the pain of being burned by the flames, so much so that he was even breathing fire now.

His eyes were even covered in a layer of red.

However, Xie Jiuhan did not listen to her.

Instead, he took the hairdryer and blew on her hair.

The mans hands cooperated very well.

Under the surging heat, Feng Qings long hair surged in the air.

One moment, it was like a black dragon riding the clouds, and the next moment, it was like a black net with fragrance spreading out.

The woman sat by the bed and quietly enjoyed the service.

The man blew her hair behind the woman.

The scene was so beautiful and harmonious.

After a while, the hairdryer stopped.

Feng Qing turned around and hugged the mans waist, her face pressed tightly against his abdomen.

The man paused slightly and threw the hairdryer aside.

Then, he reached out and inserted his hand into the womans long hair that was still wet…

When Xie Jiuhan got the servants to send dinner to the master bedroom, Feng Qing looked at the time.

It was exactly nine in the evening.

In an instant, Feng Qings face turned pink again.

They had started doing that kind of thing shamelessly without even eating dinner, although it was already dark when Xie Jiuhan came back.

In the end, they only remembered to eat now.

Just the thought of it made Feng Qing extremely embarrassed.

She seemed to have really fallen into that pleasure.

She had been seduced by Xie Jiuhan, this handsome man, until she was no longer pure!

Xie Jiuhan handed over a pair of chopsticks and said, “Dont just stand there.

Hurry up and eat.”

Feng Qing came back to her senses and endured the heat on her face as she took the chopsticks.

There were a total of ten dishes for dinner, four meat dishes, four vegetables, and two soups.

The man had already helped her scoop a bowl of rice.

After so many years, this man was still so meticulous in taking care of her.

He would consider everything for her.

Seeing that she had started eating, Xie Jiuhan said, “Although its getting late, you should eat a little so that you dont wake up hungry at night.

I specially got the kitchen to make this mandarin fish for you.

Its sweet and soft.

It must taste very good and will help with digestion.”

However, Feng Qing said, “Its fine.

I like all of them.

Moreover, my digestive system is good, so I want to eat hard food.”

Xie Jiuhan sat opposite her.

At this moment, the man was already wearing a set of furry blue pajamas.

His entire body exuded the fragrance of shower gel.

Because he had just finished bathing, a layer of water lingered on the mans face, as if someone had added special effects to his face.

Unknowingly, Feng Qing was mesmerized.

She stared straight at the man.

The man also noticed her gaze and couldnt help but look at her.

“Havent you seen enough”

Feng Qings face instantly flushed red.

She held her bowl and ate her food nervously.

She glared at the man a few times, her clear eyes exuding a coquettish emotion, as if she would turn into a ray of light and pounce on the man at any moment.


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