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In the past, she had Xie Yuhuan as her backer.

As long as she made Xie Yuhuan happy, she would be able to obtain everything she wanted.

Xie Yuhuan had also tried her best to nurture her.

She would definitely give her the best of all resources.

However, she had heard that Xie Yuhuan had already been locked up in the dungeon on Sacred Island because she had offended Feng Qing.

It was only at this moment that Long Yuning realized that she no longer had a backer and could only rely on herself from now on.

This was a heavy blow to her.

Hearing Xie Ruoyuns words, Long Yuning couldnt help but sigh.

She said with a sinister expression, “I hope Feng Qing can be the so-called madam of the Xie family and really look for that person.

That way, well have a good show to watch.”

Little Wu hid the car outside the clubhouse and found a remote corner to observe.

The security of this clubhouse was very good.

Without a membership card, one would definitely not be able to enter.

Of course, she could rely on her strength to kill her way in, but that would expose her.

She was here to follow Xie Ruoyun, not to kill her.

But Xie Ruoyun did not let her wait for long.

About forty minutes later, Xie Ruoyun drove her silver luxury car out.

Little Wu wore special glasses and looked at the luxury car.

She saw an acquaintance sitting in the car.

It was Long Yuning, who she had not seen for a long time.

Hence, she hurriedly sent Feng Qing a message.

“Reporting to Madam, Long Yuning came out of the clubhouse in a car.

I suspect that Xie Ruoyun came here to meet Long Yuning.”

On the other end of the phone, Feng Qing, who had received the news, was also slightly stunned.

She didnt expect that Xie Ruoyun would actually have a relationship with Long Yuning.

However, she understood after thinking about it.

Long Yuning had been by Xie Yuhuans side all year round, so it was normal for her to be familiar with the Xie familys collateral family.

However, Feng Qing wouldnt believe that Xie Ruoyun was colluding with Long Yuning at this time.

Time passed quickly.

In the blink of an eye, it was time for the sun to set.

Xie Jiuhan, who had disappeared for the entire day, finally returned to the Xie Manor.

He had been working from five in the morning until now.

He first went to the Xie Corporation to sign a few important documents and attend an important high-level meeting.

Then, he went to the Xia Academy of Science in the suburbs of the Capital without time to eat and busied himself for the entire afternoon.

Xie Jiuhan walked into the bedroom.

Because he had been researching the equipment in the Xia Academy of Sciences base the entire afternoon, his body was dirty everywhere.

Before he arrived, they could smell the pungent smell of engine oil on him.

Hence, Feng Qing and March chose to avoid the man.

Especially March, its nose was much more sensitive than a persons.

Its dog face was filled with disdain.

Seeing that Feng Qing was about to slip out of the master bedroom, Xie Jiuhan did not stop her.

Instead, he coolly ordered the smart home system in the room, “Lock the door.”

The next second, the door closed with a whoosh.

If not for Feng Qings quick dodge, the door would have hit her nose.

Feng Qing twisted the handle of the door and realized that it couldnt be opened at all, so she stomped her feet.

If only she had run faster.

Now, she could only stay in the room to accompany the man.

Feng Qing turned around and saw Xie Jiuhan standing not far away with his back facing her as he took off his clothes.

The man was sweating a lot.

From his drenched clothes, it could be seen that he had not been idle for a minute this afternoon.

His coat, shirt, and pants were stained with mottled oil.

Feng Qing knew that the man definitely could not wear this set of clothes anymore.

The only outcome was that he would be thrown into the trash can.

Such high-end custom-made clothes cost at least a few million.

It was too wasteful to throw them away just like that.

The man took off his shirt and turned his face to the side.

“Its fine if you dont welcome me back, but you actually want to run”

Feng Qing explained, “No, I should be going to the studio to record songs.

You have your own job, and so do I.”

The mans domineering voice sounded.

“Help your man wash up first, then go back to work.

Otherwise, dont even think about going out.”

Feng Qing : “…”

After thinking for a while, Feng Qing protested, “I dont want to.

Youre not a child.

Cant you wash your own hands and feet”

Xie Jiuhan turned around and said with a teasing look in his eyes, “Only when my wife gives me a bath will I be comfortable and clean.”

Feng Qing glanced at the door handle again and couldnt help but sigh in her heart.

The smart home system in the room relied on voice recognition.

Back then, when it was set, Xie Jiuhans voice was set as a super administrator, and her voice was only the identity of an ordinary user.

She didnt care much at first, but she didnt expect that this man had already started scheming against her from the start.

As long as Xie Jiuhan was around, the system would only follow Xie Jiuhans orders.


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