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After eating crayfish at the Fu familys house, Lu Xiaocha left under Grandpa Fus extremely reluctant gaze.

To be honest, Fu Ye would never have imagined that such a day would come.

The bright “Fu Ye and dogs are not allowed to enter” on the door of the Lu Mansion almost blinded him.

After all, theyve been brothers for so many years.

This relationship is f*cking ridiculous.

It flipped just like that!

Lu Xiaocha poked her head out from behind him and smiled at the bright and attention-seeking sign.

“I think it says something wrong here.

If a dog does come, we might be able to open the door and let it in.”

“… Youre laughing” Fu Ye asked.

Lu Xiaocha controlled the corners of her mouth, but she didnt know that her eyes were curved into crescents.

At this moment, she was trying to hide it.

“No, Im not laughing.”

Fu Ye: Can you be more perfunctory

Expressionless, he removed the sign.

This thing had to be destroyed.

And what were the words on it He didnt recognize them.

They came back late again today.

This was the reason why the men of the Lu family were resentful and wrote those words.

Seeing Fu Ye swagger in, the four men of the Lu family looked fierce.

However, when they saw the child behind him, their gazes instantly turned gentle and doting.

“Come here, Xiaocha.

Did you miss your brother”

Lu Beilin, who had the most outgoing personality, was the first to walk over and pick up his petite sister.

Lu Xiaocha only adjusted her position slightly to make herself more comfortable before leaning on her brothers shoulder with a clear conscience.

“Yes, I missed Third Brother.”

Lu Beilins lips curled into a smile, but he was not smug for long before the silent patriarch carried his sister away.

The smile on Lu Beilins face immediately collapsed.

His father had thick eyebrows and big eyes.

Why was he snatching her away

“Daddy ~”

Hearing this, the corners of Lu Zhans mouth curled up slightly.

He could clearly feel the happy atmosphere on him.

“Have you eaten, Xiaocha Are you full”

“We prepared some fruits for you.

Fruits are good for your health.”

“Dont stay outside for so long in the future.

After all, there are many people with ill intentions.

You have to stay away from such people.”

Fu·Bad Intentions·Ye: “…”


Do you guys want to be more obvious He thought.

However, he was completely excluded now.

The child was surrounded by the Lu family members and he could not get close at all.

Fu Ye rubbed his nose and glanced at Lu Beifeng.

Was this necessary It was just a few meals at his house!

Lu Beifeng chuckled. If you want a sister, go find one yourself.

Dont snatch ours! He thought.

She was the only precious baby in the Lu family.

He was on leave at home and couldnt wait to see her every day.

This guy, on the other hand, took his sister away for a whole day!

Fu Ye left the Lu family not long after.

In the past, he could still spend the night here, but now…

Tsk, it was all thanks to Aunt Pei at home that those people didnt dare to openly chase him out with a broomstick.

His treatment in the Lu family really plummeted.

But he would do it again!

Pei Anran warmed a glass of milk for her daughter.

“A glass of milk before bed will make you taller.”

Lu Xiaocha was soaking her feet when she received the milk with sparkling eyes.

“Thanks, Mom!”

Who wouldnt like something good that could one grow taller

After drinking the milk and soaking her feet, she ran upstairs in her furry slippers.

Then, she took out a small black box from the cabinet and laid it on the soft bed.

She opened the small box and saw a fat white worm the size of a thumb.

Unlike ordinary insects, this little insect was ice-white and had purple eyes.

It was the cutest little insect Lu Xiaocha had ever seen.

“You should eat too.”

She reached out a finger and poked the soft white worm.

She got out of bed and stepped barefoot on the ground.

She took out a jade bottle from the cabinet.

It contained the venom of the big snake.

The little bug she kept loved to eat poison.

After dripping two drops into the box, the originally lazy and motionless white worm suddenly began to move and quietly absorbed the two drops of venom.

After it finished sucking, Lu Xiaocha dripped another drop of her blood into it.

“I wonder what youll look like in the future.

Dont be too ugly, or I wont want you anymore.”

The little white worm in the box trembled imperceptibly twice.

After feeding this worm, she went to play with the other small insects.

She took out an exquisite little lantern that her brother had bought for her.

She grabbed the fireflies and placed them in the small lantern.

Once the light was switched off, the small lantern would light up.

It was very fun.

But she didnt play for long.

She released the fireflies while it was dark.

She waved her hand and said something extremely terrifying to the little bugs.

“Ill catch you guys again to play in the future.”

“Playing with insects again”

Lu Beichens voice came from the balcony next door.

Lu Xiaocha poked her furry head out to greet her brother.

“Brother, I have a particularly cute little bug.

Do you want to come over and take a look”

Good things had to be shared with people who cared, of course.

Lu Beichen nodded without thinking.

The two bedrooms were close to each other, and soon there was a knock on her door.

Lu Xiaocha took down the box containing the little bug and called Lu Beichen over to take a look.

This was the first time the young man had seen such a strange little worm.

It was obvious that it was not an ordinary insect!

He poked it with his finger.

The bug only moved slightly before lying very lazily and motionless, like a fake bug.

“What does it eat”

Lu Xiaocha was really honest.


Lu Beichen took a while to react.


Lu Xiaocha gestured.

“Its poison.

It eats all kinds of poison.”

Lu Beichens fingers stiffened and trembled slightly before quickly retracting.

He knew it! Anything that could be raised by his sister was extraordinary!

“Then is it poisonous”

Lu Xiaocha gave him a look.

‘What do you think

Wasnt it obvious After eating so many poisonous insects and fusing them together, it was now the most powerful.

“Then why do you keep it No, I wont allow it!”

If it accidentally bit her, his sister would be gone!

Lu Xiaocha lay on the bed with one hand on her cheek and poked the little fat worm with the other.

“Brother, dont worry.

It wont bite me.

I give it a drop of my blood every day so that it will remember my taste and be domesticated.

Im its master.

It wont dare to bite me unless its allowed to.

Otherwise, Ill roast it and eat it.”

Lu Beichen was speechless.

His knowledge of his sisters toughness rose to another level, but he was more focused on another problem.

“You say you feed it your blood every day Will you be okay Are you hurt!”

Lu Xiaocha stretched out her fingers.

“Ill just prick it.

Its alright.”

There were no longer any needle marks on the fair finger.

Only she could hurt herself.

At other times, although her body looked as soft and white as tofu, if a knife was thrown at her, it might be the knife that got hurt.


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