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Everyone, including Lu Xiaocha, who was pressed against the seat, widened their eyes.

Lu Beichen trembled in anger.

He picked up his bag and threw it out.

“Fu Dog!”

This bastard, that was his sister!

“Candied hawthorn!!!”

There were so many candied hawthorns, and she had only eaten one!

Fu Ye laughed wildly.

“Hahaha… Who asked you to only stare at candied hawthorn when you left school You didnt even notice me!”

“Oh… stinky child, youre really ruthless!”

He was punched again.

The bike tilted and almost flipped over.

Lu Xiaocha puffed up her cheeks in anger.

Fu Ye quickly coaxed, “Alright, I was wrong, alright I still have some at home.

I specially bought them for you.”

Hearing this, Lu Xiaocha calmed down.

Even though she was sitting on the bike, her hand was still holding the candied hawthorn tightly.

Fu Ye drove straight into the military compound.

The guards here did not stop him.

Everyone in the compound knew Little Tyrants car.


“Eh… that little tyrant actually let someone else come with him on his bike!”

As if he had discovered something shocking, the guard looked at the departing bike and exclaimed.

Who didnt know how much Fu Ye treasured his bike Even a good friend who had grown up with him couldnt sit on it.

At most, he would let them admire it.

Today, he actually brought someone with him on his bike.

This was even rarer than the sun rising from the west!

“Were here.”

Taking off his helmet, the young man got out of the bike and carried the person behind him down to the ground.

He looked at the candied hawthorn in a childs hand in disdain.

“Youre rubbing it against my clothes again.”

Lu Xiaocha picked up a candied fruit and ate it.

She rolled her eyes.

“You obviously rubbed yourself against it.”


“Lets go.”

He rubbed the childs furry head.

The military compound had elevator-level apartments and a detached villa compound.

Fu Yes family was an old family here.

Fu Yes grandfathers position was high and was rich, so he had bought a large courtyard house when he first arrived.

The two stone lions at the door were especially impressive.

Lu Xiaocha obediently followed the young man.

Her beautiful face was a little wrinkled.

“I didnt bring a gift for your grandfather.”

Having lived in this world for a while, she knew that one had to bring gifts when visiting.

Fu Ye waved his hand.

“I snatched you here.

Why would you need to bring a gift”

This was what the Fu familys butler heard when he walked over.

The corners of his mouth twitched.

As expected of their young master, he was still so annoying.

When his gaze landed on the young girl beside the young man, the old butlers eyes lit up.

“Young Master, where did you kidnap, no, find the little girl you brought.”

After asking, he whispered, “Wont her family come knocking on your door”

Fu Ye grabbed the child and introduced her confidently, “Uncle Xia, this is my sister!”

Lu Xiaocha licked the candied fruits and raised her little hands to greet the old man.

“Hello, Uncle.”

“Sigh… Okay, okay, go in.

Old Master is waiting for you.”

Fu Ye nodded and lowered his head.

Before Lu Xiaocha could react, he quickly bit a candied fruit and ran away.

Lu Xiaocha was stunned for a second or two, and then…

Butler Xia watched in horror as the little girls expression and eyes became terrifying.

Then, she chased after him at an unbelievable speed.

“Ahhh!!! Fu Ye, I want your life!”

The young man ran home like a mad dog.

Old Master had been drinking tea when he saw his unstable grandson flash past in a gust of wind.

The old man was so angry that he glared at him.

“Young brat, youre already so old.

Cant you be more mature What are you doing all day!”

“Where are the candied fruits I bought Hurry up and save me!” Fu Ye said anxiously.

“Huh” said the old man.

Before Old Master could figure out what his grandson was talking about, another gust of wind flew over and his grandson flew out in a parabola.


“F*ck! Isnt it just a candied fruit I was the one who gave it to you!”

His body flew out with a loud bang.

After all, he had undergone professional training.

Fu Ye stabilized his body in the air to slow down the impact.

Then, he landed safely in a handsome and wild posture.

Lu Xiaocha was furious.

There were only two candied fruits left in her hand!

“Hiss… stop fighting.

I told you I bought you a lot at home.”

Lu Xiaochas ears twitched and she instantly became very obedient.


Those big eyes sparkled.

The corners of Fu Yes mouth twitched.

He felt his teeth ache.

“Really, really.

Ill find it for you right away.”

With that, he looked at the stunned old man sitting there.

“Grandpa, my life.


Wherere the candied fruits I bought”


Lu Xiaocha realized that she seemed to have barged into someone elses house and sent his grandson flying in front of the old man.

She glanced at the old man sitting over there, and her expression almost cracked.

Quickly standing upright, she greeted him politely.

“Hello, Grandpa Fu.”

Her voice was soft and sweet as if she wasnt the one who had just overturned a 1.8-meter-tall man.

Grandpa Fus gaze shifted from her to his grandson.

Lu Xiaocha touched her nose guiltily and secretly glared at that person.

It was all his fault!

He knew she was protective of her food, but he still ate her candied fruits without telling her!


Lu Xiaocha was prepared for the old man to be angry, but he laughed heartily.

Lu Xiaocha looked at him blankly.

What was going on

“Good, good, good.

Finally, someone who can subdue this brat.


That laugh was really happy.

The corners of Fu Yes mouth twitched.

Was this his biological grandfather

“Young Master, the candied fruits you bought are here.”

The butler, who had followed back and witnessed everything, also took out a bunch of candied fruits with a smile.

“We were all wondering why you bought so many candied fruits.

We didnt expect it to be for this young lady.”

Lu Xiaochas eyes lit up when she saw those candied fruits.

She secretly moved over.

Old Master Fu looked at the little girls clear eyes and felt even better.

This little girl was good.

She looked delicate and obedient, but she was actually so strong.

Moreover, she seemed innocent.

“Is this the little girl you were talking about, the one who subdued that zombie”

If he didnt see her send his own grandson flying, Old Master Fu would probably think that this unruly brat was playing with him again.

Fu Ye raised his head and handed her a candied fruit.

“Dont eat too much.

Ill keep these for you.”

Lu Xiaocha gave a reluctant “oh” as she licked the ones in her hand and stared at those on the straw target.

She was really eating from the bowl while looking at the pot.

Fu Ye rubbed his arm.

The child had used a lot of strength when he was thrown out just now.

Fortunately, his body was strong and durable.


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