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“Cough, cough…”

The teacher at the lectern coughed for silence.

“No matter what the reason is, what the students did was wrong.

You… You even played the suona and drums.

What have you done!”

The teacher lectured the students bitterly from the podium and instructed the parents.

“Especially Lu Xiaocha!”

Lu Xiaocha, who had been singled out, sat obediently in her seat.

Her big eyes looked innocent and weak.

Even the parents present could not bear to see this.

What could such a cute child do Was the teacher not afraid of scaring the child

“You went up on top of his car and played the suona! Who taught you that!”

The parents who heard the teachers words “!!!”

What… what

This little girl played the suona on the top of the car!

Lu Beilin chuckled softly.

“Teacher, my sister knows she made a mistake.

She definitely wont do it again.”

The teachers head was pounding.

“I hope so.”

This young lady was also a capable person.

She had only been in school for a short period of time, but she had already sent that little tyrant from the Liao family to the hospital.

That little one had yet to be discharged from the hospital, and she had already climbed onto the car roof to play the funeral song on the suona! She almost sent Liao Gouxian to the other side.

In the end, the entire class, along with the parents, were taught a lecture.

Since they were already here, they also held a parent meeting to talk about the childrens grades.

Speaking of grades, he had to remind Lu Xiaocha again.

The teacher looked at her with resentment.

“Lu Xiaochas parents, you should find a tutor for your child.

Otherwise, sleeping in class all day is not going to work.”

Lu Xiaocha was once again watched by many onlookers.

As long as… as long as she wasnt embarrassed, the awkward one would be the teacher!

Lu Xiaocha stared at the teacher calmly.

The teachers eyelids twitched.

Why did he suddenly feel guilty being stared at by such a pair of eyes

“Ahem… lets talk about the other problems…”

After class, the parents reminded their children, “If you dare to do such a thing again, dont even think about getting your pocket money!”

Seriously, how did children nowadays come up with such things

Lu Beilin pinched Lu Xiaochas small nose.

“Youre good.

How come you know how to play the suona”

Lu Xiaochas voice was muffled.

Her big eyes looked at him.

“Someone taught me.”

The young man laughed.

“Come, tell me how you sent Liao Gouxian off”

The interest in his eyes was almost overflowing.

Not only did he not educate his younger siblings, but he also began to ask questions excitedly.

Lu Xiaocha leaned on the table and looked at him.


I dont want to talk about it.”

She felt like she was the reincarnation of a salted fish.

She even hugged her stomach and complained that she was hungry!

It was only the third period, and it wasnt time for food!

Lu Beilin snapped his fingers.

“Thats easy.”

He took her bag and searched it.

A peach appeared in his hand.

The person who had been lying down instantly sprang up and sat up.

She leaned forward like a puppy.

“Third Brother ~”

Her voice was so sweet.

Lu Beilins red lips curled up.

When he smiled, it was as if all the light gathered on him.

Whether it was the students or the parents who had not left, they could not help but secretly look at the young man.

His looks and temperament were a hundred times better than those celebrities!

Lu Xiaocha got what she wanted.

She held the peach and nibbled on it while mumbling about what they had done today.

Lu Beilin stroked his chin.

“Your idea is not bad.

Ive decided that if anyone provokes me again in the future, Ill bring a funeral procession to the entrance of his shop or home to play a tune!

Lu Beichen was speechless.

Do you remember being called in as a parent! He thought.

This was the first time Lu Beilin had come to school as a parent.

In the past, when only Lu Beichen was in school, he wouldnt come even if they asked him to.

But things were different now.

“Lets go.

Show your brother around your school.”

“I dont want to leave.” Lu Xiaocha said.

“I have other things here.”

“Okay, Third Brother.

Third Brother, where do you want to go”

The little girl knew that her brother still had food on him.

Lu Xiaocha wandered around him like a shadow, trying to find out what he was hiding.

When she couldnt find anything.

Lu Beilin did a magic trick and a few round grapes appeared in his hand.

She quieted at once with the grapes.

Lu Beichen did not come along because of the cast on his leg.

As the two of them walked on the school path, almost everyone who saw Lu Beilin would be stunned for a few seconds.

Some people even walked straight into the street lamps.

Lu Xiaocha shook her head as she ate the grapes.

“A pretty face is a disaster.”

They were still teenagers, but they were already mesmerized by her third brothers figure and face.

Lu Beilin pinched her cheek.

“Our little sister hasnt fully grown up yet.

Otherwise, she would be a femme fatale.”

Lu Xiaocha said, “Im not!”


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