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Almost everyone in Class One had their parents called.

Such a grand occasion attracted the attention of the entire school.

Lu Beilin came for the Lu family as their parents were too busy to come.

When he received the call from the school, he wondered if he had misheard.

“Huh My sister caused trouble Are you sure it wasnt someone else”

The teacher did not make it too clear because he was busy calling the parents of the other students.

At this moment, Lu Beilin was sitting on a chair with his long legs crossed and his body leaning back lazily.

His wine-red shirt made his skin look even colder.

His right hand was holding a wine glass.

His light golden half-length hair was tied into a slightly messy ponytail at the back of his head.

The hair on his forehead was fluffy, revealing his superior facial features.

His peach blossom eyes looked down at the man kneeling in front of him, and his jade-like bare feet raised his chin.

The young man took a shallow sip of red wine.

His thin lips were as red as blood.

His slightly indolent tone was amused, but it made the kneeling man tremble.

Lu Beilin chuckled.

“Dont be so afraid.

You should have thought of the consequences of being discovered when you betrayed me.

Ah Lai, Ive treated you well, right Why are you so stubborn”

The last sentence was like a soft murmur.

The young mans lips curved.

In this luxurious room, he looked like the vampire of legend in the lamplight, decadent and deadly.

“Im… Im sorry, Third Master.

They—they threatened me with my wife and daughter.

I had no choice.

I couldnt give them up.”

The man was already in tears and kept kowtowing and begging for mercy.


Lu Beilin stood up and stepped on the mans shoulder, pinning him to the ground.

He looked down at the man.

“What have I got to do with any of this”

Lu Beilin sneered and extended his hand slightly.

A person beside him stepped forward and respectfully took the wine glass from his hand.

“Take him to the Underground City.

Dont let me see him again.”

With that, Lu Beilin left barefooted.

His sister was still waiting for him.

The young mans lips curled up slightly.

At the thought that he was about to see his sister, the bad mood brought about by the man improved a lot.

When the man heard that they were taking him to the Underground City, he cried and begged for mercy, but he was still dragged away by two tall men in black suits.

“Ah Lai, this is the punishment you deserve.”

Ah Lai roared with red eyes, “But what do you want me to do, give up my wife and child!”

One of the men holding him had a cold expression.

“Betrayal is betrayal.

Between Third Young Master and Shen Wenyan, you chose to trust Shen Wenyan.”

Ah Lai sagged.

The last of the light went out of his eyes.

Yes… He chose to believe in Shen Wenyan.

“Well help your wife and child in secret.

Well tell the public that youre dead.”

Those who were punished to enter the underground city would never be able to come out.

Ah Lai took a long time to say hoarsely, “Okay.”

Lu Beilin, who had left, had changed his clothes.

His white shirt, silver-gray suit pants, and vest were neatly arranged.

He put on his gold-rimmed glasses to cover his amorous eyes that seemed to have hooks on them.

However, even so, his superior handsome features were still very eye-catching.


He adjusted his tie in the mirror.

His long, bony fingers were unusually striking.

The red rose-like thin lips in the mirror curled up slightly.

“What did my sister do Im really curious.”

He looked so happy that it was as if he had gone there to be praised instead of being called there for trouble.

Soon, he arrived at school.

There were quite a lot of parents here today.

As soon as Lu Beilin got out of the car, he became the center of attention.

Whether it was the parents or the students, they could not help but look at him.

Then, they gasped.

This person was too good-looking!

“Excuse me, where is 7th Grade Class 1”

A female classmate who was immersed in the beauty of the super handsome man was awakened by his lazy and magnetic voice.

When she met his eyes behind his glasses, the girls face turned red.

“Its… its over there! The second classroom on… on the third floor.”

The girl pointed at one of the teaching buildings.

She seemed to be on fire, and her voice trembled as she spoke.

“As thanks, this is for you.”

The handsome young man turned his finger and held a pink rose in his slender fingers.

The girl took the rose in a daze, feeling as if she were floating in the clouds.

The other girls around her were green with envy.

That guy was so romantic and elegant.

How can there be such an outstanding person in the world!

By the time the girl came back to her senses, Lu Beilin had already left.

Many parents had already arrived at the classroom of 7th Grade Class 1.

Most of them still did not know what had happened.

They only knew that their children had gotten into trouble, and it was the entire class.

This was simply unprecedented.

At this moment, the parents were all pulling their children to ask what had happened.

After receiving their muffled answers, the parents were stunned.

“How … how did you …”

“Knock, knock…”

“Excuse me, is this 7th Grade Class 1”

A voice so pleasant that it could make ones ears pregnant sounded.

Everyone in the classroom looked toward the door and was stunned.


The teacher on the podium was also stunned.

He came back to his senses awkwardly when the young man asked.

“Ah, this is 7th Grade Class 1.

You must be a parent.”

“Third Brother.”

Lu Xiaocha saw the young man at the door raise his arm and call him Third Brother.

The handsome young man standing at the door looked in the direction of the voice and smiled when he saw his cute little sister.

This smile was different from the polite alienation that had surfaced on the surface just now.

It was a smile that came from the heart.

Everyone in the classroom looked at the equally good-looking twins and then at the unforgettable young man at the door.

So he was their parent… F*ck!


Wasnt this world too biased towards certain people

Lu Beilin walked to the siblings and rubbed Lu Xiaochas hair with an indulgent smile.

“What have you done now”

She had only been in school for a few days and he had already been called twice.

His little sister was really different.

Last time, she fought with Liao Changyi.

What about this time

Lu Xiaocha felt a little guilty.

“Its… its nothing.

I just played an instrument.”


Lu Xiaochas voice was small.

“Suona, play the funeral song.”

Lu Beilin was speechless.

Ah, this… his sister was really daring.

“All the parents are here, right Today, we called everyone over mainly because of the bad behavior of our students.”

The teacher looked pained on the surface.

Although he felt that the childrens actions were indeed quite satisfying, as a teacher, he had to condemn such actions righteously.

“About the children sending white chrysanthemums to Mr.

Liao after he was fired, beating the gong and playing the funeral song…”


Before the teacher could finish speaking, some of the parents below could not help but laugh.

The teacher did not know what to say.

Although I know its funny, can you at least respect my profession! He thought helplessly.


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