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Facing the furious bull, the girl standing on the roof of the car was calm and composed.

“Teacher, were here to send you off.”

She tilted her head and smiled an innocent, clean smile, like a cherub who had fallen to earth.

But in the next instant, the beautiful angel raised the suona and waved it.

Liao Gouxian looked at her in horror.

“What… what do you want to do!”

Lu Xiaocha didnt say anything.

The other students walked out from their hiding places.

Standing at the front was Lu Beichen, who was being supported by others.

The young man looked at her expressionlessly.

Following closely behind were students holding drums and gongs, as well as white chrysanthemums.

Liao Gouxian had a very bad feeling.

“You… all of you, why are you here instead of going to school!!!”

He put on a brave front and tried to scare these students away with his usual dignity.

Gu Xiao smiled at him.

“Teacher Liao, thank you for yourcare all these years.

How can we not send you off when you were fired by the school”

“Thats right, Teacher Liao.

We value relationships very much.”

“Teacher Liao, these flowers are for you.

We wish you a safe journey!”

He placed the white chrysanthemum not far from Liao Gouxian.

All the students bent 90 degrees.


A few male students popped the party poppers in Liao Gouxians direction.

Gu Xiao used a cylinder made of paper as a microphone.

When he spoke, he was full of affection.

“Teacher Liao, this is a blessing on behalf of the entire Class One of the Seventh Grade.

I wish you a happy dismissal.”

“Finally, we will send you a most memorable gift.”

Liao Gouxians expression could not be any darker.

“Get lost!”

But who would listen to him

The girl standing in the car held the suona and played it vigorously under Liao Gouxians terrified gaze.

A sound that could blow people away sounded.

Even the prepared Class One students staggered and quickly covered their ears.

Playing the suona was a laborious job.

Many people would feel their faces getting red from using all their strength, but this was easy for Lu Xiaocha.

The girl played “The Funeral Song” heroically.

The students who had regained their senses quickly took their drums and gongs and beat them.

The sound of these two instruments was loud enough, but it could not cover Lu Xiaochas suona.

Instantly, the originally empty parking lot was bustling with noise and excitement.

Liao Gouxian almost fainted.

Many teachers, students, and even passers-by ran over to watch when they heard the commotion.


“Pfft, hahaha… What are they doing Sending him off”

“F*ck! Those are from Class One, right Lu Beichen is inside.”

“Thats Liao dog!”

“F*ck! Class One is going all out!”

“Theyre playing the suona while standing on the roof of the car.

My soul was almost sent away by this sound.

What are they doing”

“I know, I know.

Theyre sending Director Liao off.”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Im dying of laughter.

Theyre sending him off with white chrysanthemums and the suona.”

“Which genius came up with this idea Awesome.”

The teachers who rushed over almost passed out when they saw this scene.

These students were simply too lawless.

“Stop, all of you!”

The teachers voices could never be compared to the sound of the trumpets and gongs.

They could only run over to stop them.

However, when they got closer, their heads felt even more buzzing.

They struggled to snatch the drums and gongs from the other students, but they couldnt get the one standing on the roof.

Lu Xiaocha shook her head and finished playing it.

She felt quite good about herself.

“Take care, Old Liao!”

Lu Xiaocha waved at Liao Gouxian, who seemed to have lost his soul, and then lightly jumped off the roof of the car.

“Hello, Teacher.”

She put the suona behind her and greeted the group of teachers in front of her obediently.

The teachers were speechless.

Obedient my ass! This was a f*cking devil!

They did not know if Liao Gouxian would be traumatized, but the teachers would definitely have a headache.

“All of you… get your parents here!”


She had only been in school for a few days, and her parents were already being called.

Lu Xiaocha looked worried and asked in a negotiating tone, “Teacher, can I call my brother instead”

As she spoke, she looked at Lu Beichen.

All the teachers: “… No!”

She could only say, “Oh,” regretfully.

All the students had been confiscated of their instruments and driven back to the classroom.

Although their parents had been called, they were still inexplicably excited.

Soon, after the first period, Class Ones glorious deeds spread throughout the school.

Class Two was also in discussion.

“They were too daring.

They sent him off with suona and white chrysanthemums.

I just want to know if Director Liao is okay now.”

“I heard all the students in Class One went.”

“If it were me, I would go too.

The evidence of the basketball incident was so obvious, but Liao Gouxian still sided with his nephew and wanted to penalize those people in Class One.

I heard that he even called them into the office and scolded them for a long time, not even letting the injured off.”

“Even the schools air will be bright without him in the future.”

“What a shame we didnt get to watch it live.”

“I heard from the people who saw it that the person playing the suona was Lu Beichens sister.

She stood on the roof of the car and played it.

The teachers couldnt do anything to her.”

“Its her.

I know.

She was so cool in the basketball video.

The way she avenged her brother was cool too.

If I had a sister who was so good-looking and protective, Id wake up laughing in my dreams.”

“And the siblings are so close.”

The classroom was filled with discussions about Lu Xiaocha.

Pei Xue sat by the window with an ugly expression.

The book in her hand was already torn.

Lu Xiaocha, Lu Xiaocha again!

It was as if she had been everywhere since she arrived at school.

If these discussions were bad, she would be happy to hear them.

However, now, she was in the limelight at school, whether it was the video of her playing basketball previously or now playing the suona to send Liao Gouxian off.

If it were any other teacher, everyone might still condemn her.

However, Liao Gouxian had used his status as the dean to protect Liao Changyi and the others all these years.

He punished the students physically, hinted at parents for gifts, and even treated students differently depending on their status.

Not only had he offended the students, but he had also offended the teachers.

The students were overjoyed that he had been expelled.

Although what Class One had done this time was crazy and unorthodox, many people felt relieved by it.

Therefore, more and more people admired Lu Xiaocha.

Many people in their class looked at her with admiration when they mentioned her.

Pei Xues heart burned with jealousy when she heard all the praise directed at Lu Xiaocha.

Her nails dug into the pages, but no one paid attention to her.

Ever since she was taught a lesson by Lu Xiaocha last time, she did not dare to cause trouble again.

Moreover, the way many people in the school looked at her made her suffer.

This was all because of her.

She should have been the high and mighty goddess, but now she had become a street rat.

Pei Xue was so angry that she was about to cry.


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