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During recess, Lu Xiaocha came out of the toilet after washing her hands.

A few girls walked over, led by Pei Xue.

They were stunned when they saw Lu Xiaocha.

Lu Xiaocha looked at Pei Xue.

Why did she feel a little unlucky

She said to the girls who had commandeered the entire toilet exit, “Excuse me, please.”

Why did so many people come to the toilet together They occupied so much space.

“Hey, Pei Xue, this must be your cousin.”

The girl who spoke was standing beside Pei Xue.

She was tall as she had danced since elementary school.

She crossed her arms and sized up Lu Xiaocha.

Her words had a strange tone.

Lu Xiaocha was definitely the most beautiful girl they had ever seen.

However, the thirteen-year-old girl still had baby fat on her snow-white cheeks.

Her face, which was the same as the school hunks, had a different temperament.

She looked very cute and delicate.

In other words, she had the advantage of having the same face as her twin brother.


Thinking of how she had bullied Pei Xue as soon as she returned, the girls felt that this person was vicious.


Pei Xue walked out with a sweet smile and greeted Lu Xiaocha softly.

Lu Xiaocha rolled her eyes and asked, “Can I leave now”

“What kind of attitude is that Dont you know how to be polite Our Xuexue greeted you.

Youre indeed an ill-bred person.

Dont you know how to greet her”


Pei Xue quickly grabbed the girls hand and shook her head as she hurriedly explained, “Cancan, how can you say that about my cousin Shes just not good at interacting with others.

Youve misunderstood her.”

Lin Can looked at Pei Xue angrily.

“Youre always so soft-hearted.

Thats why you let ungrateful people bully you.”



Ah Xue, you dont have to say much.

Well help you teach her a lesson.”

Lu Xiaocha: “…”

What did these people want

“Hey, your name is Lu Xiaocha, right Dont think that you can take everything away from our Ah Xue just because youre back.

Shes much better than you.

Even if youre jealous of her, thats the truth.

Also, stay away from Lu Beichen.

He doesnt like a vulgar sister like you.

Having someone like you as his sister is the biggest stain in his life!”


Lu Xiaocha looked at the girl who spoke with her dark eyes.

“Who said that my brother doesnt like me”

The girl felt guilty under her gaze and subconsciously glanced at Pei Xue.

“Oh, so you heard it from her.

How stupid.

Dont you think youre like the cannon fodder in novels who cant survive past three episodes”

Pei Xues eyes were red.

“Cousin, Im sorry.

Its all my fault.

Stop talking.

My Xiaocha and Beichen are very close.”

The more she said this with red eyes, the more everyone felt that she was being bullied.

There were always hot-blooded friends around her who stood up for her, even in the past.


“What are you talking about!”

Lin Can had an explosive temper and was easily provoked.

When she saw her best friend being bullied, she was instantly angered.

“Ive seen many people like you.

You just cant stand Xuexue being on good terms with her cousins, right Although theyre your biological brothers, Xuexue has been by their side all these years, right What right do you have to compare yourself to her I told you not to bully Xuexue, or I wont let you off!”

Lu Xiaocha opened her cat-like eyes and looked at her with interest.

“Are you trying to fight with me I can do that!”

Everyone was speechless.

What the hell do you mean by that! They thought.

After Lu Xiaocha finished speaking, she looked at the girls delicate bodies and shook her head in disappointment.

“You guys cant fight.

You look useless.”


How could these arrogant girls stand being called useless

One of the girls raised her arm to hit Lu Xiaocha.


The school bell rang.

“What are you doing”

A tall and handsome girl with short hair like a boy walked in.

She crossed her arms and raised her eyebrows at Pei Xue and the other girls.

“A few people are bullying one.

How shameless.”

Lin Can glared at her.

“Song Yu, our business has nothing to do with you.

Dont interfere!”

The girl snickered.

“Id actually love to interfere.”

She pushed through the girls and walked to Lu Xiaochas side, looking at Pei Xue.

“Lu Xiaochas brother asked me to check why she hasnt returned to the classroom.

Hes waiting outside.

Do you want to go out and take a look”

Pei Xue panicked for a moment.

Lin Can said confidently, “So be it.

Xuexues cousin dotes on her so much.

Would he blame Xuexue for this orphan”


Just as she was about to leave, Pei Xue grabbed her hand.

Pei Xue shook her head pleadingly.

“Cancan, dont go.

I dont want to put Beichen in a difficult position.

They are twins, after all.

Shes suffered so much out there.

Its only right to take care of her.”

Song Yu sneered.

She hated dealing with such scheming people the most.

“Lets go.”

She said to Lu Xiaocha.

Lu Xiaocha glanced at her and nodded obediently.


She felt a little guilty now.

She almost hit the girls.

If they fought, their parents would probably be called.

It seemed a little inappropriate for her parents to be called to the school when she had just started school.

However, she offended so many people as soon as she started school.

Her achievements were remarkable.

Song Yu looked calm on the outside, but in fact, she was screaming in her heart.

Ahhhhh! Lu Beichens sister is too cute!!!

They had such similar faces, but why was Lu Xiaocha so much more pleasing to the eye than Lu Beichen

Song Yu took a deep breath and asked after a few seconds.

“Did they bully you earlier”

Lu Xiaocha blinked and shook her head.


You wouldve seen a different scene if you had come any later. She thought.

“Dont be afraid.

Your brothers relationship with Pei Xue isnt as good as they say.

If youre bullied, dont tolerate it.

Tell your brother.

Hell protect you.”

Lu Xiaocha said confidently, “They cant bully me.”

Song Yu thought that she was joking and took out a lollipop from her school uniform pocket and handed it over.

Lu Xiaochas eyes lit up.

“For me”

In an instant, her eyes became much clearer and she looked even cuter!

Song Yu touched her slightly red ears and controlled the urge to pinch her chubby cheeks.

“Yes, for you.”

“Thank you!”

She happily opened the lollipop and started licking it.

Song Yu couldnt help but touch her hair.

“Anyway, you have to remember that compared to Pei Xue, your brother definitely likes you more.

You dont have to worry about troubling Lu Beichen.

You can also come to me, Ill help you deal with them.”


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