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When Fu Ye heard what the child said, he laughed because she seemed to have said this to him before.

“Kid, Ill go back first.”

Lu Xiaocha nodded and looked down from the corridor.

“Bye, Brother Fu Ye.”

Fu Ye did not look at the two womens expressions.

He turned around and left the Lu family villa, bidding farewell to Lu Beichen before leaving.

He had to hurry back and ask Gramps about the zombie.

Wasnt he worried that Lu Xiaocha would be bullied by the mother and daughter of the Pei family What a joke.

Did they have the ability to bully her Although the child looked obedient, he couldnt beat her when she got fierce!

At this moment, Pei Qin also saw Lu Beichen walking in.

A smile immediately appeared on her face.

It was completely different from when she was facing Lu Xiaocha.

Pei Xue also happily greeted him as he entered.

“Chen, youre back.

Where did you go Eh…”

When her gaze landed on the orchid Lu Beichen was holding, she was immediately attracted to it.

Pei Qin didnt particularly like these things.

She only cared about what she wore and whether or not she was wearing a designer brand.

But this time, she was attracted to the orchid.

She had been thinking of ways to make friends with the Leng familys madam.

She heard that that person liked orchids very much.

If she gave these orchids to her, she would definitely be able to build a good relationship with Mrs.


Pei Qin looked at the thing in Lu Beichens hand with shining eyes.

“Chen, where did you buy this from Its so beautiful.

I like it too.”

Lu Beichen glanced at his sister, who had already gone upstairs, and gave a perfunctoryoh.

He did not take the opportunity to reply as Pei Qin had expected.


Pei Qin rolled her eyes.

Pei Anrans child was indeed as annoying as she was, but they were always lucky.

Seeing that he did not reply, Pei Qin took the initiative to find a topic to talk about.

“Chen, can you tell me where you bought this orchid I like it too.

I want to buy some as well.”

Lu Beichens gaze fell on the woman.

He did not like this aunt of his because his sharp senses noticed that she would lean towards his father every time he came back.

And when Mom and Dad werent around, she always liked to act like the master of the Lu family.

However, for the sake of his relatives, he did not say much and only secretly guarded against her.

“You cant buy it.

We found it in the mountains.

If you want it, try your luck up there.”

Pei Qin gritted her teeth in hatred, but she had to smile and talk to him.

“I see.

Then, Chen, your orchid…”

Lu Beichen interrupted her tactful request.

“My sister found this for Mom.”

The expression on Pei Qins face instantly twisted, and the jealousy in her heart was about to overflow.

But she could bear it, too, and she quickly regained her expression.

“So… so your sister found it, heh heh…”

How could that little b*tch be so lucky! And she was giving this to that b*tch, Pei Anran!

Damn it! Why did Pei Anran get everything good

Gu Xiao scratched his head awkwardly and informed Lu Beichen after handing everything to the butler.

“Since you have guests in your house, Ill take my leave.”

After Lu Beichen nodded, he quickly slipped away.

When Lu Xiaocha put her things away and came downstairs, she saw that Pei Xue was talking to her twin brother.

Gu Xiao had already left while Pei Qin sat on the sofa on the other side and drank several cups of tea.

Pei Xue seemed to notice Lu Xiaocha coming down.

Her eyes flashed and she suddenly hugged Lu Beichens arm intimately and called him cousin.

“Cousin, Im going to perform ballet at our schools art performance on Teachers Day.

Will you come and see me”

Lu Beichen frowned slightly.

He wasnt used to such intimate contact with girls and quietly pulled his arm away.

Pei Qin also saw Lu Xiaocha walking downstairs.

Deep disgust and imperceptible… fear flashed in her eyes.

She was a little restless, but the only thing she was sure of was that she did not want Lu Xiaocha to return to this house.

She knew her daughter very well.

Seeing her actions, she knew what her daughter wanted to do.

Pei Qins eyes flashed with satisfaction.

Pei Xue exclaimed as if she had just realized that Lu Xiaocha had come down.

She greeted Lu Xiaocha with a smile.

“Come here.

Cousin and I are discussing my schools art performance tomorrow.

Speaking of which, Cousin, where did you study Uncle should have transferred you to another school, but why havent I seen you at school”

She blinked as if she were simply confused.

However, when she said these words and deliberately acted intimately with Lu Beichen in front of Lu Xiaocha, if Lu Xiaocha was really an orphan who had been lost in an orphanage since she was young, she would feel inferior and timid.

Lu Xiaocha didnt think too much about it.

She ignored Pei Xues invitation and sat on the other side of Lu Beichen.

Seeing this, Pei Xue had something to say again.

“Cousin, dont you like me Have I done something wrong Im sorry.

Its all my fault.”

Her lost and helpless expression looked extremely pitiful.

Lu Xiaocha glanced at her from the corner of her eyes.

“Although I dont know why, I feel that you have a smell on you.”

She rubbed her chin and frowned in thought, but she didnt know how to describe it.

Pei Xues eyes flickered.

She felt that Lu Xiaocha was deliberately targeting her, but it didnt matter.

It was good for her to target her.

Only then would she have a reason to flare up.

“Brother, what art performance Is it good”

This time, without waiting for Pei Xue to speak, Lu Xiaocha asked excitedly.

Lu Beichen had already completely pulled his hand away and sat closer to his sister.

Actually, he also felt that Pei Xues words were strange, but he didnt know what was wrong.

“Its very boring.

Its just a group of people dancing on stage, while the audience would shout like monkeys.”

Pei Xue was speechless.

She almost choked on her anger.

As if sensing something, Lu Beichen turned his head and explained casually.

“Ah… Im not talking about you.”

Pei Xue clenched her fists and could not maintain the forced smile on her face.

After explaining, he went back to talking to his sister.

“When exactly are you going to school”

Pei Xues words made him urge Lu Xiaocha.

Lu Xiaocha immediately closed her eyes and fell onto the sofa without looking at him.

“Why do I have to go to school I dont want to study.”

Studying was so tiring.

She had seen Lu Beichens class schedule before and was intimidated by the full schedule.

Lu Beichen frowned and educated his sister with a serious expression.

“No, its a must to go to school.

Daddy said to let you be in the same class as me so that I can take good care of you.”

“How can you act like this.”

Pei Qin, who had been sitting on the other side, suddenly interrupted their conversation when she saw that her daughters expression was getting worse.


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