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When Lu Xiaocha woke up, there was a humanoid creature squatting in front of the tent.

She almost stepped on it.

“Why are you squatting here”

Yin Shian looked up.

“Waiting for Xiaocha.”

Fu Yes face darkened and he walked over with anger in his eyes.

“No, you cant bring this guy with you.

Hes already squatting at the door now.

Hell be squatting in your room one day!”

He regretted this very much.

He should have let Xiaocha twist this guys head off!

Chacha was still so young.

This thousand-year-old zombie was just pretending to be young!

Yin Shian bared his teeth fiercely at Fu Ye.

“Have you finished drying the mushrooms”

Yin Shian nodded and brought her to take a look.

The mushrooms were arranged neatly according to Lu Xiaochas request.

“Not bad.”

Yin Shians originally dull eyes lit up when he was praised, like a big dog being praised by its master.

In the afternoon, they went to the forest to collect some things, but the men did not find as many things as Lu Xiaocha.

She was probably born in the year of a treasure-hunting rat.

She even found ginseng as thick as an arm!

Gu Xiaos jaw dropped when he saw the ginseng that was dug out.


Lu Xiaocha looked around Yin Shians tomb thoughtfully.

Thats right, this ginseng was found around Yin Shians tomb.

The conditions for creating Undying Bones were harsh.

Apart from feeding it humans, another requirement was to find a place with good feng shui.

Clearly, the Imperial Preceptor had put in a lot of effort to refine the Undying Bones.

This place had really good feng shui.

However, because it was used to refine zombies, the Yin energy was relatively heavy.

Ordinary plants could not grow here, but some spiritual plants could.

Lu Xiaocha stuffed the ginseng into her sack.

Gu Xiaos heart twitched.

“Sister Xiaocha, let me get this for you.

Ill help you!”

Good God, did such a precious thing deserve to be left in a sack

Lu Xiaocha had no objections and took out the ginseng again.

Gu Xiao held it carefully.

“Oh my God! Beichen, take a picture of me.

Although the ginseng isnt mine, Ive held it in my hands.”

Lu Beichen was speechless.

“What is this”

Lu Xiaocha found a bright white thing that was revealed from the soil.

After digging it out, she found that it was a dragon-shaped jade pendant.

She gave it a quick wipe.

It was nice, but what good would it do

There were many shops in the post-apocalyptic commercial street selling antique jade, but not many people bought them because they couldnt fill their stomachs.

Moreover, those things were all super cheap.


Fu Yes voice came from the side.

Lu Xiaocha threw this to him.

“It looks like jade.”

After throwing it away, she continued to search for treasures.

As expected of a place with good feng shui.

They found three ginsengs alone.

Although the other two were not as big as the first one, they were still of very good quality.

After Fu Ye took the jade pendant and wiped it clean, he was surprised because the material of the dragon-shaped jade pendant was actually top-grade jade.

Moreover, it was such a large piece of lustrous white jade.

Not only that, but the craftsmanship on it was also priceless.

The little white dragon was lustrous and lively as if it could fly away from the jade tablet in the next second.

“Xiaocha, keep this thing safe.”

Fu Ye played with the pendant in his hand for a while before returning it.

At this moment, Xiaocha was waving a dagger that she had dug out of the ground.

It felt good to the touch, and even with so much mud and rust, it could not hide the sharp killing intent and vicious energy on the dagger.

Ordinary people would feel cold to the bone if they touched this dagger, although it wasnt as bad as Yin Shians chains.

“What did you pick up this time”

Fu Ye looked at the dagger in Lu Xiaochas hand and was so shocked that his face went numb.

“Child, are you a rat The kind with the bloodline of a treasure-seeking rat.”

Lu Xiaocha stared at the jade pendant in his hand.

“I have no use for this thing.”

Fu Ye rubbed her head.

“Are you going to give that orchid to Aunt Pei What about your father”

Lu Xiaocha innocently replied, “I dont know.”

“Isnt this perfect”

He threw the jade pendant over.

Lu Xiaocha caught it and couldnt help but mutter.

“But isnt jade useless and cheap Will Dad like it”

“Who told you that”

He touched the dagger that the girl was holding and felt a chill on his fingertips, but it was acceptable.

“This jade pendant is a top-grade lustrous white jade.

Its on a completely different level from ordinary jade pendants.

Last year, the price of this kind of top-grade jade was more than 800,000 yuan per kilogram.

This jade pendant, considering its age and exquisite carving, wont be less than 20 million yuan at an auction.”


Since his grandfather liked all kinds of antiques, Fu Ye knew a little about them.

“Thats expensive!”

Lu Xiaochas eyes lit up.

How much rice could this buy She would never be able to finish it in her lifetime!

“Then Ill give it to Daddy.”

She picked it up anyway, so Lu Xiaochas heart didnt ache.

“Show me this dagger of yours.”

“Wow… Sister Xiaocha, what have you picked up this time”

When he saw the rusty dagger, the curiosity on Gu Xiaos face lessened.

“Tch… I thought it was something cool.”

Lu Beichen kicked him.

“Shut up.”

Fu Ye looked at Gu Xiao with a faint smile.

“If you can hold this thing, consider it my loss.

Why dont you try”

Gu Xiao didnt think there was anything special about this dagger at all.

“Lets try.”

“Its not that mysterious.


Gu Xiaos fingers had just touched the dagger when he shivered from the cold.

Even his teeth were chattering.

“What… what the hell is this!”

Seeing that nothing happened to Fu Ye, he suspected that he had an illusion just now.

When he was ready, he touched it again.

This time, he retreated far away with a pale face.

He hugged the ginseng and looked like he had seen a ghost.

Lu Beichen also went forward to touch it.

The coldness on his fingers made him shrink back.

He stared at the dagger in amazement.

“Is this really just a dagger”

Fu Ye tapped his finger on the dagger.

“The kid is really a treasure-seeking rat This thing has probably killed at least a thousand people.

Moreover, its so close to Yin Shians tomb.

The cold and murderous aura on it is very strong.”

After what had happened with the zombie, even if no one had told him, he more or less knew what was wrong with the dagger.

“Amazing, this dagger.”

“Itll be even more amazing after the soil and rust on it are cleaned up.”

He returned the dagger to the girl, but Lu Xiaocha shook her head.

“This is for you.”

Fu Yes heart stirred.

He did like this dagger very much and accepted it willingly.

“Ill transfer the money to you when we get back.”

Lu Xiaocha nodded.

Yin Shian came out of his tomb.

When he went in, he was a clean zombie.

When he came out, he was dirty and his clothes were tattered.

“Here, mushroom, bead.”

He extended his hand in front of Lu Xiaocha.

On it was a palm-sized blood-coloredmushroom and a bead the size of an egg.

However, it was covered in mud and she could not see what was inside.

“Holy sh*t, is this a Lingzhi Do Lingzhis look like this”

The Lingzhi that was as crystalline as blood-colored jade did not look like a plant at all.

Instead, it looked like a work of art carved from jade.


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